Monthly Archives: November 2020



Thursday 26th November


Suddenly, something hits so hard

You return to that day

With the pain and heartache

Coming right back to stay


And I miss you so

Dearest Angel son

Thinking of you always

Now forever young



A chilly and bright Porthmeor Beach

No one in the sea this afternoon

A good swell

A keen wind chills your ears and cheeks

A mackerel sky

That dappled all the way up the coast

To Exeter


Wednesday 25th November


To Exeter! To Exeter!

To dermatology

The removal of a dodgy mole

Cut it out of me


A two week wait! A two week wait!

For histopathology

Let’s hope it’s just simply benign

And all is right with me


Thinking of you

Precious Angel son


An early morning drive to Exeter

On the A30

Hawks Tor, China clay pit

“The nearly there” trees, Cookworthy Knapp, near the Devon/Cornwall border

A ‘sundog’



Friday 20th November


A slow, subdued movement

Towards peace and calmness

Despite the suffocating

Journeying into darkness


Smiling towards the heavens

Kisses filled with fondness

Up there in the wild blue yonder

There’s so much love between us


Missing my angel

Precious son


Kisses in the sky

The buoy laying ship, Patricia in the bay today