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Sunny Saturday


Saturday 30th June


A drive into Wareham

A walk by the river

A number of ferries

Passengers to deliver


Back to the big house

Afternoon by the pool

Pimms, cake and croquet

Trying to keep cool


A fabulous setting

For two big birthdays

A Ruby anniversary

Charged glasses to raise


Fifty guests for dinner

Friends and family

Husband’s sister

Has done splendidly


It’s her sixty fifth

Her husband’s seventy

Their anniversary

A weekend of pleasantry


Oh, the murder mystery

It was Dad wot dunnit

He poisoned the magistrate

The Admiral was the culprit


You really would’ve had fun

If you’d been here

A big old country house

Exploring far and near


So I’m telling you my darling

Of all we’ve done today

Trying to keep you close by

Sharing our weekend away


Love you forever

Precious Angel son

Sun dappling through the trees

A paddle steamer coming alongside at Wareham

More ferries arriving

On the bridge overlooking the river

Old Church at Affpuddle

Telephone box that contains a defibrillator

Road back to the house

Side entrance to the house

Pimms by the pool

Fountain on the lawn where we played croquet

Looking back at the house

Murder mystery


Friday 29th June


A murder mystery

In a country house

You’d be the baddie

Not quiet as a mouse


Being dramatic

Was your forté

Taking part

Acting in a play


Such a character

Of many talents

Perfect timing

Never off balance


Twenty people

A mixed family group

All sorts of ages

Fascinating troupe


You’d love it here

Out in the country

Pretending to be

One of the gentry


I’ll let you know

How it goes

Who did what

And who knows….


Love you sweetie

Precious Angel son


Southover House

Driveway fountain

Pool and gardens

Floridina Finkle and Admiral Giles Klinksbury

Lily table arrangement

The dining room

One of the drawing rooms

A lovely day again


Wednesday 27th June


A lovely day again

So, where are you then?

No clouds to soar between

You’re nowhere to be seen

Or is that songbird singing

A sign, to me, you’re bringing?

Twittering away so happily

Saying “Hello” to your family


Love you sweetie pie

Forever and always

Treasured Angel son


Tropical blues and surf schools

Seabird soaring

A wretched thief


Tuesday 26th June


Is it becoming easier

More manageable?

A slow, dull pain

Quite unimaginable


As time goes by

There are more occasions

When I’m missing you

Such as our vacations


New adventures

To different places

Without you

Bringing smiles to faces


Not so much

Outward grief

Just an emptiness

Cancer: a wretched thief


Love you forever

My darling Angel son


Calm, and very warm on Porthmeor Beach

Holidaymakers enjoying the beautiful weather

A little more choppy in the harbour

Boats queuing up to take more passengers out to Seal Island

Kisses from you


Monday 25th June


Kisses from you

Adorn the sky

Big white crosses

As you soar by

Love you always

My Angel guy

Up in heaven

Is where you fly



A big, fluffy kiss in the sky… when we visited you this morning

More kisses…

Kisses over Porthmeor Beach….

Looking the other way, more kisses there…..

Sky’s on fire


Sunday 24th June


Sky’s on fire

Sunset smile

Lost in time

For a while


Nature’s best

Paint brush style

Sweeping strokes

To beguile


Sea meets sky

Cliff’s profile

Standing proud

Lovely isle


Last night the atmosphere reddens

It was you who painted the heavens


Sweetheart Angel son


The sun going down over Porthmeor Beach, with Man’s Head and the cliffs in profile

The view from your bedroom window

From the front door, as the colours deepen

The sky’s on fire

It was you who painted the heavens

Sea meets sky



Saturday 23rd June


Watching wistful waves

Observing otherworldly oceans

Surveying sentimental seas


A day spent looking at sailboats

Motorcruisers, gigs and canoes

So many kinds of watercraft

Sunshine and beautiful blues


Surveying sentimental seas

Observing otherworldly oceans

Watching wistful waves


Love you

My sweet Angel of the high seas

Miss you

Your voice carries on the breeze



Busy Porthmeor Beach

Calm in the harbour

Sailing dinghies enjoying an afternoon regatta

Gigs pulled up on the slipway

Self-drive, a jumbo and a Seal Island boat

Jumbo tacking its way into the harbour

A group of canoes paddling over from Porthminster Beach

Memory lane again


Friday 22nd June


Walking down memory lane again

Because the gates never close

As long as I keep saying your name

My love for you still grows


This bumpy reminiscence road

Filled with stories from the past

Is somewhere I can go alone

To be in your presence at last


The pot-holed path of nostalgia

Means choosing your way care

Remembering all the good times

With adventures beyond compare


Love you forever

Forget you never

Keep us together

Always and ever


Precious Angel son


Porthmeor breeze

Harbour blues

The things you used to say


Thursday 21st June


Where’re we going today?

What we gonna do?

Are we nearly there yet?

I really need a poo


I want to buy some sweeties

Can I have some money?

A book, a comic, a drink or two

And my nose is runny


Oh my, the things you used to say

You would call me blondie

And Dad was old, grey hair

You cheeky, little monkey


I’d love to hear your voice right now

Coming out with nonsense and wit

I’ll treasure all those memories

Along with your infallible spirit


I loved your idiosyncrasies

Along with a great personality

So full of love and humour

An innocent geniality


Love you forever

My darling Angel son


Looking down on the town this morning

The Island and Porthmeor Beach

Ragwort growing on the cliffs

Porthgwidden Beach

HMAS Cerberus, Australia, 1990……a cheeky grin, even then