Monthly Archives: January 2021



Sunday 31st January


Fascinated by simple things

When you have time to stare

Big, fat raindrops falling from trees

Making puddles everywhere


Radiating, rippling circles

Creating myriad patterns

Concentric, vanishing waves

At the edges, finally flattened


All moving at differing speeds

Away from the centre of impact

A chaotic interference

Transfixed, the eyes attract


I think, if you were there

You would be sploshing about

Trying your best to get me wet

Whilst laughing, there’s no doubt


And I miss you so

Dearest Angel son

All that mischievousness

And uncomplicated fun



Despair weighs heavily


Saturday 30th January


Despair weighs heavily

For which there’s no remedy

Thinking of you endlessly

Your life’s now heavenly

Leaving such a legacy

Memories are my therapy

But grief hits excessively

In its complexity


Love you forever sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


Foggy, misty and murky today

The unremarkable


Thursday 28th January


The unremarkable

The ordinariness

The routine

The normal


Those moments of long ago

No real meaning then

But now

There’re all that’s left


Digging around

In my library of memories

Rooting in drawers

At the back of cupboards


I mustn’t forget

I won’t let go

I want to see clearly

Keep your legacy



My son

Sweetie pie

Gone far too soon



No ‘other side’


Tuesday 26th January


There is surely no ‘other side’

Where, away from fear, you glide

With head held high, you stride


But there are times when I’ve cried

Though all the tears may have dried

I’m grateful that you’re my guide


Thinking of you

Missing you

Remembering you

Loving you


Treasured Angel son


Cloudy, grey, misty, drizzly, rainy all day

During the darkest night


Sunday 24th January


During the darkest night

I look for a chink of light

That expectation

In the constellation

That you’re up there

Flying high somewhere

Darling Angel son

Now forever young



High tide in the harbour this morning

Driving past the slipway

Porthmeor Beach

White horses galloping in the wild wind