Upon a cloud


Saturday 25th March

A warm and sunshiney day

The sky, bright blue not grey

Thinking of you, how you’d play

Jumping over waves and spray

Running along the sandy bay

A carefree castaway

Laughing with lots to say

Wish you were able to stay

With wings you flew away

Leaving me in disarray

As upon a cloud you lay.


Sweetheart Angel son


A sunny day at the beach

Angel divine


Friday 24th March

I wish you were still here

I’d hold your hand in mine

We’d walk along the beach

Leave footprints in a line

Towards the breaking waves

Splashing in the sunshine

My precious darling son

Treasured Angel divine.



Grey and gloomy harbour

Safely I’ll keep 


Wednesday 22nd March

I miss you so much 

But I’ll see you when I fall asleep

I think of you so much

And I’m trying hard not to weep

I speak of you so much

Our emotions run strong and deep

I love you so much

All those memories safely I’ll keep.


Treasured Angel son


Porthmeor Beach this afternoon

Quite still in the harbour

Is with me always


Tuesday 21st March

So was it all real?

‘Cos it’s passed in a haze

Those thirty years

Memories and happy days.

I try to recall

And picture your gaze

A big cheeky grin

Is with me always.


Love you to the moon and back

Miss you so much

Precious Angel son


Walking down to the beach ~ grey clouds full of rain

Stormy skyline

Harbour view

Never get over losing you


Monday 20th March

I will never get over losing you

But you left so much love behind

Reminders and thoughts of the past

With so many memories come to mind.


Love you so much sweetheart

Darling Angel son


Low tide in the harbour this afternoon

Some days are good


Sunday 19th March

Some days are good

Other days are hard

Sometimes a memory

Will catch me off guard.


Sometimes I’m happy

Other times there’s sorrow

But I must keep going

And face up to tomorrow.


Always thinking of you

Always full of love

Sending you kisses

To heaven up above.


Beloved Angel son


Looking East to ‘The Island’

Looking West to ‘Man’s Head’

Not here to share


Saturday 18th March

You’re not here to share

New moments with us.

In the blink of an eye

Life forever changed.

And we will miss the future

We should’ve had with you.


Love you so much

Darling Angel son


Grey. Just so grey today.

So much 


Friday 17th March

Grief is……

Trips and stumbles

Wobbles and floundering

Full on face plants

Crumpled and crumbling

Going to pieces 

Wearied and weakening

Coming apart at the seams

Lurching and evading

Losing balance

Broken and failing

So much love and devotion

So much grief and heartache.


Beloved Angel son


Forever Angel


Thursday 16th March

My darling, forever Angel son

You brought a smile to everyone

Your time on this earth is now done

Pain in our hearts is second to none

A different future has since begun

And now the Angels you are among

But you’ll always be forever young.


Love you sweetheart