Monthly Archives: January 2017

A different path


Tuesday 31st January

Now I walk a different path

One which wasn’t meant for me

A path that appeared in an instant

When from this life, you were set free.


There is a path parallel to mine

Which you and I together follow

Side by side, we’re still exploring

Not worrying about tomorrow.


I can clearly see this other path

But its route is closed off to me

The only time I can walk with you

Is in an alternate reality.


So forward I go, at my own pace

Carrying you with me in my heart

Making progress, not getting lost

Closer to you, not further apart.


Love you forever

Sweetheart Angel son.



Now forever young


Monday 30th January

Placid baby

Sitting on my knee.

Happy toddler

Such a quick crawler.

Challenging child

Loved it when you smiled.

Book reading boy

Bringing so much joy.

Such a cheeky chap 

Overcoming handicap.

A growing lad

Sometimes driving us mad.

Horse riding teenager

Enjoying outdoors and nature.

A well-travelled young man

Having fun was the plan.

Becoming an independent adult

So happy with the result.

Suddenly an Angel

Your passing, so painful.

My dearest darling son

Now forever young.


Mist and fog create sparking droplets on your roses

Misty and grey today

Steps to the sand

Love you


Sunday 29th January

I miss you 

But you’re not here

I love you

But you’re in heaven.

I think about you

Makes no difference

I love you

So many memories.

I talk to you

But you don’t reply

I love you

Thirty years of happiness.

I look for you

Never gonna find you

I love you

You’re in my heart.

I listen out for you

But there’s no sound

I love you

My darling son.

I want you here

Not gonna happen.

I love you

My precious Angel.


Walking with the pain


Saturday 28th January

Walking with the pain

Smiling through the heartache

Breathing along with stress

Functioning but close to tears

Traveling with excess baggage

Appearing normal yet crushed

Reminiscing with a heavy heart

Loving you beyond the stars 

My precious Angel son


Sunny Saturday at the harbour

Live on


Thursday 26th January

Trying so hard to hide the pain

Smiling through tears about to fall

I know I’ll keep on saying your name

With so many memories to recall.


You filled our lives with so much fun

It’s quite surreal to think you’ve gone

You’re now in heaven my Angel son

But safe in my heart, you will live on.


My sweetie pie


No more


Wednesday 25th January

“Beyond the door
There’s peace I’m sure
And I know there’ll be no more
Tears in heaven”

Eric Clapton

‘Tears in heaven’ came on the radio this afternoon, and instantly I thought of you.


Remembering all the good times

Still saying your name

Missing you so very much

When an Angel, you became.


Crisp January


Monday 23rd January

Sparkling dew on yellow petals

Blue skies with floating clouds

Colourful carnations about to bloom

Rolling waves on golden sands

Spreading branches stretching upwards

Crisp January brings welcome smiles.


Missing you so much

Wishing you were here

Darling Angel son


Sweet Sunday Angel


Sunday 22nd January

My sweet Sunday Angel

Although you’re no longer here

I still see your presence

All around, feeling you near.


My sweet Sunday Angel

My heart will be with you always

But I’m sure you do know that

Beating softly, the rest of my days.


My sweet Sunday Angel

You’ll forever be a part of me

Falling asleep, you’re in my dreams

Smiling and laughing, so carefree.


Love you sweetie

Moon and back