Stretching fingers

Sunday 5th February 

Stretching fingers
Across the road
Leafless branches
As sunshine flowed
A tangled chaos
The chill wind blowed
Through gnarly twigs
A criss-cross code

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
St Ives this morning
Driving out this afternoon
In my car… a 29 year old Nissan Micra 😘
It’s due its MoT tomorrow 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
So this was a little test drive
It hasn’t been out of the garage since last year’s Mot 🤣
But it started first time, and drove beautifully
Just needed a little air in the tyres
So, we’re all set for tomorrow

Happy birthday Hank

Saturday 4th February 

4 February 1932 - 5 October 2009

Happy heavenly birthday Hank
Ninety one today
So many happy memories
That'll never fade away

February the Fourth
World Cancer Day
Striking our family
In the worst kind of way

My father Hank
4.2.1932 - 5.10.2009
Pancreatic Cancer

My son Frank
18.1.1985 - 12.3.2015
Testicular Cancer

Metastatic Malignant Melanoma

We shared lots of laughs and fun together

Pushed and pulled

Friday 3rd February 

Pushed and pulled to extremes
Where nothing at all made sense
Feeding on anxiety and pain
And all that represents

Now strengthened by the past
Shaped by chaotic events
Looking for the best outcomes
Peaceful order to commence

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum

The direction

Thursday 2nd February 

The direction
In which I'm heading
Is more important
Than how fast I'm going
And just because
I carry it well (seemingly)
Doesn't mean
It's not heavy (exceedingly)

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
St Ives this morning

I’m not the same

Wednesday 1st February 

I'm not the same
As I used to be
Finding new places
Where I can shake free

From fear and pain
It's clearer to see
Though the mist and murk
Weighed heavy on me

I know I can push
And eventually
Above the dark clouds
A fine filigree

Of a bright clear light
Where I do agree
All is so serene
Much more problem free

Love you so much
Beloved sons
Treasured Mum

Go outside

Tuesday 31st January 

Go outside
Watch the tide ebb and flow
Breathe deeply
Measured steps, softly slow
Follow seabirds
As they fly to and fro
Observe surroundings
Take note of nature's show
If you don't see
Then you'll never know
Inhabit the now
To be here tomorrow

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
An empty Porthmeor Beach this afternoon
Blustery and cold
Less windy in the harbour
Wrapped up warm

A new perspective

Monday 30th January 

A new perspective
Could be effective
A little reflective
To be objective
And quite selective

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum
Porthmeor Beach
The Island
Low tide in the harbour
A squirrel in Trewyn Gardens

Small steps, baby steps

Sunday 29th January 

Small steps, baby steps
Steps in the right direction
That is what matters
Yet upon reaching an intersection
Left, right, back, forwards?
Which way for self-protection?
Weigh up all the odds
Stop; take time for reflection
May not be easy
Make it work without objection
No one else can choose
That crucial task of selection

Love you so much
Precious sons
Beloved Mum


Saturday 28th January 

The air is still
Where all is quiet
Thoughts gently spill
Floating like mist
Caught in a slight chill
Slowly spiralling
Through trees, downhill
To mask the struggle
Take a white pill
Breathe in deeply
Believe in my will
Retreat for a while
All is tranquil

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum

And every night

Friday 27th January 

And every night
I'll seek your presence
In the universe
A rare luminescence

Searching for signs
And subtle essence
The way of the stars
A point reference

Love you so much
Treasured sons
Beloved Mum
St Ives harbour this afternoon