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Further south


Thursday 31st August


Almost two hundred and fifty miles, and four hours later, with the car devouring the long stretches of Interstate, we’ve arrived at our next destination. We’ll be here for a couple of days, then onto the Keys, to round off our holiday.

The temperature is a good ten degrees warmer, and the skies are a beautiful blue. 

Tired and weary after two long days of driving, we’re happy to do very little, apart from something to eat and a little shopping, a cup of tea and a shower. We’ll go exploring the coast tomorrow, from Fort Pierce down to Jensen Beach.

Thinking of you all the time

Wishing you were here

Loving you forever

Precious Angel son


Dames Point Bridge over the St. Johns River, Jacksonville

Driving on past the road to Daytona Beach



Wednesday 30th August


Almost four hundred miles south, six hours later, with three stops for food, drinks and bathroom breaks, and we’re back in Florida, having driven the length of South Carolina and Georgia. A quick overnight stay before heading further south tomorrow, then on to the Keys after that.

Wish you were in the back of the car with us; wish you were here in the hotel now ~ you’d be off to the pool, splashing and swimming about, or you’d take control of the television, and flick through the masses of channels, searching for SpongeBob or Batman or Star Trek. 

We think of you all the time; what you’d do, what you’d say, what you’d choose. That will never change.

We miss you every single moment. That will never change.

We love you so much. That will never change.

Dearest, darling Angel son


Sunrise this morning, before we left……

With pretty, fluffy clouds

“My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”



Tuesday 29th August


And so we come to the end of our two week stay in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

Two weeks of doing nothing.

Nothing to worry about.

Nothing to stress over.

Nothing to think about.

No problems.

No concerns.

No fears.

And it has been so restful, recharging, relaxing and calming.


We missed you every single day

Love you my Angel

Treasured son


An early morning knock on our door ~ a delivery from our good friends ~ hello breakfast

A grey, quiet start to the morning

Clouds gathering this afternoon

But still pleasant to sit on the beach

Nine hundred


Sunday 27th August


Nine hundred days an angel

Nine hundred days since I saw your face

Nine hundred days without your voice

Nine hundred days just a lonely space


Nine hundred nights knowing you’re gone

Nine hundred nights of asking ‘Why?’

Nine hundred nights sobbing silently

Nine hundred nights thinking it’s a lie


It seems like yesterday

It seems so long ago

It seems so unreal

It seems you’ll have no tomorrow


Love you now

Love you still

Always have

Always will


Darling Angel son


Fluffy clouds this morning

Beach through the palm trees

Fluffy clouds this afternoon

Palm tree fronds




Saturday 26th August


A sparkling sea, like a thousand tiny jewels

All twinkling in the early morning light

Wave upon wave of shining diamonds

You’re telling me you still shine as bright


But I’m missing your sparkle

My sweet Angel son

The twinkle you had

Now forever young


Sparkly waves break over the sand this morning

26th August 2012, looking out over an almost identical view ~ five years ago…….



Friday 25th August


I don’t understand why

But I do know he’s here

Safely tucked inside my heart

I try hard not to shed a tear

Recalling all the memories

I know he’ll never truly disappear

If I close my eyes and wish a while

I think I feel him standing near


My darling Angel son

Love you to the moon and back


The beach chairs and umbrellas are set out by 7:30am

Quiet, gentle waves lap the shore in the early morning light 

Pretty sunset to end the day

Sugar pink colours over the sea this evening

Just wish


Thursday 24th August


I think I see you in a group of people

Just wish for you there was a sequel


I search for you as the clouds roll by

Just wish you weren’t​ a star in the sky


I imagined I felt your hand in mine

Just wish that I could go back in time


I thought I heard your voice and laughter

Just wish you had a happy ever after


Love you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


Cloudy, but still warm

Pretty yellow hibiscus

And a pink one too



Wednesday 23rd August


Sitting on the beach this afternoon

Watching all the youngsters playing

I thought about what you’d be doing

Walking, reading a book or swimming

You kept yourself happy and laughing

So, so many reminders

Of what you might have been

My darling Angel son


Another beautiful morning

A quiet spot on the beach

Lots of factor 50 and a large sunhat

Thinking of you sweetie

Along the sand


Tuesday 22nd August 


We went walking along the sand

I imagined I held your​ hand


The waves were whispering your name

And I was doing just the same


So you painted the sky tonight

Such beautiful colours so bright


To watch sunsets is what I love

You sent one to me from above


Love you my darling Angel son

You’ll always be forever young



A beautiful morning again

Palm trees against the sky

The sun going down

Golden clouds

Sun beams spreading across the sky

Pink clouds over the ocean