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Self awareness

Tuesday 17th May 

Self awareness
Stripped-back bareness
Don't be careless
Where's the fairness?
This is madness
Just might scare us

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
Red self-drive boats in the harbour
Grey skies after lots of rain this morning
Clouds slowly breaking
Quite on Porthmeor
Blue skies are coming
Man’s Head
Rocky West Porthmeor

The ocean

Monday 16th May 

The ocean gently laps the shore
Sparkling turquoise waves roll in
And yet, beyond the horizon
A squally storm creates a din

Some things are masterfully hidden
Beneath the surface, life's in a spin
Don't be fooled by the calmness
For composure is wearing thin

Love you both so much
Beloved sons

We love you

Sunday 15th May 

We love you
Ties are bound
Orchestral symphony
Soul to soul
Shining brilliantly
Touching hearts
With authenticity

Love you both so much
Treasured sons

Mesmerising scene

Saturday 14th May 

Mesmerising scene
Forever changing
The deep blue ocean
Power wide-ranging

Yet peaceful and calm
Waves never ending
Transforming shapes
Those colours blending

Relaxing movement
Spiritual lending
Just drawn to the sounds
Spume flies ascending

Love you both so much
Beloved sons
Looking West
Porthmeor Beach this afternoon
Towards the Island
Having fun in the waves
Smeaton’s Pier
One of the Jumbo’s returning from a sail in the bay

The opening day

Friday 13th May 

The opening day
And it's in full sway
Sitting and observing
All kinds of food serving
Festival of delights
Sharing delicious bites

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
Sitting on the terrace at the Pedn Olva Hotel
Great views of Porthminster Beach
First day of the Food and Drink Festival
A few swimmers enjoying the waves
Many stalls offering tasters of local food and drink

An afternoon stroll

Wednesday 11th May 

An afternoon stroll
To Porthminster Beach
Beautiful blue skies
Are all within reach
And stopping awhile
A coffee for each
Just watching the boats
Above, seagulls screech

Love you both so much
Precious sons
The harbour, with the Chapel on the Island in the background
The James Stevens No 10 lifeboat
A narrow view looking down to Crab Rock
Porthminster Beach
Lovely blue skies
Turquoise seas
Getting ready for the Food and Drink Festival this weekend
A Barbecue Bar
A view through the trees, across Pedn Olva, to the harbour
Sitting in an elevated position at the Pedn Olva Hotel
Across the harbour from the Malakoff
Smeaton’s Pier
Sunshine and blue skies

Sea and beach collide

Tuesday 10th May 

Worries in the sand
Written at low tide
Are soon washed away
Incoming waves, glide
Disappearing thoughts
Sea and beach collide

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
Porthmeor West
Fun in the waves
The tide is coming in
The Island
Pretty blues
Surf school
At the slipway on the harbour
A wider view, with some blue sky overhead