Monthly Archives: July 2019



Thursday 18th July


How many tomorrows

Will we be given?

How much time do we have

Before we go to heaven?


There is only so much time

There are only so many tomorrows

Living life to the full

Not dealing with the sorrows


Really wish your tomorrows

Had lasted longer than mine

Who knows the future?

Life is fragile, love devine


Missing you sweetheart

Loving you forever

Precious Angel son


Enjoying the warmth of the beach

Grey clouds over the harbour

Chasing seagulls

Holding on


Wednesday 17th July


Just a balance

Of holding on

And walking forward

Though you’ve gone


Breathing slow


My Angel son

And whispering


Won’t let go

Never, ever

Holding on

Always together


Dearest darling Angel son

Love you forever


Afternoon tea at the Nance Fishing Lakes at Trink

Water lillies

Sapphire blue hydrangeas


Cloudy, but warm

No longer by my side


Tuesday 16th July


No longer by my side

In heaven you reside

On soft white clouds you ride

Over the earth you glide

Travelling far and wide

With angels for your guide


My precious Angel son

Love you forever


Walking down Porthmeor Hill to the beach

Holidaymakers enjoying the sunshine

Sunny corner of the harbour

The tide comes in quickly

Warm and still

How I wish


Friday 12th July


How I wish…..

How I wonder…..

That our lives

Weren’t rent asunder


Remembering you as always do

Precious Angel son

Flying high above the clouds

Now forever young



Another busy day for Porthmeor Beach

Greens and blues in the harbour

Paddleboarders having fun

Many self drive boats not being used

We took the future for granted


Thursday 11th July


We took the future for granted

A wonderful life, enchanted

But who could foresee

The end at thirty?

It’s just not fair

Left with despair


Missing you like crazy

Thinking about you daily

My darling Angel baby



Ready for surf school

Becoming cloudier

Beach huts on Porthgwidden Beach

Silver ragwort on the path to Bamaluz Beach



Wednesday 10th July


Dreams where I visit

All those faraway places

Somewhere out of reach

Sharing love and embraces

With my darling son

Where there are many traces

Of a life lived well

Now in heaven’s good graces


Love you sweetie

Forever and ever


Surfboards laid out ready for the students….. Although it remains flat calm

Hazy sunshine over the harbour

Deckchairs for hire

Stripy parasols too

Deep blue skies


Tuesday 9th July


Deep blue skies

Ice cream cries

Sun squinting eyes

Beach day highs

Surfboards capsize

Pasty and fries

Going home sighs

Hugs and goodbyes


Remembering you

Your love of the beach

Holding on to our love

Though you’re out of reach


My precious Angel son


Sky kisses

Azure blue skies

Flying high

Down the hill to the beach

Beach goers enjoying the sunshine

Sunshades and beach shelters in use

Lots of surfers…. Not much surf

I saw three ships