Friday 14th December


Chillin’ on the dock

Sunny and peaceful day

Dolphins and manatees

Playing in the bay


Busy doing nothin’

Recharging batteries

A welcome vacation

Down in the Florida Keys


Thinking of you at sunset

Warmed by the golden glow

Imagining you’re with us

As a soft breeze does blow


Beloved Angel son


Our spot on the end of the dock

A flying boat? No, it’s being launched by a forklift

An iguana on the dock

Our chairs

Another beautiful sunset

Taking it slow


Thursday 13th December


Leaving Miami this morning

Driving down south to Key Largo

For a blissful few weeks

Doing nothing but taking it slow


Watching the evening sunset

Looking out to the Gulf of Mexico

A warm breeze rustles the palms

And the sky has a golden glow


We miss you sweetie

You loved the Keys

Simple and relaxed

Minds at ease


Precious Angel son


Cloudy sunrise over downtown Miami this morning

Under the palms

Sunset this evening