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Always there

Saturday 19th March 

Mum, I wish that I could hold your hand
And tell you all the things I've planned
To thank you for the love you gave
And all the sacrifices you made

For though you're gone, you're still with me
In every breath, in every memory
And in the love that we still share
I know you're always, always there

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
The Priory for Sunday Mother’s Day luncheon
The Priory entrance
Splendid rooms
Pre luncheon drinks location
Window seating
So comfy
Down to the river
The Priory grounds
Priory Church of Lady St Mary
Stone cottage
Gorgeous sunny afternoon
The River Frome at the bottom of the lawns
Banks of daffodils
Secret gardens
Outdoor seating

As only we could do

Saturday 18th March 

I miss your voice, your laugh
Your smile so bright
I long to see you
To hug you tight

To catch up on our lives
And all that we've been through
To share the joys and sorrows
As only we could do

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
On the way to Dorset
A family get together
Brighter skies after lots of rain

The rain

Friday 17th March 

The rain falls in a steady rhythm
A constant pitter-patter sound
A reminder of the sadness
That seems to always be around

But in the midst of all this gloom
Just try to find a ray of light
A glimmer of hope and beauty
Helping through this dreary sight

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum

Grey days

Thursday 16th March 

Grey days; feelings of melancholy
A somber mood overtakes the mind
The world seems drab and colourless
As if all happiness is left behind

The clouds hang low and heavy
Like a weight upon the heart
Though there's longing for sunshine
It seems forever that they're apart

But though the day may be grey
And the mood may be subdued
Know that brighter days will come
And soon lifted from this mood

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum

Seeking comfort

Wednesday 15th March 

Seeking comfort in the gentle breeze
As it whispers secrets to the ear
Nature's symphony puts the mind at ease
And wipes away every single tear

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum


Tuesday 14th March 

It's okay to take a break
To calm the mind and shake
Off the stress and the fear
And let those worries disappear

Take a deep breath in
Let it out again, begin
To feel the calm and the peace
Let those vexed thoughts release

Love you so much
Precious sons
Treasured Mum

Memories of you

Monday 13th March 

Memories of you
Fill my mind
A love so pure
And hard to find
But now you're gone
And I'm left behind
With a pain so raw
It's hard to unwind

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
Much sunnier today

Eight long years

Sunday 12th March

Dearest son Frank
Our hearts still ache
Eight long years
Since you saw day break
A life cut short
A tragedy profound
Gone but not forgotten
You'll always be around

We miss your smile
Your gentle voice
The memories we shared
The love we rejoice
Your absence weighs heavy
A constant pain
A wound that never heals
Forever does remain

But in our hearts
Your spirit lives on
A light that shines
Long after you've gone
A reminder of the love
We once knew
A bond that unites us
Forever with you

So though you're not here
You're not truly lost
For in our memories
You're the ultimate cost
We hold you close
In our hearts and mind
Dearest son Frank
Gone but not left behind

No matter how long
As memories replay
It will always feel
Like yesterday

Love you so much
Darling Angel son
A friendly, chirruping robin
Wet, moss-covered tree trunks
Swan on the pond
Walking around Tehidy Woods in the rain
So many twisting, gnarly branches

Always here

Saturday 11th March 

Remembering your laughter
Your smile, your curious mind
Cherishing every second
Spent together, intertwined

Missing you every day
Heart aches to hold you near
Finding solace in the thought
That your spirit is always here

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
Cloudy, grey, dank, damp and dreary….. Roll on warmer days 😊