Monthly Archives: October 2014

Month Ten of my Trial


Tuesday 21st Oct

Today is a really, quick and smooth visit to Exeter, firstly to see my dermatologist, then the trials nurse and finally the oncologist. All runs to time, without any problems.

Everything appears normal, and I can again breathe easily.

Meeting the Urologist


Friday 3rd October

We got to Torbay Hospital with about ten minutes to spare.

The consultant had a feel, looked at the ultrasound report, and said something is not quite right. The testicle does have a hard mass inside it, but not sure what it is. Could be the result of surgery our son had when he was about five (to correct a hydrocele).

So the surgeon has ordered another ultrasound scan.

Following that we go up for yet another appointment to discuss results.

Worst case scenario, remove the testicle. This made our son very anxious and angry. He got up, shouted I don’t want to be here being treated by quacks and nurses, and promptly stormed out.

Oh, the joys of our son with learning disabilities who struggles in difficult social situations.

So again it’s another wait and see.

Off to Torbay Hospital


Thursday 2nd October

We are off to Torbay tomorrow as my son’s urgent referral to see the consultant urologist has finally come through after almost three weeks. We’re meeting him there, and are going to stay overnight on Friday, look around Exeter on Saturday, do some shopping and home that afternoon.

My results from the CT scan over a week ago came through today as well. A trials nurse phoned to say that they show no evidence of metastatic disease. Phew!!!!! I can breathe again for another three months.