Monthly Archives: September 2021

Let the rain

Thursday 30th September 

Let the rain
Wash away
The fine dust
Of everyday

Life and living
Come what may
Calm descends
Smiles convey

Happy thoughts
Now outweigh
All the worry
When skies are grey

Love you both
Precious sons
Rainbow over the Island, taken from the front door
Wet and dreary
Misty Porthmeor Beach
A grey harbour
Recovering the lifeboat. Crews at St Ives have been saving lives at sea since 1839
The Shannon Class all-weather lifeboat

Silhouettes in the sand

Wednesday 29th September 

Silhouettes in the sand
Passing time, there they stand
Holidaymakers hand in hand
Feeling that life is grand
Shadows in their dreamland 
This is what they had planned 
Face the sun, foreheads tanned

Love you both
Treasured sons

West Porthmeor Beach
A few people still on holiday
Cloud reflections
Harbour beach
Shadows in their dreamland
A pretty autumn afternoon
Walking home
Through Trewyn Gardens
Red admiral butterfly

set your troubles free

Tuesday 28th September 

One foot in reality
The other in fantasy
Rationally or randomly
Balancing practicality

Maybe there's no guarantee
You'll live your life happily
But sunsets from the balcony
Will help set your troubles free

Love you both
Darling sons

Basking in the sun

Monday 27th September 

Basking in the sun
Pretty butterfly
Golden, copper hues
Then off you did fly

Precious sons
Love you loads
A comma butterfly (also known as an angelwing butterfly)
Bright and breezy this morning
Wind, hail and a rainbow from the upstairs window this afternoon

An ocean of storms

Saturday 25th September 

An ocean of storms
Of squalls and riptides
Those heaving breakers
Where danger hides


As the wind dies down
And calm overrides
A peace then descends
Safe haven provides

Love you both
Treasured sons
Dark clouds
Porthmeor Lifeguards
Harbour low tide
No rain as yet

The mist remains

Thursday 23rd September 

Some days the mist remains
So you have to create
Your own warming sunshine
To reach a happy state

Love you both
Precious sons
Grey and misty over the town
Cornish mizzle coating everything in small droplets

Challenging situations

Wednesday 22nd September 

Challenging situations
Combined with frustrations
With trials and tribulations
Throw in some complications
Shaking the foundations

So quiet conversations
With calm expectations
Soothing incantations
And mindful meditations
Bring peaceful observations

Love you both
Treasured sons
Porthmeor Beach
Still quite warm
Fewer people around
Low tide
The harbour
Smeaton’s Pier