Our Charity Event


Thursday 27th October
An update on the charity event that we held just over a couple of weeks ago…….£4000 raised, to be shared equally between our four chosen charities:

* Checkemlads ~ Testicular Cancer (in memory of you, my darling boy)

* Meningitis Now

* The Brain Tumour Charity

* Bowel Cancer

Such an awesome response from the local community, businesses, family and friends.


We miss you so much my darling.

The pain never goes away.

It’s been eighty five weeks

Since you breathed your last breath.

Every morning I wake up

Knowing you’re not there.

And it hurts.


Beautiful October


Wednesday 26th October

A beautiful October, so blue, so still

You would have loved a day like today.


Calm and reflective, like clouds on the sea

Wandering along in your own quiet way.


Watching crowds enjoying the sunshine

Imagine you smiling as they laugh and play.


I know you are there, my Angel son

Walking beside me, is where you’ll stay.


Love you forever

Missing you always


Such a pretty afternoon to play on the slipway

Children having fun padding

The water in the harbour was so still

Perfect for paddleboarding

So blue, so still



Monday 24th October

Wallking along the harbour front

Grey, dark clouds threaten overhead.

Coats pulled tightly with faces pinched

The heavy rain puddles where we tread.

“Don’t moan: we need water to survive”

So many times, you would have said.

Arriving home, completely sopping wet

You’d strip off, dive under the bedspread.

But now you’re there, behind the clouds

Wishing you were here with us, instead.


Sweetheart Angel son

Flying high beyond the rainbows

Love you forever


The Stennack River turning the waves brown with run-off from the fields

Just not right


Sunday 23rd October

That you’re not here is just not right

You had so much more to give

The evening when your soul took flight

Thought you had more years to live.


I know you’ve found the perfect peace

Now in heaven upon clouds you lay

And from your pain you have release

But I miss you so every single day.


My brave little soldier

Love you forever

Never becoming older

Angel son forever.


Half term holidaymakers, surfers and families on Porthmeor Beach

Grey skies over the harbour; rain is not far away

New flower


Friday 21st October

A new flower blossomed this morning

Deep, golden red petals facing the sun

It’s delicate beauty brings a smile 

As I think of you, my darling one.


For whom does the flower unfold?

Displaying all it’s intricate colouring 

Yet briefly, only for a finite time 

To me, it’s elegance is everything.


Growing into something so beautiful

Unfurling slowly for it’s own joy

Bringing colour into the autumn day

Standing proud, just for you, my boy.


Love you my sweetheart.

Treasured Angel son.


Overcast this afternoon

Random act of kindness


Thursday 20th October

Today I have been rendered absolutely speechless, lost for words, taken aback, by the unbelievable kindness of a friend of mine.

Having met a couple days ago in our local coffee shop, where she admired an agate necklace I was wearing, we chatted about her hobby of beading; she said she loved to make her own jewellery, including more intricate designs of beadwork

Today we met again, and as I approached the table in the coffee shop, I saw that she had laid out numerous beautiful necklaces. Made of semi-precious stones, they looked exquisite: agate, opal, turquoise, quartz, amethyst, tourmaline…….a veritable treasure trove.

I was under the impression that I was going to admire them, pick one out for myself, and pay half her ticket price. (The tickets detailed the stones used and the cost a shop or gallery would be expected to pay, followed by their mark-up).

So then the surprise came. She said: “They’re all yours. Take them. Sell them to friends. These are for Frank’s Fund.”

There must be over twenty beautiful, chunky, sparkly, tactile, wonderful necklaces, and words just can’t express my gratitude for what she has done for us.

Such an awesome, random act of phenomenal kindness.

Raising money in your memory ~ Frank’s Fund. Extraordinarily touching.

Love you my sweetheart.

Precious Angel son.




Wednesday 19th October


Hope all things are happy in heaven

Where there are no worries or pain

Hope you’re smiling with the angels

Playing in the sunshine, not the rain.


I think of you and the joyful times

As those are my lasting memories

I try to focus on all that is good

In this life, there are no guarantees.


Today grief is my closest friend

A testimony of my love for you

It stands beside me quite silently

Gently holding my hand in all I do.


Missing you my Angel son

Love you with all my heart

Now you’ll be forever young

And we’ll never be apart.





Tuesday 18th October

Missing your sweet little face

You’ve left a big empty space

Smiles and laughter, no trace

Your cheekiness we can’t replace

But I know I’ll see you someplace

Can’t wait for a gentle embrace.


Fly high Starman

Amongst the stars you chase

Forever in our hearts

Gone to rest in a higher place.


August 2012

Peaceful beside the waterfall

A quiet moment

Low tide in the harbour

Bright and breezy