Monthly Archives: March 2018

Memory lane


Saturday 31st March


I can hear the sound of gentle rain

Falling against the window pane

A place in heaven you did attain

Fluffy clouds, the Angel’s domain

Just wish there’d been time to explain

Why you couldn’t, with us remain

I know you’re close, I’ll see you again

As I go wandering down memory lane


Missing you sweetheart

Treasured Angel son


Sunny for a while, looking over Bamaluz

Town filling up with holidaymakers for the Easter holidays



Friday 30th March


A waterfall of tears

A bouquet of love

An ocean full of sorrow

A sky filled with kisses

A river of sadness

A rainbow of hope


Mixed emotions

Bittersweet memories

A rollercoaster of life


Love you forever

Forget you never

Beloved Angel son


Pretty clouds over Porthmeor Beach

Harbour high tide

First day of the season for the lifeguards



Thursday 29th March


So quietly

So quickly

So peacefully

So unexpectedly

You slipped away


We love you

We miss you

We’ll never forget you

With so many memories

You’ll stay with us forever


To the moon and back

Fly high precious starman

Darling Angel son


New Easter flowers for you

Dark clouds above The Island

Sunshine and showers

Blue sky


Tuesday 27th March


A depressingly blue mood

Is brightened up

By a beautiful blue sky.


Love you so much

To the moon and back

And all the world


Precious sweetie pie

Darling Angel son

Forever and always


A strong breeze whipping up the surf

Holidaymakers enjoying a sunny corner of the harbour

High tide



Monday 26th March


My precious Starman

Fly as high as you can

My bright, shining star

Your light shines so far

Way up there at night

Where your wings take flight

Quite sweet and innocent

Just so magnificent

Love you forever

Always together



A grey afternoon; not as many on the beach today

Self drive boats ready for the holidaymakers….. but rather drizzly for them this afternoon



Sunday 25th March


Outside, enjoying the sunshine today

Digging and weeding in the garden

Preparing the ground for bedding plants

A cold Spring had made the soil harden


We only have quite a small space

But we like the colour the flowers bring

And pollen for the bees and butterflies

Listening to the songbirds sing


You never used to help us out

Staying inside to watch cartoons

But sometimes when it was sunny and bright

You’d pick flowers in the afternoons


Petal by petal you’d strip them off

Absorbed in this delicate task

Until only the bare stem remained

Why you did this, we’d always ask


Really wish you were back here with us

Taking pleasure in the fresh air

Smiling and laughing, so innocent

But all we have is an empty chair


Love you sweetie

Forever and always


You, amongst the flowers

Your brother, not looking too happy

Spring sunshine over the town this morning