Monthly Archives: August 2022


Tuesday 30th August 

My heart still questions
That you had to go
The pain is softer
But it hurts, you know

Love you both so much
Precious sons
The harbour looking beautiful this morning
A fishing boat on sparkling seas
High tide
Following a stop for coffee, the tide slowly ebbs
The James Stevens No 10 lifeboat
Kitty’s Corner
Harbour reflections
Blue skies, seagull cries, shaded eyes


Monday 29th August 

The last days of summer
August Bank Holiday
There goes a kitesurfer
Across the windy bay

Love you both so much
Beloved sons
Sunny St Ives this morning
Porthmeor was very warm this afternoon
Pretty clouds over the harbour
Two kitesurfers having fun
Windy and choppy
Great conditions
Needing good upper body strength

See you

Sunday 28th August 

Now safely back home
With laundry to do
Tidy the garden
And go and see you

Love you both so much
Precious sons
A new addition from your auntie 💖
Cloudy skies over the town

Goodbye Portugal

Saturday 27th 

And it's time to say
Goodbye Portugal
It's really been
So enjoyable
Spending days with Luke
Just memorable

Love you both so much
Beloved sons
Towards the train station
Wonderful wiring 🤣
Breakfast views
💖 Faro
A sunny marina
I 💖 Faro
The view from the breakfast balcony
Shade needed at 8.30am ☀️
Our last wanderings
Healthy juice
Mid morning snack
Looking towards the ocean
Corner of the marina


Friday 26th August 

Toodle-oo to Luke
Now it's time to go
Have to leave Lagos
We're off to Faro

Love you both so much
Precious sons
Goodbye to our hotel
And toodle-oo Luke
Love you son
Sweetie pie
Grinchy and Frankie Angel Bear
Faro marina
Looks very busy
The rooftop bar
Rooftop pool
Looking cool
The train going over the marina bridge
Incoming flight

Dona Ana

Thursday 25th August 

The beach at Dona Ana
Was bathed in sunlight all day
Beneath a striped canopy
We watched the boats in the bay
Perfect spot under blue skies
Where we decided to lay

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
Morning marina
Grinch came too
Always with us
Praia de Dona Ana
Looking towards Ponta da Piedade
Shaded places
Spots for umbrellas
Separate from the shaded sunbeds
Views for days
Rock formations
Many types of watercraft passing by
Limestone rocks
Still busy at 6pm
Fabulous place
Sailing by
Golden reflections
Shady bus stop

A smile in your dreams

Wednesday 24th August 

A smile in your dreams
Such contentedness
All's good with the world
Blissful happiness

Love you both so much
Beloved sons
Marina reflections
By the pool
Strange fruit/seed pod of a tree by the pool
Still trying to find its name
Pool fountain
Carousel in town
Coloured fountains
The waterway
Pedestrian bridge
Sundown over the marina

Paddle board


Tuesday 23rd August 

Today was such fun
On a stand up paddle board
Luke the instructor
Takes a photographic record

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
With Luke
At Duna Beach
A chilled place
Very relaxing
A little cloudy
Suited up
On the water
Away we go
Having fun
Not standing!!
But our first time 😊

A different beach

Monday 22nd August 

Today we tried
A different beach
Walking distance
Sunbeds for each
Beneath the shade
Happy souls screech
Turquoise blue skies
Within our reach

Love you both so much
Precious sons

Our first walk out to the beach this morning
Checking out the sunbeds and umbrellas
Looks perfect
Lots of shade available
Think we’ll come back here
Sparkly seas
Hopefully there’ll still be space when we’ve walked back to the hotel, collected beach stuff and some food
So inviting
Going for a paddle
A brisk breeze
Windsurfing fun
Our spot, still so warm at 6.30pm
São Roque
Street graffiti

Old buildings near the beach