Monthly Archives: October 2021

The far horizon

Monday 25th October 

Way out on the far horizon
Where the waves caress the clouds
Somewhere just beyond reach
Above the noise of the crowds
Right on the limit of vision
Where the sun sets for the day
That's where I imagine
My sweet Angel is at play

Love you both
Treasured sons
From the bedroom window this morning
Good waves for the surfers
Wide angle across Porthmeor Beach
A bit like summer 🌞
The Lifeguards are kept busy
So many sitting on the harbour front
A lovely day
Blue skies

Incoming tide

Thursday 21st October 

Watching the incoming tide
Advancing over the sand
Devouring all the footprints
As the sea claims back the land

Thinking of you
Love you both
Precious sons
Choppy seas on Porthmeor Beach
Many surfers ready to enjoy the waves
The harbour slipway
The tide is on the turn
Waves pushing in over the sand
Be aware, you could be cut off quite quickly….
Cock Bank at 15:25
And six minutes later…

A walk in the rain

Wednesday 20th October 

When melancholy invades
And despondency muscles in
Wrap up for a walk in the rain
Not letting the low spirits win

Love you both so much
Treasured sons

Raining and surfing
Heavy showers coming this way
Half term holidaymakers enjoying surf school


Tuesday 19th October 

Between there and here
Of peripheral vision
Hovering in the stillness
Of a beclouded collision
Imperceptibly out of reach
Pausing with indecision
In and out of focus
With confused imprecision
The answer to everything
An impossible mission

Thinking of you both
Love you forever
Beloved sons
Two churches
St Ives shrouded in mist and mizzle

No words

Monday 18th October 

No words for my thoughts
I can't speak my emotions
Unexpressed sentiments
Just going through the motions 

Dearest darling sons
Love you both so much

Holding the darkness at bay

Sunday 17th October 

Holding the darkness at bay
Where silently lies the pain
I know it won't disappear
It reminds me of your domain
Gone from my side, not my heart
Knowing I'll see you again
A never-ending reminder
The link that won't break the chain

Love you both so much
Precious sons