Monthly Archives: November 2022

By the river

Wednesday 30th November 

All calm by the river
A few swans a-swimming
As the sun goes down
Golden light is dimming

Darling sons
Precious mum
Love you lots
Wareham Quay
River Frome
Swans by the slip
A calm evening’s glow
Bird life
Boats on buoys
Hazy light
Surveying his territory
Setting sun

So raw

Monday 28th November 

It's all so raw
And makes me sad

A life well-lived
Of that I'm glad

We love you so much
And will miss you forever
Driving home from Truro

A long day

Saturday 26th November 

A long day
Lots to do
Sorting things
Going through
All mum's stuff
Sad and blue
Miss you much
Love so true
Just not fair
I love you

Precious sons
Beloved mum
Love you
Mum, brother, niece, sister, husband, me, son 💖

Phone call

Friday 25th November 

Phone call earlier
From oncologist
Must try to remain
An optimist

Results relayed
CT scan clear
No more worries
For another year

A few little blobs
A small gallstone
A couple of masses
But they haven't grown

Stage 2 kidney disease
Is that a worry?
No, not really
Breathe, don't hurry

So all is well
With me, at least
Heavy weight removed
No sign of the beast

Love you
Precious sons
Beloved mum

With dignity and grace

Tuesday 24th November 

With dignity and grace
Calm spread over her face

Taking that final breath
Slipped into a peaceful death

Dementia is a bitch
An evil little witch

To pneumonia she succumbed
Leaving us totally numbed

Love my Mum so dearly
Truly and sincerely

Until we're together
We'll be with you wherever
Love you mum forever
Memories to treasure


Each day

Monday 21st

I know each day
Is a fresh start
Just difficult
To tell my heart

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
White horses racing over the sea
The Island in the distance