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Key West


Sunday 15th December


Down to Key West

Classic car show

I’ll have the Viper

Wrap it, to go


Hot sun, blue skies

Cruise ships, times three

Tourists aplenty

So much to see


Thinking of you

Beloved Angel son

Wish you were here

Now forever young



“Fred” the tree on the Seven Mile Bridge

Frank came along too

Great paint job on this truck with suicide doors

A mint green pick up

The Viper

Such a neat interior

I’ll drive it away, shall I? Dream on….


Pontiac Parisienne

Shaded from the midday sun

Three huge cruise ships in today

I’d rather sail away on this yacht

Sombrero Beach


Saturday 14th December


Sombrero Beach

Warm sunshine

Hats and sunscreen

Pretty coastline


You’ve been here

With us before

Reading a book

Along the shore


Love you poppet

Darling Angel son

In my heart

Forever young



Frank at Sombrero Beach, January 2007

The walkway alongside the beach

Calm and empty first thing this morning

Sparkly sea

Gary dipped his toes in

I didn’t try the water

Lots of motor boats and yachts sailing past

Newly planted marram grass to stabilise the dunes following Hurricane Irma

A pleasant morning

Swaying palm trees

Leaving the beach

A funky beach car? Three wheeler

A Slingshot Polaris

Cruising on down


Friday 13th December


Cruising on down

US Highway One

Cloudy but muggy

It’s a warm one


Watching the boats

Skimming the bay

Pelicans swooping

Across the causeway


Smiles are easy

Breathing is slower

Stress melts away

Blood pressure’s lower


Thinking of you

Love you forever

Beloved Angel son


Downtown Miami this morning

Twisted branches

Decorated buoys at the marina

Lighthouse at the marina

Hazy sunset

A large sports fisher docking for the evening

Pelicans and a heron

The marina

Christmas tree in the foyer

Nearly ready


Tuesday 10th December


Nearly ready

Taking it steady

Packing’s done

Time for fun

Off we go

To Heathrow

Drive Wednesday

Fly Thursday

Weather’s good

That’s understood


Dollar sign

Florida Keys

Oh yes please!


Frankie Angel Bear

I know you’ll be there



Drizzly and grey at Porthmeor



Monday 9th December


I think you’ve enough decorations

To last all through the new year

Twinkling, sparkling, baubles and bells

Making you smile with festive cheer


By now you’d be really excited

Making plans for the holiday

Reading, researching, questioning

As we’d soon be on our way


Wish you were here right now

Involved in the preparations

Sharing the joy and laughter

All ready for the celebrations


Missing you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son




Sunday 8th December


Wondering and questioning

No answers to be found

Incredulity, uncertainty

Left me floundering around


The night you went to heaven

You made not a sound

As your little heart stopped

You found the angel’s playground


Precious boy

Darling son

Angel mine

Forever young



Strong winds blowing across Porthmeor Beach

An empty beach