Monthly Archives: July 2017

Off to London


Monday 31st July


Off to London

To catch a plane

Across the ocean

Summer smiles again


Flying tomorrow

A quick getaway

Taking you with us

For holiday play


Flight to Miami

An East coast road trip

Visiting good friends

Blue seas for a dip


Fly high sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


Life, right now


Sunday 30th July


Emptiness and togetherness

Collision and coexistence

Fragility and strength

Tears and laughter

Heartache and hope

Nothing and everything

Turbulence and tranquility

Two opposing states


Life, right now


Love you sweetheart

Missing you always

Darling Angel son


A new angel for you sweetie

Bright and sunny on the beach

Low tide and a few fluffy clouds

Angry Bird


Saturday 29th July


Frank the funny Angry Bird

Always having a laugh and a joke

A sense of humour, spreading cheer

And such happiness he would evoke


We miss everything about you

Our darling Angel son


On this day, 29th July 2012 ~ five years ago

And still no sign of the sun



Friday 28th July


Hiding the hurt

Behind a smile

Sometimes it works

Other times not…

Hiding the tears

Behind blue eyes

Sometimes it works

Other times not…

Hiding the pain

Inside my heart

Sometimes it works

Other times not…

One of those days

I’ll say I’m fine

No matter what

But really not…


I’m missing you sweetie

Love you lots

Angel son


No sun today

Only a few on the beach

I smiled


Thursday 27th July


I smiled today, whilst thinking of you

I cried too, with memories anew

I sighed a little, our love so true

I grieve so much, feeling quite blue

I whisper to you, just wish you knew

I dream of you, that you made it through

I keep on loving you, as I always do

I smiled today, whilst thinking of you.


Another Thursday

124 weeks

868 days

Missing you today, so very much

Sweetheart Angel son


So many holidaymakers in the surf: the lifeguards have their work cut out

Tents, windbreaks, parasols all vie for space on the sand

Many colourful boats in the harbour

Summer rain


Wednesday 26th July


My Angel sleeps beneath the summer rain

A gentle mist is washing away the pain

Drenching the flowers that we maintain

Heightening the colours that they contain

So in our hearts your love does remain


We miss you so very much

Darling Angel son


Yachts in the mizzle, on a grey morning

Standing still


Tuesday 25th July


When time is standing still

Love still beats through my heart

The world seems to have moved on

But my life just fell apart

Everyday I think the same

You weren’t ready to depart

So many plans to fulfill

And new adventures to start

Wish you were still here on earth

So much love still to impart

Good night, sleep tight, missing you

My dearest, darling sweetheart


Precious Angel son


Sailing away


Monday 24th July


Sailing away with my Angel

Leaving the shore behind

Gentle winds​ blow our way

Reaching a peaceful state of mind


The pain is soothed by calm waves

A beautiful turquoise blue

A perfect sea of dreams

The place where I think of you


Love you poppet

Treasured Angel son


In the harbour today

Tonight’s wispy cirrus clouds

Even now


Saturday 22nd July


Even now, after all this time

I still miss you everyday

Even now, after all this time

I think about you everyday

Even now, after all this time

I still love you everyday


So loved, so missed and so thought about

Every single day, and every single night

And so it will be, forevermore

My sweetest, darling Angel son