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Early, early morning


Thursday 25th April


Early, early morning

Or the middle of the night

Two thirty at the hotel

After a bumpy night flight

Sleeping for a few hours

Then on the road at daylight

Driving back home in traffic

Took longer than I thought it might

Now suitcases are unpacked

And everything’s all right


And thinking of you

Sweet Angel son


Dark moody skies driving home

Towards the rain on the A30

Old stone bridge over the River Inny, east Cornwall

Your primulas growing well

Auntie gave you some carnations

We love you sweetie

It’s time to go home


Wednesday 24th April


It’s time to go home

We’ve come to the end

Spanish holiday

Really recommend


So lovely to see

Our Luke birthday boy

Spending time with him

Truly was a joy


Flying back tonight

Just waiting around

All packed and ready

Soon be homeward bound


Thinking of you sweetie

As I do every day

Treasured Angel son

Just a heartbeat away



Water is only the sea, water is the river

Water the torrent, and water the brook

But the voice that speaks and sings in them

It’s not the water, it’s the wind.

The sea

Smile in the distance

Foam teeth

Lips of heaven

A cloudy and cool morning

Málaga and Torremolinos covered in clouds

What better way to warm up, than a coffee and slice of carrot cake?

Washing flapping in the breeze and trilling birdsong from the cages kept on balconies

Green parrots are everywhere (Monk parakeets)

The Finger Beach…..

Blustery scene

Only a tiny bit of blue sky

Doesn’t look very inviting!

This morning I took my coat


Tuesday 23rd April


This morning I took my coat

And also my umbrella

The rain in Spain can take a hike

When out walking with my fella


We perched on pavement stools

Time to stop for a lunch break

Outside a fresh food market

Typical tapas to partake


Blue skies in the afternoon

Makes everything look better

For another wander around

Málaga city centre


Love you forever

My darling Angel son


Literally right next to the road, close to speeding cars

We sat with a welcome cold beer

Tortilla de patatas


Inside the Mercado Central de Atarazanas

Fantastic fresh fruit

Amazing stained glass windows

Dried fruit and nuts

Olives and condiments

Colourful displays everywhere

Fresh vegetables too, as well as fish and meat

The pavement café where we sat

Plaza de la Marina, Málaga

I love this shopping avenue, Calle Marqués de Larios

And the sun came out

The shaded walkway beside the marina

“The World” is still in port

A very large, very bright salvage vessel

The Pompidou cube again

The marina looking busy

Today we went by bus


Monday 22nd April


Today we went by bus

Into Málaga city

Up and down the marina

The boats all look so pretty


A stop for afternoon tea

With fabulous views all round

Six floors up on a terrace

Relaxing in shade we found


Thinking of both my boys

And all the fun times we had

Sometimes I feel so happy

Yet sometimes so very sad


Missing my Angel in heaven


Alighting from the bus, opposite the Town Hall

Paseo del Parque

The Pompidou Centre

Statues and fountains in the park

A peaceful retreat from the bustling city

Palm strewn walkways

In front of the Pompidou Centre

Marina shops, restaurants and bars

We watched “The World” dock. A floating residence for those who want to cruise around the globe.

A fascinating building

Boadicea, a luxury motor yacht.

The World dwarfing Boadicea

Plaza de la Marina

Gary being cool



Viewpoints highlighted from the terrace

The cathedral standing tall

Family moments


Sunday 21st April


Today Luke leaves for Badajoz

Back to his home, and work next week

Such a fabulous time together

New locations and places to seek


Sorry to see him leave

But we did have so much fun

Eating, drinking, discovering

Great family moments, bar none


Love you Luke

Love you Frank

Thinking of you both

Precious hugs all round


Saying goodbye to Luke, just before he drives away

Mountains at the back of El Palo

Clouds gathering over Pedregalejo

A pretty beach shrine

Clouds over Málaga

Another colourful shrine

Cooking sardines over burning embers

The rain is on its way