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The sun is shining

Saturday 12th June 

The sun is shining
The mist has lifted
Temperature's rising
Sunburn's predicted

Slap on protection
And wear a big hat
Just keep hydrated
Safety's where it's at

Police have been issued
With lots of sunscreen
Shifts are twelve hours
They're friendly and keen

Thinking of you sweetie
My darling Angel son
Barbara Hepworth sculpture at the Malakoff
A gorgeous day
Porthminster Beach
Sailing dinghies joining the Saturday regatta
HMS Tamar with pennants
HMS Northumberland above the town
Low tide
The Cornish Arms

Fabulous view
St Ives, Cornwall
HMS Tamar
Our brilliant St Ives PCSO supplying members of the police with sunscreen as they stand along the roadside, on twelve hour shifts, keeping everyone safe. #G7summit2021

Sounding the Alarm

Friday 11th June 

Sounding the alarm
Shout the protesters
A climate crisis
Written in big letters

I think you would have
Liked the samba drums
My darling Angel son
Some of the two thousand protesters noisily making their way through the town
Waiting for the protesters to make their way to the harbour front
An alarm vehicle

Love you loads

Thursday 10th June 

We couldn't go out in the car
G7 had locked down the roads
We walked five miles to see you
That's 'cos we love you loads

Forever and always
Precious Angel son

HMS Tamar
View of St Ives Bay from the Malakoff
HMS Tamar infront of Godrevy Lighthouse
A cloudy, but muggy day
Aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales
A calm harbour
The tide had come in by the time we were walking back home
The sun came out, brightening the sand, and turning the sea gorgeous shades of green and blue
HMS Tyne

Still giving

Wednesday 9th June 

Pain of your passing
Joy in your living
Tears fall with memories
Your love is still giving

Love you sweetheart
Treasured Angel son

The ring of steel looking more ominous
Nine motorcycle outriders
Barriers everywhere…… Biden arrives tonight

Not here today

Monday 7th June 

The future we imagined
That would come our way
Will be devoid of memories
'Cos you're not here today

Thinking of you sweetie
Beloved Angel son
Not so busy on Porthmeor Beach
Peaceful at the moment
High tide
Police boats and rib, ready to protect the waters for G7 this weekend
HMS Tyne, patrol boat

Discovering peace

Sunday 6th June 

Discovering peace
In the turmoil
Searching for light
Darkness to uncoil

Looking for calm
Amidst turbulence
Fighting the fight
With confidence

Concealing the pain
Disguised with a mask
Inadequate smile
Now a lifelong task

Love you so much
Precious Angel son
Afternoon blues
Man’s Head
Not so busy on Porthmeor Beach… End of half term, or the beginnings of the G7 lockdown?
Lovely and warm
Calm in the harbour


Thursday 3rd June 

Sometimes all I should do
Shake off those thoughts
Open my eyes fully
Find a wonder of sorts

Spring flower blossom
The birdsong so sweet
Unfurling green leaves
The world at my feet

With eyes wide open
An appreciation
Of all that's around
Should inspire elation

Love you poppet
Darling Angel son

On the beach

Wednesday 2nd June 

They're all on the beach
Although it's cloudy
Lots of surfers out
Standing up proudly

The streets are packed too
In their 'happy place'
The holidaymakers
Smiles upon their face

Little too crowded
For the likes of me
Social distancing?
Not that I can see!

Thinking of you sweetie
My darling Angel son
A few good waves
Is there any more room?
Hang ten
Coming through
Waiting for the ‘big one’
Fun and games
Enjoying the waves
In the harbour