Daily ritual


Friday 13th January

A chill wind blew through the trees

As we stood beside you today

Talking quietly, picking away leaves

Clouds scudding by; sky blue and grey.


Our daily ritual has begun again

It just feels the right thing to do 

Although our hearts are filled with pain

We will never forget about you.


Visiting your final resting place

Seems a way to honour your memory

Even though tears fall down my face

I know our love is exemplary.


Treasured Angel son


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  1. Sounds like you’re starting to let go, just keep on putting one foot in front of the other, and eventually, when you think about your son, you will no longer feel that aching loss, and you would have found that long-awaited closure you’d been trying to find for so long. .

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    • Thank you.
      Not sure I’ll ever find ‘closure’, for my son will remain with me, a part of me, and a huge part of so many others’ lives.
      For as long as I talk about him; remember; think; look at photos; go into his room and see his belongings; hear songs; go to places we went together; see and smell his favourite foods; and so many other things that trigger good memories, sad memories, guilty memories, happy memories, bittersweet memories: he will forever be in my heart. Until I take my final breath.

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  2. Thursday was the anniversary of my husband’s death. He is always part of me but now the pain is not so intense. There is still a great sadness but I am not crippled by it. I wish he were here to see his grandchildren. He was a great Dad and I know he would be a fantastic grandfather. Thank you for sharing your ritual about your son. Lori

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    • So very, very sorry to read of your loss.
      Yes, there is a great sadness, a vast emptiness, a questioning, but my son lives on in my memory and in my heart, as I’m sure your husband does in yours.
      Take care.
      Melanie x

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