Monthly Archives: December 2019

More rides


Monday 30th December


More rides at Seaworld

Those not yet discovered

Fast and inverted

Along rails they thundered


You would have loved today

Precious Angel son


Long legged greeters

Infinity Falls

They got wet 😁

Journey to Atlantis

Dolphin Stadium

Dolphin Days

Fatty manatee

Cute dolphin



Last ride of the day

Universal Studios


Friday 27th December


ET and Simpsons

Shrek and Men in Black

Fighting the baddies

In an alien attack


Universal Studios

So very busy

Then the weather changed

Becoming quite drizzly


Off to Disney Springs

To wander in the crowds

Stopping for a drink

Watching darkening clouds


Thinking of you

Treasured Angel son


We’re off


Sunday 22nd December


Another day of driving

We’re off to Theme Park Land

Roller-coasters and parades

Many activities planned


The weather isn’t brilliant

I’d want sunshine on demand

But a little rain won’t spoil

Our time in wonderland


Thinking of you always

I’ll be holding your hand

Darling Angel son

Sleep tight in dreamland



Luke and Ana arriving at Miami…. Big smiles

Arriving in Orlando, the pool had to be tested at our resort