Monthly Archives: February 2020

And live


Friday 28th February


Keep swimming, keep swimming

Don’t sink

Don’t drown, don’t drown

In sadness


Keep walking, keep walking

Don’t stop

Don’t falter, don’t falter

And stumble


Keep healing, keep healing

Don’t weaken

Don’t scratch, don’t scratch

And bleed


Keep looking, keep looking

Don’t blink

Keep breathing, keep breathing

And live


Thinking of you my darling

Forever and a day

Precious Angel son

Now in heaven you lay


The only way through


Thursday 27th February


The only way through

Is to keep going

The only way out

Head up, not slowing

The only way forward

With love bestowing

The only way of escape

Untied and flowing


Missing you poppet

Darling Angel son


Looking down on the town this morning

Harbour and blue skies

Quite chilly and windy



Wednesday 26th February


It walks along beside me

It follows my every stride

Occasionally tapping my shoulder

And from it I cannot hide

It lays its head on my pillow

And infiltrates my dreams

I know I’ll learn to live with it

But my mind still silently screams


Love you forever

Treasured Angel son


Low tide

Porthmeor Beach

Many, many seagulls dipping and diving around Gowner Rock

Blue skies, but quite chilly

Less breezy on the harbour

Miss you


Monday 24th February


Miss you in the morning

And in the afternoon

Miss you in the evening

When looking at the moon

Miss you in the dark of night

Sleep comes none too soon

Miss you every second

From pain I’m not immune

Miss you always, but I know

You’re safe in your warm cocoon


Beloved Angel son


I think the sun has gone


Sunday 23rd February


I think the sun has gone

Deep into hibernation

Snuggling into a duvet

Of a downy cloud formation


And you’re there up above

Resting your head on a pillow

No stresses, strain, hurt or pain

As the wind does softly billow


Miss you poppet

Beloved Angel son


Surfers on Porthmeor Beach

Many footprints in the sand

Lots of white water

A flat, grey day

Not the same place


Thursday 20th February


Not the same place

Here, without you

Quieter, more sombre

Life tinged with blue


And yet at night

I see your star

The brightest one

Shines from afar


Love you so much

Precious Angel son


Many seagulls resting on the water in the harbour

Tourists enjoying the beach

Rough surf at Porthmeor

Lots of white water

A couple of hardy surfers

Looking towards Man’s Head across the putting green