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A heavenly new year


Monday 31st December


The end of another year

Yet again without you here

Goodbye twenty eighteen

Now only memories to be seen


From the lighthouse an anchor drop

Colourful fireworks burst and pop

Party, music and champagne

Lots and lots to entertain


Each year I miss you more and more

But remembering the fun before

Blowing kisses to the sky so clear

Wishing you a heavenly new year


My darling Angel son


Decorated palm trees at Key Colony Beach

Such a beautiful day

Frank on Key Colony Beach (11th August 2011)

Blue skies and sunshine

Sparkling seas

As the sun sets on the last day of the year

Off to dinner beneath the stars

A nice pinot noir

Getting in the swing of things

In the party mood

Two thousand and six


Sunday 30th December


A drive to Key West

Flea market at Big Pine

You loved looking round

In the warm sunshine


Then later in the day

A dinner at Burdines

Overlooking the waterway

A memory that reminds


You were here with us

In two thousand and six

I’m so very pleased

I took so many pix


You were with us tonight

Eating Key Lime Pie

My precious Starman

My Angel in the sky



At Big Pine Key

At Bahia Honda, and the remains of Henry Flagler’s Florida East Coast Railway Bridge

Swaying palms at Burdines

Looking along the Intracoastal Waterway

At sunset

Yummy Key Lime Pie

Burdines on the waterfront

Frank at Burdines, Sunday 31st December 2006, with his DVD player

The hottest place


Saturday 29th December


The national newspaper

‘USA Today’

In its weather report

The hottest place yesterday

In the whole of the country

Marathon, where we’ve come to stay


You’d have fun

Sheltered from the sun

Darling Angel son

Now forever young



Crane Point

Christmas tree on US1

Hot, hot, hot on Sombrero Beach

A busy Saturday

Sunburst through the clouds

Flying high

To Marathon


Friday 28th December


Down south to Marathon

To stay for a few days

Seeing in the New Year

Warmed by the sun’s rays


You would like it here

Two swimming pools

No running or diving

But you’d break the rules


Love you my sweetie

Wish you were here

But safe in my heart

I know you’re near


Beloved Angel son


Leaving this behind in Key Largo

Down to Marathon

Many boats in the marina

Blue skies all the way

Pelicans too

The lighthouse

Lit up at night

Trees in the gardens

John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park


Thursday 27th December


John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park

Along with Grinch and Frankie Angel Bear

A beautifully warm and breezy day

Finding shade under the sun’s glare


Thinking of you sweetie

As we always do

Precious Angel son

Sending kisses to you



Far Beach at John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park

A white ibis

Cannon Beach

Grinch and Frankie Angel Bear

And again

Bendy trees

Looking towards Cannon Beach

Besides the mangroves, but no crocodilians 🐊

Back at our resort, waiting for the sun to set

Always beautiful to just sit and contemplate

Watching the changing colours

A sunset party on the dock

So very tranquil

Flying in the sunset


Wednesday 26th December


My sweet angel son

Flying in the sunset

Thinking of you always

And will never forget


Love you

Miss you xxxxxx

Cloudy and wet in Miami, beneath the flightpath to the airport

Driving back to the Keys across the causeway

The rain has stopped, but it’s still grey

And finally the sun peeks through the clouds

It’s warm, but breezy

Christmas without you


Tuesday 25th December


The fourth Christmas without you

Your chair stands empty still

Tomato soup at the ready

So you can have your fill


My sweetheart Christmas angel

Above the clouds you fly

Are you looking down on us

As you soar so very high?


I hope you have Christmas up there

With all of those who’ve gone before

Exchanging gifts with the angels

Wrapped with love and so much more


You’re always in our thoughts

Each day throughout the year

But especially at Christmas time

We really wish you were here


You loved all the presents

All the fun and festivities

Christmas cake and mince pies

The twinkling lights on trees


We’re blowing kisses to heaven

Sending so much love, too

Remembering and reminiscing

Christmas Day without you


Beloved Angel son






My Angel

A quiet and peaceful Christmas Day

Christmas Eve


Monday 24th December


Christmas Eve

All is quiet

Wish you were here

Causing a riot

Noisy laughter

Not going to bed

You and your brother

Having fun instead

Waiting for Santa

Late into the night

Trying to catch a peek

Of the sleigh in flight


Missing you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


Santa on waterskis in the resort grounds

A seahorse up a tree

Snorkeling Santa

A mermaid

A festive octopus

A jumping dolphin

Sunset this evening from the dock

Just sitting


Sunday 23rd December


Just sitting

Listening to the sea

On the dock

Waves lapping gently

Breathing softly

So stress-free

In the shade

Beneath the palm tree

Sunset gazing

Pretty as can be

Thinking fondly

Of my baby

Sweet Angel son

Missing you like crazy



An azure blue sky

A large iguana in the grounds

Such long claws

A beautiful day beneath the palms

No clouds around as the sun goes down

Disappearing behind an island

Leaving a warm orange glow

All is peaceful

All becomes molten gold


Saturday 22nd December


Missing you

You should be here

Loving you

You’re always near

Thinking of you

As I shed a tear

Remembering you

My darling, my dear


Treasured Angel son


An hour before sunset, and it’s looking a bit cloudy

Bottle brush in flower

The sun begins to appear in a small break betwixt sea and cloud

All becomes molten gold