Monthly Archives: August 2020

Two thousand


Monday 31st August


You’ve been an Angel

For two thousand days

And there in my heart

You’re beating always


Two thousand nights

Thinking about you

Just gone too soon

We never knew


Two thousand mornings

Without you here

Waking up

Wishing you were near


Calendar pages

Of thirties

And thirty ones

How the time journeys


We miss you still

And always will

My darling Angel son

Now forever young







Wednesday 26th August


A never-ending journey

Searching for the light

At the end of a tunnel

In the darkest night

Without a map to guide

Left in a desperate plight

When sleep doesn’t come

A scary nightmare’s fright


Thinking of you sweetie

Precious Angel son


A much better day

The crowds are out

Enjoying the surf

Sitting on the slipway at the harbour

Beneath blue skies

Not a bad day at all

And there you are


Monday 24th August


And there you are

Showing up

Between the silence

Of my thoughts


An image of you

Breaking through

The calmness

Of my psyche


To make me smile

To make me cry

And I wouldn’t have

It any other way


Love you sweetheart

My darling Angel son


Another cloudy day

Still enjoying the waves

Maybe fewer on the beach today

You’re always there


Saturday 22nd August


You’re always there

Soaring in the air

Flying somewhere


I’m acutely aware

That life’s unfair

No time to prepare


But our love we share

Know that I care

My sweet teddy bear


Beloved Angel son


Fluffy cirrus clouds

Wispy strands

Porthmeor Beach at low tide

Enjoying the surf

Enclosures seem necessary for social distancing

The surf school is doing a roaring trade

Looking towards the Island

A sunnier harbour today

Wide angle blue skies and big clouds