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Saturday 24th October


Just holding it together

With dreams and sticky tape

No outward emotion showing

Keeping everything shipshape

Painting on that smiley mask

Allowing sorrow to escape

Moving forward slowly

Over the bumpy landscape


Thinking of you

Missing you

Remembering you

Loving you


My darling Angel son


By my side


Saturday 17th October


Unseen arrows

Pierce my heart

Invisible boulders

Thrown in my path


This journey’s not smooth

All plans have changed

My map’s been shredded

Wandering deranged


So I look for the signs

As you are my guide

Those little messages

You’re there by my side


Always and forever

Sweet Angel son


Very low tide today

A splendidly clear day


Friday 16th October


A splendidly clear day

Blindingly bright and dazzling

Across the perfect blue skies

Some aeroplanes are travelling

A few surf school students

Upon their boards, balancing

Across the low tide sands

Dogs and owners go rambling

And I can just picture you

Toes in the water, paddling


Missing you poppet

Beloved Angel son


Porthmeor Beach, West

Surf school students taking part in a morning lesson

The Chapel on the Island

The Dolly P returning from Seal Island

Low tide sparkles in the harbour

Perfect for a walk

The visitors are still here

Bright, cold but so very clear

So very precious


Thursday 15th October


Life is so very precious

Your loss leaves me breathless

This pain that I feel

Means my heart won’t heal

The large piece that’s missing

Leaves me reminiscing

Of times spent with you

And all we went through


Thinking of you daily

My darling Angel baby

Missing you like crazy



A hang glider over the bay this afternoon

The town looking calm and bright, but chilly