Monthly Archives: June 2017



Friday 30th June


Windswept emotions

Breath taken away

Thoughts of you swirl round

On the breeze today


I hold you so close

Never far from me

Angel in the waves

On the deep, blue sea


Missing my darling

Precious Angel son

Always in my heart

Now forever young



Breezy in the harbour​

Red flag on the surfing beach


Spinning around


Thursday 29th June


Spinning around

Round and round

Out of control

Thoughts rebound


Others move forward

But I’m stuck

Spinning around

Just my luck


Going nowhere

Caught in a loop

Spinning around

A hula hoop


Caught in a time

You gained your wings

Spinning around

Tied with strings


That moment when

Your heart did stop

I’m left behind

Like a spinning top


Maybe one day

I’ll find my way

Spinning around

With you I’ll stay


Love you sweetheart

Precious Angel son


Porthmeor looking dark and moody this afternoon


I wish….


Wednesday 28th June


I wish you were here

To feel the gentle rain

To watch your sunflowers grow

To be back in our lives again.


I miss you my darling

More than words can say

I’ll love you forever

My heart breaks night and day.


Remembering you

Beloved Angel son


With you


Tuesday 27th June


With you, went so much of me.      

Love you to the moon and back, beyond the stars, and all the world……

My sweetest, darling Angel son 

Your sunflowers, so full of pollen

Beautiful bright yellow

Not yet ready to bloom

Heavy, grey clouds

Low tide

A few, brief moments


Monday 26th June


For a few brief moments

All seems fine. All is well.

A few laughs here and there

Mixed with stories to tell.


Then quite unexpectedly

Brick wall. Face plant. Body slam.

Out of nowhere, all change

Anxiety. Grief…..Wham.


Sinking in a thick fog

Pity party just for one

The misery’s set in

Positivity’s undone.


A voice, a sound, a glance

Something rattles my heart

Realisation of absence

We are just so far apart.


But looking up to the sky

I know you’re flying free

And if I close my eyes

You’re there, right next to me.


Sleep tight sweetheart

Precious Angel son





Saturday 24th June

Boats in the harbour

All rocking gently

Sunshine reflections

Twinkling a’plenty

Competitors run

Then swim to shore

Annual Biathlon

Takes an hour or more

Twenty years ago

Your brother took part

A surf life saver

Super strong and smart

You would like to watch

The swimmers return

And joining in with

The applause they’d earn

Wish you’d been here this evening sweetie

Missing you

Love you


Late evening sunshine

Swimmers must negotiate all the boats to reach the slip

Harbour panorama

Groups of swimmers entering the harbour



Friday 23rd June


Wispy clouds stretch across the sky

Ethereal qualities floating by

Seemingly apart from the real world

White cirrus, though transient curled


My darling little Angel

Flying beyond the clouds

Up there in the beautiful blue

I’m always, always missing you.


Your beautiful yellow sunflower

A big blue sky

Waves of clouds overhead
Man’s Head

Big clouds looming over the harbour

Harbour panorama



Thursday 22nd June


Sending sparkles to light the dark

Imparting love to keep you warm

Blowing many kisses to heaven

With Angels to calm the storm


Missing you sweetie

As always

Precious Angel son


Sunflowers growing for you

You wanted to grow the ‘biggest sunflower in the world”

They remind me so much of you

High tide in the harbour

Cooler today

Not as many people on the beach

I close my eyes


Wednesday 21st June


When the heat haze rolls in

Or sea mist covers the land

I close my eyes, think of you

As if I’m holding your hand.

When the clouds clear the sky

And the day’s heat is gone

I close my eyes, think of you

Those memories linger on.

When the stars twinkle bright

And the moon’s in full glow

I close my eyes, think of you

Kisses to heaven I blow.


Love you forever

Beloved Angel son


Heat haze/sea mist enveloping the Island this afternoon

A fog bank on the horizon