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That’s fair

Friday 26th November 

Don't stare
Just care
Be there
To share
Fresh air
That's fair

Love you both
Precious sons

A sunny interlude, between hefty showers
Rainbow through the trees
Rainbow over the Island, taken from the front door

I’ll always find you

Sunday 21st November 

I'll always find you
Wherever you may be
Amongst unruly crowds
Across the stormy sea
Way above the clouds
Your spirit flying free
Forever in my heart
Coming home to me

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
Breezy but bright this morning
Low tide in the harbour

Dreams and imagination

Friday 19th November 

Dreams and imagination
Travel and navigation
Horizons to broaden
New streets untrodden
Adventures and opportunities
Discovering communities
Across seas and oceans
There a new door opens

(Younger son crossed the Atlantic
Why not, it's quite romantic?
To Santiago de Chile
A bustling capital city
Last minute holiday
It is so far away)

Love you both so much
Treasured sons


Wednesday 17th November 

Listen to the sounds
All the golden browns
Touch the chilly air
Pink cheeks everywhere

Love you both
Treasured sons
Porthmeor Beach
The Island
Towards Man’s Head
Good waves for the surfers