Monthly Archives: April 2023


Sunday 30th April 

Sunshine brings
A smile to our face
A burst of energy
A warm embrace
It lifts our spirits
Soothes our soul
And makes us feel
Once again whole

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
Tall palms
Tall masts
The lifting footbridge
Cobbled streets
Another hot day
Sunday meanderings
A man, a hat, an accordion and a dog
Blue tiles
Blue skies, blue sunshades
Watching the world go by
Blue shades, blue t-shirt, blue shades
Igreja de Santa Maria de Lagos
Across to the waterway
Us again
Pleasure boats returning
A neat motor yacht from Cowes
Grinch enjoys his holiday too
Overlooking the marina
Dinner at Restaurante Jardim
Luke and Talita arrive
A wonderful outdoors restaurant
Toodle ooo Luke, until next time xxx

I could live like this for days

Saturday 29th April 

I could live like this for days
In the warm and golden rays
Of sunshine shining bright and bold
In a world of blue and gold

Long walks on sandy shores
Life is so much better outdoors
And the salty sea breeze in my hair
Remind me that I'm truly there

Stress-free, carefree, life so light
A world of beauty, free of strife
As I explore and discover anew
A culture vibrant, fresh and true

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
Blue skies over the marina this morning
The lifting footbridge
Along the waterway
Another hot one!
Shady place for lunch
Sweet and Temptation
Street graffiti
Colourful shrubs growing out of the ground
Gorgeous tiles
Indian motorcycles
Parked up outside the police building
Scouts, Bobbers, and Roadmasters
Interesting to see
Huge machines
Back along the waterway
Then a couple of hours beside the pool
A windy stroll along the boardwalk to meet Luke after work
Back to Lagos after dinner

By the pool

Friday 28th April 

Just relaxing by the pool
No hurries, no worries, just cool
Watching the clouds fly by
Beneath an umbrella, shaded from the sky

The sun beats down, but I don't feel the heat
In this moment, it's a complete retreat
The water glistens, the breeze softly blows
Feeling so content, as the day slows

No need to rush, no need to stress
Just peace and tranquility, nothing less
This moment of bliss, so simple yet profound
I'm grateful for this calmness I've found

So I'll stay here a while, and let time pass
Watching the clouds, as they float by so fast
In this poolside oasis, simply so free
Relaxed, rejuvenated, and just being me

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
Wispy clouds
The marina this morning
Tall palms
A shady spot for lunch
Quite hot today, so the umbrellas were welcome
A perfect spot to people watch
This afternoon by the pool
Quiet and peaceful
Pretty clouds
Along the boardwalk, early evening
Interesting cloud formations
Back at the marina
The view from our apartment

Ice creamy day

Thursday 27th April 

Another warm
Ice creamy day
Languidly melting
Anxieties away
Lifting the mood
Above the bay

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
A new trimaran arrives
A different view of the marina
Gary and I
This Mangusta is for sale (€570000) 🥺
A selfie sort of day
Boardwalk ambling
Very little wind for sailing
Sunshine makes you smile
Gary and Talita
A cool spot for some early dinner
Luke and I
Walking back to Lagos
Boardwalk and train tracks
Sunset whilst we were eating ice cream
Golden light

Sunshine, beach and a cold beer

Wednesday 26th April 

Sunshine, beach, and a cold beer
The perfect mix for a day so clear
Family and love, together we stay
Creating memories on this beautiful day

The weather so fine, a precious time
Where everything feels just so sublime
The sound of waves, sand beneath our feet
We take a moment to soak in this treat

Laughter and joy, fill up the air
The moments we share, beyond compare
From building sandcastles to playing games
Every memory made, forever remains

As the sun sets, we gather around
With hearts so full, our love profound
Grateful for this day, each other we hold
A family bond, a treasure to behold

Sunshine, beach, and a cold beer
Together we'll cherish, year after year
For the moments we shared, will always be
A reminder of love, and our family

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
GC32 racing catamarans
Carbon fibre, hydrofoiling catamaran
So warm today
Gary and I
A pretty ketch coming into the marina
Lunch in the square in Lagos
Hot, hot, hot
We caught the train to Portimão
Waiting for Luke
Wide beaches of Praia da Rocha
Along the boardwalk
Rock formations
Super Bock bar
Umbrellas closed at the end of the afternoon
Blue, blue sky
Clouds over the marina when we returned to Lagos, but still 25°C

Left in awe, wanting more

Tuesday 25th April 

We wander down to the beach below
Feeling the sand between our toes
And as the golden light fades away
We savour this moment, see how it goes

The views are breathtaking, all around
With waves crashing against the shore
And as the sun begins to set
We're left in awe, wanting more

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
The lagoon at Alvor
Strange flowers growing directly out of the sand
An old Ford
Praia do Cloque
Pretty views
Praia do Armado
Steep, steep steps down to the beach
A boardwalk takes you around the bays
Lunch stop at Green Heart
Such a beautiful place
A funky looking Buick
Advertising the ice cream shop
Alvor drinkies
Alvor harbour
Dinner drinks
Largo da Ribeira
Sunset glow
Great end to the day

The sea so blue

Monday 24th April 

The sea so blue, a sight to see
Refreshing waves, they beckon me
Warmth surrounds, a gentle embrace
Sparkling waters, a dazzling space

A lovely afternoon, so it seems
The perfect time, to chase our dreams
To swim and play, and feel so free
The sea, so blue, it calls to me

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
Boardwalk strolling this morning
Meia Praia
A gorgeous day
Luke, Gary and I
Praia de Porto Mós
Frankie Angel Bear came too
Looking eastwards
Looking westwards
Windy hair again!
Luke swimming, Gary trying the water
Gary and I go swimming
Beautiful colours
Not too crowded
A perfect spot
Praia de Porto Mós
Building graffiti in Lagos
Tonight’s sunset over the marina


Sunday 23rd April 

The waves crash softly on the sand
As I sit here with drink in hand
Watching the sea ebb and flow
Relaxing in the afternoon glow

The ocean's rhythm calms the mind
A gentle breeze to ease the grind
The sun slowly sets behind the shore
And with it, all the worries we bore

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
Walking along bright pavements in Praia da Rocha
Praia da Rocha beach
The view from Miradouro dos Três Castelos
Praia dos Três Castelos
Natural archway
A little windy
A lot windy!
In front of Branquinho beach bar
Luke and Talita try the water
Cold libations
Different rock formations and stacks
Sparkly sea
Such a beautiful day
A shady spot for us
Pinnacle on top of the cliffs
A good swell
Shady loungers
Looking westwards
Sparkling ocean
Looking eastwards


Saturday 22nd April 

Relax, and let worries fade
Switch off the mind, enjoy the shade
Breathe deep and slow, feel tension ease
Let nature's magic calm the breeze

Look up, at the clouds on high
As they dance and swirl across the sky
Their movements, a wonder to behold
A sight of beauty that never gets old

Love you so much
Precious sons
Treasured Mum
The boardwalk along Meia Praia
Looking back towards Lagos
Sand dunes
Wide stretch of sand
Tropical vegetation
Welcome shade beside the pool
Flowers in the sand
Pretty colours

Watching the world go by

Friday 21st April 

Morning coffee in the square
Watching the world go by
A moment to pause and breathe
Before the day starts to fly

The aroma of freshly brewed
Wafts through the morning air
Steam rising from the cup
A moment of bliss to share

Later on, lunch al fresco
Sitting beneath palm trees
A gentle breeze rustles leaves
A spell of peace and ease

Life moves at a slower pace
In this tranquil, idyllic place
Where time seems to stand still
And worries fade without a trace

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
A rather nice motor yacht
Busy marina
Beautiful cobbled streets
Praça Luís de Camões
Fabulous tiled town house
The Garden Restaurant
Lunch al fresco
Huge bird of paradise plant, growing through the palms
No comment!
Gorgeous colours
Bougainvillea stretching across the road
Love this graffiti
Igreja de Santa Maria de Lagos
Avenida dos Descobrimentos