Monthly Archives: July 2020

Never a moment


Friday 31st July


There is never a moment

A point in time

An occasion

Sweet Angel of mine


When I stop thinking

Of you

What might have been

What we’d do


Where you’d be

And who

And how

But to heaven you flew


And left us here

To mourn

To cry

My darling first born


Love you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


First time we’ve walked along the harbour front (we were wearing masks); so many people….

Less crowded on Porthmeor Beach, but it had begun to cloud over, and then the drizzle started

The tide coming in, meaning less space to sit

We much prefer the garden at the moment

A trip to Exeter


Thursday 30th July


A trip to Exeter

For dermatology

Seven years of stripping off

Checking over my body

A melanoma exam

Suspicious moles, anything dodgy

Just seborrhoeic keratoses

I truly think they’re ugly

So relax, all is good

Really, nothing to worry


Thinking of you

Beloved Angel son


Remain with me always


Tuesday 28th July


I carried you for almost eight months

My heart beating with yours

Developing, forming, nurturing

Creating a love that endures


Then when you were ready

Launching yourself upon the world

For thirty wonderful years

Watching as your life story unfurled


11,011 days

Or 30 years, 1 month, 23 days

You might be gone

But you remain with me always


My darling Angel son


Sculpture by Dame Barbara Hepworth at the entrance to the cemetery

Frank and I meeting the Simpsons, August 2010, Orlando

Memories light the way


Monday 27th July


Memories light the way

On the darkest road of grief

Stumbling along awkwardly

Knowing cancer is a thief

Your time upon this earth

Certainly was far too brief


Thinking of you

Missing you

Remembering you

Loving you

Precious Angel son


Yellow rose in our garden


Lil’s rose (a cutting from our next door neighbour about thirty years ago, has produced an abundance of these pink roses)

Over the rooftops to the harbour

A walk down to the beach


Wednesday 22nd July


A walk down to the beach

To sit and have a coffee

Watching all the tourists

On holiday, so carefree

No social distancing

“Nothing’ll happen to me”

We’re placed above the sand

Away from anybody

Safe and enjoying the view

Gazing at the turquoise sea


All the while thinking of you

Our fun times together

Wondering, wishing, hoping

We’ll be connected forever


My darling Angel son


Porthmeor Beach, West

Looking towards the Island

Windbreaks, tents and parasols

Low tide, and a perfect blue

Just below the café

School’s out

Lifeguards on duty

Sitting in the shade