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We love you so much


Tuesday 28th February

Wish you were here, my darling

Missing you so much today

Can’t seem to shake off the sadness

But the memories won’t fade away

Still can’t believe this has happened

Our lives are in disarray

Standing beside you daily

“We love you so much” we say.


Forever in our hearts

Beloved Angel son


Low tide this morning

I try so hard 


Sunday 26th February

I try so hard to hide my sorrow

(You’re not supposed to cry)

Instead I speak of you everyday

And the memories intensify.


Remembering all your qualities

That made you so individual

Such a quirky personality

An enigma, a true original.


When you were born, the doctors said

“They broke the mould upon your birth”

You grew up into someone special

We loved you beyond all our worth.


And so it was, when you breathed your last

A massive veil of heartache descended

Obliterating our future plans

With broken lives that can’t be mended.


And so we try to pick up the pieces

A rollercoaster of love and grief

Some days are better than others

We just have to have a strong belief.


Truly grateful for those thirty years

To watch you develop and grow

Our dearest, darling Angel son

Love you more than you’ll ever know.



The surfers were out in force again today

Grey and mizzly

Two o’clock this morning


Friday 24th February

Two o’clock this morning

I was suddenly awoken

Thought I heard voices

The sentences, broken.


Thought it was the neighbours

Talking in the street

Wish they could be quiet

And beat a hasty retreat.


Struggling out of bed

Drowsy, not quite with it

Lights and sounds downstairs

Television was on transmit.


I found Adele singing 

Setting fire to the rain

I had a little chuckle

And turned it off again.


I know I’d switched it off

Before I went to bed

So who was the cheeky monkey

Who turned it back on instead?


Was that you my darling?

Playing a trick on us

Turning on the television

Causing a bit of fuss.


No other explanation

Just you making your mark

Getting me up at night

To go stumbling in the dark.


Sweetheart Angel

Fly high Starman

Love you forever


High tide and sunny in the harbour

Angel in the wind


Thursday 23rd February

You’re my Angel in the wind

Whispering through the trees

Dancing across the wave crests

And flying high in the breeze

Up there in the passing clouds

Rustling with the fallen leaves

All around and round about

Way above the stormy seas.


Love you forever

To the moon and back

Beloved Angel son


Breezy and bright

A lone paddleboarder catching a few waves

Waves splashing against Lambeth Walk

Gone for now


Wednesday 22nd February

Gone for now

But not forever

Always missed

Forgotten, never.


Love you poppet

My Angel son

Beyond the clouds

Precious loved one.


Safe in my heart

Walking together

That’s where you’ll stay

Forever and ever.


Love you sweetheart

Blowing kisses to you


Grey and breezy at the beach

Grey, grey, grey in the harbour

Wish you were here


Tuesday 21st February

“Wish you were here”

I know that’s true

It’s a bit of a cliché

But it’s what I say to you.


“I miss you so much”

That’s also true

My heart is broken

There is no glue.


“I love you forever”

That’s the way it’ll stay

You’re my precious son

Though you’ve flown away.


Fly high sweetheart

My Angel Starman.


You’re everywhere


Monday 20th February

My darling, sweet Angel

I know you’re there

Walking beside me

You’re everywhere.


Love you my poppet

And I always will

My broken heart

Holds you safe and still.



We visited Sally Lunn’s for a Bath bun and coffee this morning. (The oldest house in Bath, 1482)

Fabulous painted horse sculpture just along from Sally Lunn’s

An interesting sign outside a pub

Pulteney Bridge, River Avon and the weir

Pink blossom about to burst forth

The chasm


Sunday 19th February

The day you went to heaven

Was when the chasm appeared

And I fell, tumbling down

A new future that I feared.


I’ll never stop grieving for you

Because my love won’t cease

So I’m stuck in the chasm

But I know you’re at peace.


Precious Angel son

With me always