Monthly Archives: July 2019

It’s everyday


Wednesday 31st July


It’s everyday for me

The missing

The reality

The emptiness


Love you to the moon and back

Beyond the stars

Way past Mercury and Mars

Beloved Angel son



Sunshine brings out the beach goers

Much better than yesterday

Many surfers in the waves

Lifeguards keeping a check on those in the sea

A busy harbour slipway

So rainy and grey


Tuesday 30th July


So rainy and grey

Like an autumn day

The wild wind blowing

A few seagoing

So traipsing the streets

Looking for some eats


Ice cream partakers

A wet staycation

Means much vexation

But you’re in St. Ives

So just love your lives


Remembering you

Missing you

Loving you

My darling Angel son


Only a few on windswept Porthmeor Beach

A messy swell

Where have all the holidaymakers gone?

Blustery conditions

Even though you’ve gone


Sunday 28th July


Even though you’ve gone

Your smile still remains

In so many photographs

With the love that contains


Missing you my sweetheart

Darling Angel son

Flying high above the clouds

Now forever young



Finding a way through the maze to the sea

Packed again

Warm and bright

The clouds are gathering

Swimmers, kayaks, boats and sunbathers

Side by side


Friday 26th July


Side by side

Close together

In my heart

Always and forever


Beloved Angel

Precious sweetheart

With me forever

Not really apart



Busy again at the harbour

A receding tide on the slip

Fun to paddle

Many surfing on Porthmeor

Another group ready for the waves

Perfect conditions

A feel-good Friday

Catching the wave



Thursday 25th July


Navigation without a compass

Finding my way without a map

Round and round, or spiralling

Just wish our paths could overlap

Yet you’re up there, and I’m down here

Between us now, a widening gap

But one that’s filled with memories

Beautifully preserved in giftwrap


Love you

Miss you

Beloved Angel son


Grey, but less muggy today

Windbreaks, tents and cabanas cover the beach

Quite quiet in the harbour

Can you touch the sky?


Wednesday 24th July


Can you touch the sky

Where the angels fly?


Are you there, up high?

Darling sweetie pie


Trying not to cry

Tears well in my eye


Time is passing by

Darling sweetie pie


Love you forever

Treasured Angel son


A bigger swell at Porthmeor today

Waiting for the tide

Looking out for a quick meal

Unsuspecting holidaymakers often have their ice-creams taken by the gulls