Monthly Archives: November 2016

Fly high sweet Angel


Wednesday 30th November

Fly high sweet Angel

Fly free my darling

Way above the clouds

Where stars are sparkling.

You’re never alone

With brave wings you fly

Over the rainbow

In heaven you lie.

Missing you so much

Loving you forever

My darling Angel

Forgetting you, never.


Clear and chilly at the slipway today

I suppose I know


Tuesday 29th November

Hiding my secret sorrow

Has become a little easier

I suppose.

Hiding the pain in my heart

Has become a little easier

I suppose.

Stopping the tears from falling

Has become a little easier

I suppose.

Blocking the haunting nightmares

Has become a little easier

I suppose.

Looking at your sweet smile

Has always been easy

I know.

Speaking about you with pride

Has always been easy

I know.

Thinking about you daily

Has always been easy

I know.

Sharing my love for you

Has always been easy

I know.


Forever a part of me

In my heart and soul

Dearest darling son


A crisp, blue sky day

Still missing you plenty


Friday 25th November

My sweet little darling

A real cheeky chappie

You brightened all our days

Always smiling and happy.

You’ve left behind a big space

Unbelievably empty

All’s quiet, life’s standing still

Simply missing you plenty.


Forever and always, sweetheart

Moon and back, my Angel


A real cheeky chappy, always smiling and happy. Aquatica, August 2011



Thursday 24th November

I try to look beyond

Those dark, grey clouds

Finding warm sunshine

Bringing out the crowds.


Dreams take me above

Clouds, ominous and dark

Thinking we’re together

And playing in the park.


Searching for little signs

As the clouds fill the sky

Shapes of you my darling

On Angel wings you fly.


Clouds have silver linings

I have memories of you

Although that’s all I have

My love for you stays true.


Beyond those dark clouds

Lies a sky so blue

A rainbow of colours

Bringing me to you.


So lay your head gently

On a soft white pillow

Those clouds enfold you

Floating by and billow.


Love you forever and always

Treasured Angel son.


A cold November afternoon


Wednesday 23rd November

A cold November afternoon

You’d go walking through town

Shiny pink, pinched cheeks

Coat done up, hat pulled down

Out in the bracing fresh air

Trampling leaves, all brown

Leaving footprints in the sand

A happy face, never a frown

My precious, sweet Angel

I feel your presence all around


Love you forever

Sleep tight sweetheart


A cold November afternoon

Your name


Tuesday 22nd November

I speak your name

With so much pride

Even though it hurts

Deep down inside.


My voice may tremble

As I say your name

Missing you so much

Never be the same.


Although I cry

Every single night

Whisper your name

And hold you tight.


I’m trying so hard

Keeping it together

Love you my Angel

Say your name forever. 



I hold out my arms


Monday 21st November

I hold out my arms

But you’re not there.

I call out your name

But you can’t hear.

I look for your smile

Only in a photograph.

I listen for your laughter

But all is silent.

I feel my heart beating

I know you’re there.


Fly high sweetheart

Precious Angel son

Love you forever



Christmas decorations in the shopping mall

Looking festive