Monthly Archives: December 2017

The end of the year 


Sunday 31st December 


Heading towards

The end of the year 

Another one gone

Without you here


And yet it feels

You are so near

Always close by 

My darling, my dear


Fly high, sweet Angel 

The sky’s crystal clear 

We saw your rainbow 

A sign you’d appear


We send all our love 

To the stratosphere 

Thinking of you 

With a little tear


Beloved Angel son


A faint rainbow appeared through the trees

A “hello”, from you?

The harbour at midday, filling up with holidaymakers, ready to celebrate the New Year

Porthgwidden Beach

Younger son looking out over the surf at Porthmeor Beach

Family selfie ~ out for a brisk walk in the sunshine

New Year’s Eve blue sky

all my days 



Saturday 30th December  

Darling Angel

You’re the rainbow

The murmuring 

Silent, underflow 

To all my days. 


Sweet son of mine 

Your wings aglow

The luminescence 

Brightly on show 

For all my days 


My precious boy

A silent shadow 

That follows me 

Never letting go

In all my days


Love you to the moon and back

Around the world beyond the stars


Love does remain 


Friday 29th December 


I carry with me

My broken heart

It can’t be mended 

Since you did depart 


I camouflage 

The pain I feel

By carrying on 

I try to heal


By taking you

Wherever I go

Your angel wings

Will always glow


Your name is spoken 

Time and again 

Never forgotten 

Love does remain 


Precious Angel son


Breezy on Porthmeor Beach





Monday 25th December


Someone is missing from the Christmas table
We’d bring you back if we were able
It’s the third festive season without you

Since you gained your wings, and flew
So once again there’s an empty chair
Our Christmas dinner you cannot share
It’s just hard to rejoice in festive cheer
When someone you love isn’t here
All they’ll receive is a wreath of flowers
Really wish I had some magic powers
To bring you back from heavenly slumber
So we could all marvel at the wonder
Of a Christmastime filled with joy
My dearest, darling, sweet Angel boy




Frank and his tomato soup

Nan at Christmas

Dad and your brother

Christmas Eve


Sunday 24th December


It’s Christmas Eve

My darling boy

Those eyes lit up

With wonder and joy


It’s the third one

Without you here

And I’m missing you

Wish you were near


I’ll shed a few tears

Rememb’ring the fun

Of past Christmas’s

Dearest Angel son



A Christmas gift from your Auntie xx

Kisses in the sky as we drive up to Bristol to collect your brother ~ home for Christmas xx

This Christmastime


Saturday 23rd December


This Christmastime

Thoughts of you are on my mind

But that’s really not surprising

You were always gentle and kind


This Christmastime

We’re going to miss you very much

But you’ll be forever in our hearts

With your cheeky smile, tender touch


This Christmastime

In heaven, sweet Angel of mine

Hope you’re having fun up there

On a bright star, twinkle and shine



An unexpected gift


Friday 22nd December


From a dear old lady

An unexpected gift

Such a sweet gesture

To make one’s spirit lift


A Santa on a stick

Festive decoration

Just for you my darling

Really sweet donation


Love you forever

My treasured Angel son


Whilst visiting you, this afternoon, a dear old lady offered us this Santa, for you