Friday 26th May


We awoke early and left the house at six thirty to drive to Bath to meet up with friends from Australia whom I haven’t seen for four years. They are over in this country, travelling, staying in London at present, then going on to France, Belgium and Holland.

The day was glorious; we talked and talked: reminiscing, and walked and walked and walked: sightseeing.

We began with a Bath Bun and coffee at Sally Lunn’s tea house, then explored the streets, marveling at the Roman architecture, wandering around the Abbey, finding the Royal Crescent of Georgian townhouses, eating a picnic in the park beside the river, strolling across the Pulteney Bridge and looking at the masses of water flowing over the weir. We ended the day with a few beers, sitting outside at a pub, chilling, chatting and people watching.

A terrific day, catching up with old friends, enjoying the lovely sunny weather.

You liked Bath my darling, and as we were walking around, I imagined you with us, every step of the way.

Love you sweetheart.

Beloved Angel son.


Awesome display of colourful umbrellas

Bath Abbey

Pulteney Bridge over the River Avon

The Weir

River Avon

The Royal Crescent

The gardens beside the river

A walk down to the gardens

A corner of the Abbey

Looking towards the altar

Beautiful stained glass windows

Amazing ceiling

More stained glass

Bathed in late afternoon sunshine

A final walk beneath the canopy of umbrellas

Walking on the beach


Thursday 25th May


My Angel’s walking on the beach

Holding books filled with facts to teach

Fingers clasped tightly around each

But he now remains silent of speech

And he’s so far beyond my reach.

Love you my darling Angel

To the moon and back

Across the golden sands

Breaking waves a soundtrack.


Walking down to the beach

Porthmeor this afternoon

Blue skies and seas

You never know


Tuesday 23rd May


You never know

You just don’t know 

What tomorrow brings.


No guarantees

No promises

Until the fat lady sings.


Live now

Love now

Achieve so many things.


Hold them tight

Hold them close

Savour the love that clings.


Leave a legacy

Leave footprints

Until you gain your wings.


Love you sweetheart

Treasured Angel son

No endings, just beginnings.



Safe swimming

A group of schoolchildren enjoying the beach

To which I cling


Sunday 21st May


I’ll keep you in my heart

I’ll find you in my dreams

I’ll hold your memory close

That’s all that’s left, it seems.


I see you in the clouds

On a butterfly’s wing

A friendly robin’s song

Reminders, to which I cling.


Love you forever

Precious Angel son


Boats afloat in the harbour

A few surfers in the sea

Looking out towards Man’s Head