Wednesday 18th January

It’s your second birthday in heaven

So just spread those wings and fly 

Wishing you could be with us today

As we blow kisses up to the sky.


My precious Angel, birthday boy

Even though you’re thirty two

We bought for you a Thomas toy

We know you’d like the engine, blue.


Party with the angels up there

Play games, eat cake, blow out candles too

We miss you so much my darling

Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you.


As we remember all the joy you brought

And how your smile would brighten the day

Happy birthday to our sweet Starman

We love you more than words can say.



18.1.1985 – 12.3.2015




Tuesday 17th January

Just waiting for your birthday tomorrow

Thinking about how excited you’d be

With presents to open, places to go

A great big smile, eyes filled with glee.


But now it’s all so quiet and empty

No happy voices, shouts or laughter

All we have are our many memories

As our love is sent to the hereafter.


Precious Angel son

Love you forever


Just thought I’d let you know


Monday 16th January

Just thought I’d let you know

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Despite all my pain and sorrow

I’ll keep thinking of you, as tears flow.


Just thought I’d let you know

Even though a cold wind does blow

Beside you, shiv’ring from head to toe

I’m there, because I miss you so.


Just thought I’d let you know

As long as your star does glow

We’ll always be there to show

Our love will grow and grow.


Dearest, darling Angel son


A panorama of the beach this afternoon

A cold and grey harbour



Sunday 15th January

My Angel

My love

My son.


My tears

My pain

My heartbreak.


My memories

My photographs

My writings.


Your life

Your vitality

Your legacy.


Your soul

Your spirit

Your being.


Our hopes

Our dreams

Our future.


Love you

Miss you




Only you can


Saturday 14th January

Fly through clouds

Twinkle with stars

Sing with angels

Slide down rainbows

Catch snowflakes

Play with moonlight

Dance in the breeze

Sparkle in sunbeams.


Only you can

My little man

Darling Angel son

Now forever young.


Daily ritual


Friday 13th January

A chill wind blew through the trees

As we stood beside you today

Talking quietly, picking away leaves

Clouds scudding by; sky blue and grey.


Our daily ritual has begun again

It just feels the right thing to do 

Although our hearts are filled with pain

We will never forget about you.


Visiting your final resting place

Seems a way to honour your memory

Even though tears fall down my face

I know our love is exemplary.


Treasured Angel son


I hope you don’t mind


Thursday 12th January

Today was a day to catch up on all the sleep lost due to traveling ~ well that was my excuse for not getting out of bed until after eleven this morning.

But it really wasn’t a day worth getting up for. Windy, lashings of rain and so very cold: most unlike what we have been used to.

We did come to see you, my darling, and have decided to keep the Christmas wreaths and ornaments for a few more days. We need a dry day anyway, to replace these with spring flowers and the like. I hope you don’t mind.

Love you

Moon and back

Dearest Angel son.


We’re home 


Wednesday 11th January

We completed the final part of our journey today, arriving home early afternoon.

What a fabulous time we have had, remembering, and thinking of you every step of the way, but also making new memories with your brother.

We stopped by your final resting place, to let you know we were home, and to have a little chat.

We have missed you so very much on this, our first holiday in America since losing you. 




Tuesday 10th January

We left Miami yesterday afternoon and flew to Charlotte; a super quick transfer saw us running from Concourse D to Concourse C to make our connection. 

It was a smooth transatlantic crossing, with a generous tail wind, seeing us touching down at 9:30am this morning.

What a shock to be back in this country. After endless days of perfect blue skies and warmer than average temperatures, we needed our coats to keep out the wind and chilly air. 

We drove halfway home, and then stopped overnight in a hotel. Well, it was actually mid-afternoon when we arrived, and I just crawled into bed and fell asleep. It had been a long thirty six hours of traveling.

Love you my darling

Treasured Angel son

We miss you so much.