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New Year’s Eve


Saturday 31st December

At midday we began our drive to Key West to see the New Year celebrations. We weren’t sure what to expect, but we knew we wanted to see the sunset, and were hoping for a good display ~ the colours didn’t disappoint as we sat sipping cocktails on the aptly named Sunset Pier. 

As evening fell the crowds began parading up and down Duval Street; everyone in such a happy, party mood. We went into Sloppy Joe’s for a beer and listened to an excellent band, followed later with nachos in the Gas Monkey, whilst listening to some excellent, very loud, rock music. 

As midnight approached we made our way back to Sloppy Joe’s where the giant conch would begin it’s descent at 11:59pm. As thousands gathered, pop music blared out, mardi gras necklaces were thrown from rooftops and people waited expectantly. As the countdown began, the conch was slowly lowered and the crowd roared their appreciation as streamers flew through the air, and fireworks exploded in the night sky.

Wish you could be with us as we begin another year. 

Remembering you with so much love.

My dearest, darling Angel.


Trying on party hats

Your Grinch came along too, so you were there with us

Lunchtime at Sunset Pier

A most delicious Pusser’s Painkiller

The sun beginning to go down

Dad and I enjoying the last few rays of sunshine

The sun is almost gone

The last few rays

Many sunset cruises returning to dry land

Ahhhhhh……..your brother and his girlfriend

Festive trees

Change of clothes, ready for the evening

Silly billies

352 minutes to go……

We managed to catch some necklaces

Your brother bought me a New Year’s crown

The gathering crowds



Friday 30th December

Travelling around

To places we know

Thinking of you

How we love you so


Travelling around

To places all new

In spirit you’re with us

Taking in the view 


Travelling around

Safe in my heart

We’ll travel forever

So we’re never apart.


Sweetheart Angel son


Beautiful sunset at the Lorelei Cabana

A sunset of many golden hues

Your brother and his girlfriend

Dad and I

Beneath a fiery sky



Thursday 29th December

This afternoon we met up with a great group of friends whom we haven’t seen for two and a half years. Such wonderful, charming hosts who always look after us and welcome us into their home.

Upon arrival we all scrambled onto the dock to see a slow moving manatee swim sedately by. A wonderfully docile creature, blowing bubbles as it checked us out, enjoying some shade beneath the boards of the dock.

Some time later an unidentified species of shark snaked its way along in front of everyone. Jaws it wasn’t, but rather intimidating nonetheless.

As the sun went down the sky and water basked in a warm, golden glow, with reflections rippling across the glassy liquid.

Our friends really liked you and spoke of you most fondly, recalling past vacations, outings and meals with them. You would have enjoyed being there this afternoon, seeing the sea life, probably swinging on the hammock or splashing in the hot tub.

But you weren’t with us this afternoon: however, you were there, in spirit. You should have been there. I want you to be with us. It’s so strange without you. But so many people have so many wonderful memories of you, and we will continue to share these memories for as long as we can.

Missing you my darling.

Love you forever

Moon and back


Sombrero Beach again


Wednesday 28th December

We started the day with another of your favourites ~ a trip to IHOP ~ you loved their pancakes, especially the apple, cinnamon, raisin and ice cream ones, liberally doused with lashings of maple syrup.

Following breakfast, your brother bought a fishing rod and we went to Sombrero Beach to test it out ~ unfortunately no fish were caught. However it was a lovely place to spend the afternoon, paddling, watching the boats and pelicans, and relaxing.

A large iguana met us as we were returning to the car, with a scaly back and large feet/claws, it certainly fascinated your brother and his girlfriend. 

Thinking of you

Missing you so much

Blowing kisses to heaven

Loving you forever

Darling Angel son.


John Pennekamp 


Tuesday 27th December

We started the day with a typical American diner breakfast at Waffle House, and ended it with burger and fries at Wendy’s. 

Hmmmm. Your brother wanted his girlfriend to experience his favourite fast foods. You would have liked his choices, I’m sure.

In between, we spent a few hours at John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, enjoying a kayak trip through the mangroves.

I think you would have liked exploring the waterways, especially when we saw a huge, ugly iguana sitting in the trees, looking at us.

I wish you could have been here today 

Love you so much sweetheart 

Missing you like crazy.


Boxing Day


Monday 26th December

Yesterday, Christmas Day, we drove to Miami to collect your brother and his girlfriend ~ they had flown over from Lisbon, and will be spending the next couple of weeks with us.

It was so good to see them both.

Your brother has not been in America, with us on holiday, for twelve years.

Boxing Day today, and we went to Bahia Honda beach where your brother and his girlfriend swam, played bat and ball, relaxed, laughed and had fun.

You were with us in spirit, as you always are my dearest, darling Angel.

Missing you so very much, as I always will, my dearest, darling Angel.

Love you forever, always have, always will, my dearest, darling Angel.


Sitting on the end of the pier 


Thursday 22nd December

Sitting on the end of the pier

Waiting for the sun to go down

Was it you that I felt so near?

Your presence seems all around.


Wish you were here my Angel son

To watch the sky’s changing colours

Waiting expectantly my loved one

Marvelling at nature’s wonders.

Thinking of you tonight

Moon and back


Looks like an Angel bird in flight

Beautiful colours tonight

A wonderful sight