And just like that


Thursday 21st March


And just like that

You had gone

Leaving us here

To carry on


We weren’t ready

For you to go

Our lives, empty

That’s all I know


Just the mem’ries

Are left behind

Treasured times

Of fun, I’ll find


Darling Angel

We’re missing you

So very much

We love you too


Precious son


A grey Porthmeor Beach

Reflections in the harbour

Can you……?


Wednesday 20th March


Can you feel my sadness?

Can you see my grief?

Can you taste the pain?

Can you hear my heartache?

Can you smell the hopelessness?

Can you sense the continuing torment?


Well, that’s okay then

I’m trying my best

To hide from you

All the emotions

That make you feel uncomfortable


I love you sweetie

And I’ll miss you forever

That will never change

Until I see you again


Precious Angel son


Porthmeor Beach, waiting for the blue skies

Herring gulls and a black backed gull floating in the harbour

We didn’t know


Monday 18th March


We didn’t know

How much love

We felt for you

Until such time

You left this world

An emptiness

A giant void

A depth of pain

Beyond compare


We love you so very much

Beyond the brightest stars

Way past Mercury and Mars

Beloved Angel son


Porthmeor Beach

A corner of the harbour

The Sloop Inn

Holding on to you


Sunday 17th March


The memories remain

In my heart

In my head

In my mind

In my life

In my dreams

And no one can take memories away

They are mine

I will protect them

I’ll treasure them

I may share them

I’ll document them

Memories are all I have left of you

And I’m grateful


Mine to replay

Treasured moments

Holding on to you


And I still miss you

Love you forever

My darling Angel son


Across the surf


Saturday 16th March


The relentless wind

Sings your name

Across the surf

Waves to proclaim

The salty taste

Ignites a flame

Those memories

Your hall of fame

And in my heart

You’re there, the same


My darling Angel son


Big waves at Porthmeor Beach this afternoon

A number of surfers braving the swell

Wind whips the tops off the waves


Trying to get out back

Four years ago


Tuesday 12th March


Four years ago

I thought you were sleeping

Four years ago

But you weren’t breathing

Four years ago

Your heart stopped beating

Four years ago

My tears began flowing




Another year has gone

From pain you were set free

Four long and lonely years

Time has passed so quickly


Taken from this world

So unexpectedly

It feels like yesterday

That you were here with me


My darling Angel boy

We’re left with memories

Times of joy and laughter

When life was so carefree


Tomorrow’s not promised

There is no guarantee

Remembering you with love

Forever thirty you’ll be


Missing you so very much

Love you forever sweetheart

My heavenly Angel son

18.1.1985 – 12.3.2015



Four years ago