Monthly Archives: August 2019

And then


Friday 30th August


Happy smiles

Tentative laughter

Plans made

Friendly chats

Evenings out

Meeting people

Nature watching

Long walks


And then

Grief remembers


Missing you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


Another busy afternoon on Porthmeor Beach

Fluffy white clouds overhead

Spring high tides

St. Ives harbour

Can you hear the sunlight


Thursday 29th August


Can you hear the sunlight

Sparkling on the ocean?

Can you taste the waves

Breaking with emotion?

Can you touch the depths

Though your heart is broken?

Can you see the salinity

Moving in slow motion?

Can you smell the ebbing tide

Devoid of locomotion?


Thinking of you always

My sweetheart Angel son


A brighter Porthmeor Beach today

Surf school going strong

Lots of rocks and stones uncovered at the west end

The school holidays are almost over

Enjoying the last few beach days

Red self drive boats awaiting passengers

A strange roll of cloud over the harbour

A young seagull

Just be


Tuesday 27th August


Sitting, thinking, remembering

Wondering, questioning, reasoning

Wishing, hoping, yearning

What if, what if, what if

If only, if only, if only

Would you, should you, could you

Be here, be alive, just be


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

Forever and ever


My precious Angel son


Darkening skies

Still warm enough to enjoy the beach

Where has the sunshine gone?

Holding your hand


Sunday 25th August


Holding your hand

Just felt so grand

Toes in warm sand

Bodies quite tanned

In waves we stand

Yet gone, unplanned

Off to dreamland


Missing you poppet

Remembered with love

My darling Angel son


Much cloudier today

Still warm for the beach goers

A young seagull on the lookout for an opportunistic ice cream or pasty

Outgoing tide in the harbour

It’s not fair


Saturday 24th August


It’s not fair

Empty chair

My nightmare

I declare

You’re elsewhere

Deep despair

You take care

Baby bear


Sweetheart Angel son

Now forever young


Another busy day

Porthmeor Beach

Again, quieter at West Porthmeor

Central seems far too crowded

Good waves today

Sunny corner of the harbour

Looking towards Porthminster Beach

Smeaton’s Pier

So near


Friday 23rd August


I wonder where you’d be right now

(Though I do know where you are)

I wonder who you’d become

So near, yet so very far


Love you

Miss you

Never forget you

Darling Angel son


A lovely afternoon

Everyone else thought so too 🤔

Beautiful blue

Looking for the perfect wave

The harbour

I’ll pretend you’re near


Thursday 22nd August


Missing you sweetie

Wish you were here

If I close my eyes

I’ll pretend you’re near


Beloved Angel son


Carrick Roads this morning


Later on this evening at Porthmeor

Still warm, with the smell of barbecues wafting along the breeze

A few more waves to catch

Dusk over the harbour