Monthly Archives: April 2020

Behind closed doors


Monday 27th April


Behind closed doors

Our lives carry on

There’s no pretending

No mask to put on

Salty tears can fall

For all that is gone

Too much time to think

Where it all went wrong

Things could turn bad

The days are long

A spiralling down

Strange phenomenon

No one would know

How you feel withdrawn

This all seems to be

A long marathon

Is the end in sight?

By the break of dawn

Who knows the answer?

Try to remain strong

Soon we’ll all be back

Right where we belong


Love you poppet

Forever and a day

Precious Angel son


My love I’ll enclose


Saturday 25th April


My thoughts and feelings

My poems and prose

Photographs too

My highs and my lows

What happened today?

Sentiments to compose

To rhyme or not?

We’ll see how it goes

I hope you’ll read it

Who really knows?

As I write for you

My love I’ll enclose


Thinking of you daily

My darling Angel son


My crochet top


Wednesday 22nd April


Finished my crochet top

Starting something new

Using up my stash of wool

Keeping me busy too

Sitting in the garden

With a nice cup of tea

Social distancing

The yarn upon my knee


Thinking of you always

Darling Angel son


A silent conflict


Tuesday 21st April


A silent conflict

Unspoken struggle

So many feelings

With which to juggle

Journeying forward

There is no choice

That you’re beside me

Makes my heart rejoice


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

For ever and ever


Precious Angel son


Porthmeor West

Quite cloudy for the whole day

A large crow surveying the harbour

Incoming tide