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All Hallows’ Eve


Wednesday 31st October


All Hallows’ Eve

Didn’t really bother you

You weren’t much for ghosties

Or things that go “Boo”!


You’d rather be warm and cosy

Than go Trick or Treating

Carving pumpkins was okay

You did like the sweets for eating


We miss you so much

Will love you forever

Darling Angel son

We’re always together



A rainbow of colours in the sky

Beautiful clouds light up for you

Everything’s changed


Tuesday 30th October


Memories mean much to me

Adventures of our family

Growing up, we were so lucky

Travelling, happy, and carefree


Suddenly your wonderful story

Was cut short, far too quickly

A tomorrow with no guarantee

The future none could foresee


Now our life is a different reality

Numb, empty, and quite lonely

Without you, my precious sweetie

Everything’s changed, completely


Miss you my darling Angel son


Like I used to


Monday 29th October


Are you up there, looking down?

Do you know how much I miss you?

Really wish I could tell you again

Hug you so close, like I used to


Love you poppet

Darling Angel son

Forever in my heart

Never apart


Low tide, blue skies, chill wind at Porthmeor

A peek of sunshine in the harbour

Darker clouds over Hayle sands

Harbour reflections

Feeling lost


Saturday 27th October


Feeling lost

Heart is breaking


Mind is aching



Depths of pain

Wondering when

I’ll see you again


Concealing emotions

Crying awhile

Then turn around

A flicker of a smile


So much hurt

That you’re gone

So many memories

You will live on


Darling son

Lighting up the sky

Angel wings

Lift you on high


Moon and back

Sending love

To my sweetie

In heaven above



A drive along the harbour front, late afternoon

Too cold to sit on the benches

Rough seas at Porthmeor

Storm clouds rolling in

My ray of golden sunshine


Friday 26th October


My ray of golden sunshine

Sparkling beams of light

Beyond the billowing clouds

Is where your wings take flight


So high above this earth

Far away and out of reach

Soaring with a pair of angels

Hand in hand with each


I miss you everyday

Sweet Angel son

Loving you always

Now forever young


Truro cathedral in the late afternoon

Tresillian River

Big clouds and sunbeams

Radiating upwards

Late evening sun

To know


Thursday 25th October


To know you’re not here today

To know you were unable to stay

To know you’re so far away

To know there’s nothing to say


It hurts my heart

That we’re apart

The pain does start

With piercing dart


Love you my darling

Your name I’m calling

Your star is sparkling

As tears are falling


Precious Angel son


Many hardy souls on the beach in a cold North Easterly wind

Low tide in the harbour

A grey afternoon

Days, weeks, months


Wednesday 24th October


Days, weeks, months

Just turn into years

And as they continue

So do my tears


And yet my love grows

For you, my sweet son

Up there in heaven

My precious little one


Thinking of the future

You’ll never get to see

I’ll just remember

How much you mean to me


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

Forever and ever



Busy on Porthmeor Beach today

Chapel on the top of the Island

A calm harbour

Feels like


Monday 22nd October


Feels like yesterday

Seems like forever

You went to heaven

No longer together


Every single morning

You’re not there

And I can see

The empty chair


Smiles from photos

Toys in your room

Thought you’d be here

That’s what I’d assume


But you live on

Inside my heart

Sweet little boy

We’re never apart


Darling Angel son


Fruit from a Chinese chestnut tree in the cemetery

Busy, but chilly Wharf Road