Wednesday 14th November


Back home again, finally

After being together, happily

Sharing days as family

Precious moments, thankfully

‘Though time passed so speedily


And every step of the way

You were with us each day

Beneath the warm sun’s ray

Enjoying a foreign holiday

With angels you do play


Love you sweetie

Miss you forever

Precious Angel son


Driving home through Somerset

Some leaves still on the trees, but many turning golden brown

The ‘nearly there’ trees, on the border between Devon and Cornwall

Frank’s carnations still looking fresh

Almost all the leaves have fallen

Bright flashes of colour


Homeward journey


Tuesday 13th November


Homeward journey begins

Our short holiday does end

Saying goodbye to

Luke and girlfriend


Time went fast

The trip was short

To see how they’re doing

All’s good to report


Through the countryside

Towards Lisbon

The sun shines down

On everyone


A little free time

To wander around

Then off to the airport

Flying north bound


And you’d have fun

My darling Angel son

Heavenly loved one

Now forever young



Waving goodbye to Luke and Ana

Portuguese town hall

Portuguese church

Crossing the 25 April Bridge into Lisbon

Inside Centro Vasco da Gama

Nations Park

Looking back towards Vasco da Gama

Homen Sol statue

A funky blue man

Flags of Nations

Warm and sunny

Homen Sol again

Christmas decorations

Four floors of shops, cafés, bars and restaurants with views over the River Tagus

Our last full day


Monday 12th November


Our last full day

The sun comes out to play

Blue skies chasing away the grey

Really wish we could stay


Enjoying the warmth while we may

Off down a narrow alleyway

Drinks at a pavement café

Tourists on their holiday


What would you say?

Your intentions to convey

Your want for ice cream or sorbet

Delivered without any further delay


Just because you’ve gone away

You’re with us now and everyday

Though my heart does heavy weigh

Memories with love, replay


Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

Forever and ever


Precious Angel son


The view of the River Guadiana this morning

Parque de Castelar

Plaza Soledad and the Giralda

Narrow streets and colourful buildings

Retablo de Jesús de la Espina… Altarpiece of Jesus of the Thorn

Plaza Alta in the afternoon sun

Few people about

The Convent of the Adorers

Another narrow walkway

Interesting balconies and wrought ironwork

A colourful abode

Calle San Juan

Cathedral tower

The view to the River Guadiana after sunset



Sunday 11th November


A Sunday for families

Church then socialising

Generations together

Happy thoughts, vocalising


A medieval market

Olivenza old town

Out-door museum

Wandering up and down


Music and food

Tantalising the senses

Castle and keep

Historical defences


Again, you were here

With us all day long

Enjoying the day

Caught up in the throng


Love you

Miss you


Angel son



Held up in traffic by the Elvas to Badajoz half marathon

Inside a small local bar in Badajoz

The walls of the old city of Olivenza

Luke and flamenco dancers

A statue in the Plaza Santa Maria

Archway through to the museum

Ancient artifacts

Plaza Santa Maria

The Homage Tower, or keep, begun in 1488, 37 metres tall

Parroquia De Santa María Del Castillo

Beautiful archway

Wandering around the old town of Olivenza

Outdoor museum displays

A colourful scene today: tapas, music, street entertainers

Old artillery

Medieval weaponry

Swords and shields


The real thing, not reproductions

Medieval food

A noisy samba band

A huge, circular barbecue

Almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sweetly honey-coated

Later on, a pretty sky

Vodka caramel shots following lunch

A splendid Rioja

Cloudy and grey


Saturday 10th November


Cloudy and grey

With a little rain

Off to explore

Driving out of Spain


A Portuguese town

Castle on the hill

Ancient buildings

Where time stands still


Homes in disrepair

Old dogs barking

A Shetland pony

Near the car parking


Stopping for a coffee

In the old town’s jail

Inside these walls

There’d be many a tale


Roads and pavements

Most buildings too

Are made of marble

And Queen Isabel’s statue


Lovely spending time

Amongst our family

Talking and laughing

Together so happily


And you were here too

Running everywhere

Exploring and wandering

Out in the fresh air


Love you poppet

Missing you like crazy

My dearest darling

Precious Angel baby



A very friendly Shetland pony

One third the height of Luke

Free to roam and eat the grass

Many derelict buildings

Roads leading to the castle

Through the old city gates

Quite windy and starting to rain

A facade without rooms and ceiling

Estremoz Castle, with a medieval tower made of marble

The old city square, with castle, church and chapel

Statue of the Queen Santa Isabel

Chapel entrance

Old road and walls made of marble

Seated in the 16th century jail

Bars on all the windows

Heavy metal door and keys to the jail

Walking back down to the car

The sun came out for our journey home

You’ll be with me


Friday 9th November


Thought I’d have

The rest of my life with you

Instead you had

All of your life with me


Forever and always

You’ll be with me

My darling Angel son


A sunny morning walk to breakfast

Plaza San Francisco

Sitting in the sun, people watching

Parque de Castelar

Many shades of green

All would be well


Thursday 8th November


Missing you so much

With every single beat

Of my broken heart

My darling, my sweet


It was a bit grey today

Cooler with some rain

Walking round the shops

You’d never complain


As long as you stopped

For a drink and bite to eat

All would be well

Quite happy and upbeat


Love you sweetie

Precious Angel son

Forever and always

Though your life’s done



The alien, jellyfish, colour-changing fountain in the shopping centre

Lovely to look at, but so noisy

Outside in the sun

Badajoz castle

Above the old city walls

A very heavy rainstorm approaching

Watery clouds with the sun behind

A wet, golden skyline

Clearer skies as the sun sets

You’re always near


Wednesday 7th November


Strolling, sauntering

Meandering, wandering

Exploring, rambling

Roaming, venturing


The streets and alleyways

Of Badajoz city

A coffee and cake here

A beer and olives there


And we were wondering

How you would fare

Seeking out shops

Selling books and comics


You wouldn’t get lost

You’d find your way back

Great sense of direction

Always had the knack


And you are here

Dear Frankie Angel Bear

Travelling together

You’re always near


Love you forever

Forget you never


Plaza de Minayo and the Performing Arts Theatre

Christmas themed horticulture

A sunny corner of Plaza San Francisco

Amazingly tall palm trees in Parque de Castelar

El Alma de Genio restaurant

Edificio de la Giralda

Beautiful balconies, wrought ironwork, tiles, copper vases, and the god Mercury atop the highest spire

Calle San Juan

Plaza de España

Christmas tree outside the cathedral

Plaza de Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes

Trees laden with oranges

An ice cold beer with Frankie Angel Bear in Plaza San Francisco

Sun going down, and the sky filling up with plane vapour trails

Plaza San Francisco

Gates to the Parque de Castelar

Sunset over the Guadiana River

Pretty colours in the sky

A rich and rosy glow

Hugs and kisses


Tuesday 6th November


An obscenely early alarm

For breakfast to sustain

Taxi to the coach station

Just over two hours to Spain


Row upon row of vines

Cork and olive trees too

Quite a scenic bus ride

With the sky a beautiful blue


Your brother and his girlfriend

Were waiting there to meet us

So good to see them again

Hugs and kisses, lots of fuss


You really would have liked

Travelling to new places

Different language, tasty food

Watching peoples’ faces


Although you can’t see

Everything we do

I’m sharing all of this

As if you’ve come along too


Blowing lots of kisses

My darling Angel son

Up in heaven above

You are forever young



Early morning sunrise in Lisbon

Aqueduto das Águas Livres, Lisbon

National Sanctuary of Christ the King

Cork trees

Marble Quarry at Estremoz


Large grain silo

Roman aqueduct at Elvas

Quite spectacular

Igreja de N. Senhora da Assunção (Antiga Sé de Elvas)

We stopped in the square in Elvas for a coffee

Badajoz, where Luke and Ana live



Monday 5th November


A flight across the Channel

Over the Bay of Biscay

An evening landing in Lisbon

To begin our Iberian holiday


You’ve come along too

Sweet Angel son

Travelling in my heart

Now forever young



The trees in the cemetery this morning

Travelling towards Bristol

A welcome beer at the airport