On the inside


Monday 21st January


On the inside, I’m stuck

Staying within that moment

When everything stood still

Leaving pain and torment


On the outside, you’d hardly know

I’m carrying on quite well

With all the everyday things

With a mask, no one can tell


But there is so much love for you

And with that comes so much grief

A bittersweet existence now

So much sorrow with no relief


And yet, memories keep me going

And I can smile at each one

You will never leave my heart

Precious Angel, forever young



Grey and drizzly this afternoon

Harbour high tide

A heavenly birthday


Friday 18th January


Today you would be thirty four

You won’t be celebrating no more


Testicular cancer took your life

The pain it cuts just like a knife


Some challenges along the way

But your cheeky smile made my day


It’s been four years since you were here

But I still feel your presence near


Wishing you a heavenly birthday

Seems you were here only yesterday


My dearest darling Angel boy

Remembering a life of joy


Love you Frank

Precious Angel son


Across the ocean


Thursday 17th January


Across the ocean

In the dark

Freezing cold

To disembark


Halfway home

Time to stop

Rest a while

Before we drop


Sleep tonight

So well-needed

Off tomorrow



Love you sweetie

Precious Angel son


Up, up and away climbing out of Miami

Looks just like Google maps…

Flying into the sunset

Fluffy clouds

A cold winter’s day in southern England

Flying home


Wednesday 16th January


And so

It’s over

All good things

Come to an end

Flying home

With many memories

And a relaxed piece of mind


And you’re right here with us

All the way

To the moon and back

Beyond the stars

Around the world

My darling Angel son


Florida snow?

Sea foam, spume, bubbles…..

A lovely morning

Quite breezy

The foam gathers in the corner, due to the persistant wind overnight and wave action

Then flies and rolls across the grass

A veritable bubble bath

Colourful walkway

In Miami International Airport

Very pretty

I wish that we could stay


Tuesday 15th January


A cloudy sort of day

The sky has been quite grey

As if ready to say

You’ll soon be on your way

Back across the causeway

A drive up the freeway

Soon ends your holiday

I wish that we could stay


We love you sweetie

Precious Angel son

With us always

Now forever young


Cooler and cloudy

Pinky grey sky

Not as impressive as some sunsets

Sunbeams shining through

A quick burst of sun

No audience this evening

Sitting in the shade


Monday 14th January


Sitting in the shade

Of an old palm tree

Passing the time

So very lazily


Maybe you’d be bored

Want entertaining

Or you’d just read books

Not much complaining


Would that you were here

My dearest darling

All that I have now

Memories remaining


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

Forever and ever



A visit to the Florida Keys Brewing Company

Iguana Bait…… Honey hibiscus kolsch

In the beer garden, in the shade

Beneath the palms

Florida Keys Brewing Co

Brunch at the Midway Cafe, Islamorada

Ohh, I seem to have shrunk

Dinner at the Bayside Grille and Sunset Bar

Golden glow

Fiery sky

Back in Key Largo

Calmly and quietly


Sunday 13th January


I’ll never tire of this view

While listening to the waves

And watching the sun set

Perfect way to end the days


Watching pelicans swoop

And ospreys glide and soar

Fish jump clear of the water

The iguanas stalk the shore


Such a simple way of life

No worries, stresses or anxiety

Deep breathing to cleanse the soul

Just existing calmly and quietly


And you’re right here with us

My beloved Angel son


A Sunday breakfast at the Lorelei

A very bright green iguana

Interesting pirate ship

Late afternoon in Key Largo

A sunny corner

Watching the evening sunset

Beautiful colours again

A marvellous way to end the day

Here to stay


Saturday 12th January


My love for you is here to stay

It will not wither or fade away

I smile at memories every day

Really is nothing else to say


Love you forever sweetheart

My heavenly Angel son


Hanging out the laundry!

Perfect location

So quiet and peaceful

Sitting in the shade beneath the palms

Clear waters today


A fiery glow

Pink clouds

Just so good the soul… Watching another beautiful sunset


A final flare