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I’ll always…


Sunday 18th August


I’ll always think of you

That way, you’ll never be gone

I’ll always speak of you

To be smiling at a new dawn


I’ll always remember you

So you’ll stay in my memory

I’ll always love you

And in my heart you’ll be


Missing you like crazy

Thinking of you daily

My darling Angel baby

High flying, pain free



Another busy afternoon for the lifeguards

Large, low clouds loom overhead

A sunny break in the weather

In between very heavy showers

It did stay dry later in the afternoon

Gone from my arms


Saturday 17th August


Gone from my arms

But placed in my heart

I cannot hold you

But we’re never apart


Love you poppet

Darling Angel son


A few cirrus clouds, high in the sky, over Porthmeor

Red flagged at the Island end

Colourful windbreaks and tents

Pretty cirrus wisps above the harbour

Low tide

Every treasured memory


Friday 16th August


Every treasured memory

Leaves a window to a story

Upon opening and falling in

I find them so very precious to me


Love you sweetie pie

My darling Angel son

So many wonderful memories

So much laughter and fun



A family photo at Land’s End, taken soon after we’d returned from Australia. 27 years ago today.

Mornington, Victoria was where we lived for two years.

I know you can’t be with me


Thursday 15th August


I know you can’t be with me

And I can’t be with you

But as I stand beside your place

I wish my dreams would come true


I know you’re there inside my heart

Part of my very being

With thirty years of memories

Close my eyes, your smile I’m seeing


Missing you like crazy

Thinking about you daily

My darling Angel baby


Down the hill to the beach

Making the most of the fine weather

Stormy rain due tomorrow

A busy harbour at high tide

Are you watching from above?


Tuesday 13th August


Are you watching from above?

Can you feel the power

Of my never ending love?


My treasured Angel son

Blowing kisses to you

As your earthly life is done


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together



Hardy beach goers despite the drizzle

Cloudy and muggy this afternoon

Threatening clouds overhead

Exploring the darkness


Sunday 11th August


Exploring the darkness

To find a bright star

Seeking the light

Gleaming from afar


Traipsing through treacle

Sinking in shifting sands

Trying to find you

Reaching for your hands


Then breathe for a while

Listen to my heartbeat

And smile knowingly

My Angel so sweet


I know you’re close by

Though you can’t be seen

The strength of your soul

Those memories serene


I love you to bits

I miss you so much

Precious Angel son

Remembering your touch



Early afternoon, a good swell, but big clouds brewing

Catching waves

Fun in the sea

Blue skies for a while

And……. the crowds return

Quieter at West Porthmeor

Playing in the surf

Some darkening clouds over the harbour

A different lifestyle


Saturday 10th August


I take a deep breath

I pause for a while

I stop for a moment

Each day to reconcile

Finding it so hard

To bring about a smile

Since you’ve been gone

Life’s become a trial

Trying to acknowledge

A different lifestyle


Love you forever sweetheart

My heavenly Angel son


Red flags and a large swell

Strong surf today

Look, but don’t go in the water

Swimming in the harbour

Much calmer this side of the bay

All the recollections


Friday 9th August


Deep inside my head

And buried in my heart

All the recollections

Keep us from being apart


My precious Angel son

Now forever young


A break in the rain

Quite blustery today

Fast, scudding clouds

Many enjoying the waves on Porthmeor Beach

But not so many holidaymakers on the beach this afternoon

Surf school students vying for the best wave