The Garment



Tuesday 21st January

Support hose, surgical stocking, compression garment.

None of these titles convey anything but ‘old granny’, ‘saggy baggy’, ‘creased and crumpled’, ladies with fat ankles ~ ‘cankles’

Today is the day I’ve been dreading.

My new ‘American Tan’ stocking was pulled and stretched onto my left leg by the lymphoedema nurse, wearing a pair of blue washing-up gloves! She said these were good to get to grips with the tight fabric, in order to clothe my leg in this ghastly, knitted, tight, mud-coloured tube.

I’m not usually one for negativity, moaning, whining or crying, but the sight of my left leg, covered from toe to crotch in this horrendous material did make me sob.

Yes, I am vain, I admit it. I want to wear skirts and sandals in the spring; I like shorts and flip-flops in the summer; bare legs!

Well. I’ll just have to grin and bare it (ha ha!!). I’ll put up with this compression garment for a few months, and who knows, maybe the lymphatic fluid will be encouraged to drain away, up my leg, and find other lymph nodes and channels in which to disperse. I do hope so.

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  1. Good luck my fellow Melanoma traveller!
    Our journeys are so very, very similar. (I related our similarities in a reply under your ‘about’ page). With regards to the compression stocking, it may not be forever. I am seeing the physio next week and she is of the opinion that it will not be necessary for much longer. Yay! It hasn’t been pleasant to wear this summer over Christmas but I keep reminding myself “This is not forever!”
    As I posted under the other page, if you wish to have any support/ info from a fellow Combi AD patient who has been on the trial for 8 mths please feel free to ask.
    I forgot to mention that I visited Cornwall a few years ago and I loved it. It is a special place. In fact I found the UK absolutely delightful. You have seen a lot of my home country too!
    Once again, good luck and please take heart in the knowledge that you are an inspiration to many melanoma patients.


  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts!
    It’s great your physio is so pleased with your progress; I can imagine that wearing the stocking in summer heat is incredibly tiresome and unpleasant! This gives such welcome hope to me, that the wearing of such a garment is not forever! Do hope you are freed from the support hose very soon!!

    Amazing that you have visited Cornwall, and I swapped my home for your country for a couple of years!! Spooky or what?

    Take care x


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