Monthly Archives: November 2017

Never grows dim


Thursday 30th November


Never the same

I call your name

No-one replies

Tears fall from eyes


Empty feeling

Pain revealing


You departed


Those little things

Happiness brings

Rememb’ring you

A smile so true


My darling son

His day is done

My love for him

Never grows dim


My Angel


Feels like


Wednesday 29th November


It still feels like it happened yesterday

I know the relentless agony should soften

Yet the pain is definitely here to stay

But perhaps my tears won’t flow so often


Missing you today

Loving you forever

Precious Angel son


Big, billowing clouds

Panorama of the harbour

Long after you’ve gone


Tuesday 28th November


Long after you’ve gone

Love for you lives on

Though you are not here

I know you’re​ always near

Mem’ries never-ending

Broken hearts want mending

Another day without​ you

And so pain begins anew


Missing you

Loving you

Always and forever

Treasured Angel son


Northerly winds blowing onto Porthmeor Beach

Less breezy in the harbour, but dark clouds over Gwithian

Always loving you


Monday 27th November


Always loving you

Always thinking of you

Always speaking your name


Holding your memory

Close to my heart

Holding your soul


Never stop speaking your name

Never stop thinking of you

Never stop loving you


Never forgotten

But never the same

Love never dies


Darling Angel son


As the sun sets


Sunday 26th November


As the sun sets,

Upon the cloud

Your​ head rests.

And when it rises,

The mask I wear

All pain disguises.


As the moon beams

And lights the dark

Sweetest of dreams.

And when it wanes

I try so hard

To hide the pains.


Thinking of you always

Loving you forever

My darling Angel son


Driving home….

The sun slowly disappears….

Below the trees…

A criss cross of clouds, when we came to visit you, just before arriving home

I’m walking


Saturday 25th November


Standing with you this morning

Trying to stop a tear from falling

Can you hear my words calling?

As on Angel wings you’re soaring

For each new day keeps dawning

And my heart, for you, is longing

Memories of you, returning

My son, with you, I’m walking


Love you forever

Missing you daily

Beloved Angel son


Rainbow sprite


Friday 24th November


A beautiful rainbow sprite

Among iridescent clouds

Ice crystals scattering light

A solar halo enshrouds

Was that you painting the sky?

Splashing colour in an arc

Holding a paintbrush as you fly

Trying to chase away the dark


Precious Angel son


A colourful prism appeared in the clouds this morning, when we came to visit you

Looking down on the town, bathed in sunshine

And then, later on, a rainbow appeared, outside the front door

What I wouldn’t do


Thursday 23rd November


What I wouldn’t do

To have a hug from you

What I wouldn’t do

To hear your voice, too


Sadly that’s not to be

No more will your face I see

From all pain you’re set free

My Angel, forever thirty


Love you forever

Beloved son


Just two hardy surfers today, on a cold, blustery afternoon

Night night


Wednesday 22nd November


Night night my Angel

Time to sleep

Safe in my heart

Your memories I keep


Night night my darling

Time to dream

Wish upon a star

Swing on a moonbeam


Night night sweetheart

Time to slumber

Picture the universe

So full of wonder


Night night my poppet

Time to doze

Gently snuggled

In a sweet repose


Night night my treasure

Time to rest

The sun has set

Over to the west


Sweet dreams