Monthly Archives: September 2020

One day at a time


Tuesday 22nd September


Living right now, one day at a time

It doesn’t really become better

It simply becomes the norm

Just wishing we were altogether

Waking up, each and every day

Knowing that whilst life goes on

Grief has halted me in my tracks

Since you sadly have been gone


Missing you sweetie

My darling Angel son


Right next to me


Monday 21st September


Right next to me

You’ll always be

Humming sofly

Smiling warmly

Your hand I see

Reaching with glee

So playfully

Now flying free


Thinking of you

Missing you

Remembering you

Loving you


Forever and a day

Precious Angel son


Looking down on the town this morning

Walking the path


Sunday 20th September


Walking the path of loss

Is so very lonely

You may have company

But you’re the one and only

The pain is personal

And follows you closely

Your progress might seem

To advance quite slowly

But I know in my heart

You are there to hold me


Thinking of you

Treasured Angel son