Monthly Archives: December 2020

Everyone’s given


Wednesday 30th December


Everyone’s given

The gift of time

Such a precious prize

Of a life sublime

Living, laughing, loving

The ladder you’d climb

Taking on the world

Trying to reach your prime

That you were cut short

Is such a sad crime


Thinking of you sweetie

Treasured Angel son


Love you


Tuesday 29th December


Love you sweetheart

I say it every day

Miss you poppet

Wishing you could stay


You’re in heaven now

With angels you play

Far, far from here

Beyond the Milky Way


Precious Angel son


A rainbow this morning, in between the horizontal hail and stinging rain

Just before sunset

Fears to combat


Monday 28th December


Grief just happens to be my friend

Quite an unwelcome one at that

Always beside me and in my head

As if I’ve put out the welcome mat


Not many see my companion

It doesn’t live in their habitat

Even as I bump into it

Popping round for a little chat


Others may think it’s been so long

Since around our table you sat

Their lives go on, new plans are made

Whilst I have fears to combat


Missing you poppet

Beloved Angel son


Six Christmases


Friday 25th December


Six Christmases

Have passed you by

Remembering you

I’ll try not to cry


It’s getting close

It’s drawing near

Father Christmas

Would soon be here


It’s Christmastime

But not as you knew it

With big family dinners

A new a festive outfit


With our plates piled high

And your tomato soup

Eat, drink and pull crackers

Such a jolly, happy group


But this year it has changed

Only small little bubbles

With all trying to keep safe

Away from Covid troubles


Not sure how you’d have coped

Full of excitement and fun

Christmas was a special time

My dearest, darling one


Missing you sweetie

We’ll set a place for you

Thinking of the good times

And all we used to do


Love you my darling

Precious Angel son


Christmas 2020

Christmas 2015

A Christmas long ago 💖

Christmas Eve


Thursday 24th December


The Christmas Eve excitement

“When can I open my present?”

You loved this time of year

When Santa would appear

Our decorated house

And shop windows to browse

A time of joy and caring

A time of love and sharing

We miss you my darling

An Angel now guarding


Love you so much

Precious Angel son