The chasm


Sunday 19th February

The day you went to heaven

Was when the chasm appeared

And I fell, tumbling down

A new future that I feared.


I’ll never stop grieving for you

Because my love won’t cease

So I’m stuck in the chasm

But I know you’re at peace.


Precious Angel son

With me always


Thank you


Saturday 18th February

Thank you for remembering my son

Thank you for saying his name

Please don’t think it’ll make me sad

Please don’t think it’ll cause me pain.


Please keep on mentioning him

Telling me all your recollections

He had so many adventures

Please keep him in your affections.


I really need you to speak his name

To acknowledge that he was once here

A massive part of all our lives

Leaving many memories so dear.


You can’t erase those thirty years

You won’t upset me by sharing stories

So shout his name loud and clear

Celebrate his life and all it’s glories.


My treasured Angel Frank

Love you so much

Missing you always


Low tide in the harbour

Bright and chilly

Beautiful blue sky

The struggle


Friday 17th February

No matter how hard the struggle

Or the difficulties to be faced

I’ll keep on talking about you

Someone who can’t be replaced.


That you’re not here, just hurts

It can’t be imagined, nor explained

These feelings will last forever

My heart will eternally be pained.


With each and every sad thought

Every single tear that does fall

Your sweet memory is brought to life

And there are so, so many to recall.


Loved you then

Love you still

Always have

Always will.


Beloved Angel son


The groundsmen had been strimming the lawn today

Much colder in the harbour this afternoon


Little monkey


Thursday 16th February

Sometimes you were a little monkey

You’d shout and scream, scratch and swear

You might become really frustrated

Kicking out and pulling my hair.


Challenging times required much patience

Reasoning and talking softly

Mostly you would understand

Other times you were downright naughty.


You were such a complex character

But it’s what gave you your charm

Funny, with a great sense of humour

Who’d never do anyone any harm.


My cheeky little Angel in heaven

How I wish you were still here

Getting up to lots of mischief

Making us smile and bringing cheer.


Love you to the moon and back

Sweetheart Angel son


The beach this afternoon (stylised by Google Photos)

You cheeky monkey

The harbour, with many half-term holidaymakers about

Never forget you 


Wednesday 15th February

I’ll never forget you, my Angel

My heart beats for you.


I’m thinking of you, my sweetie

My soul enfolds you.


You’ll never be alone, my darling

In my dreams I see you.


I’ll carry you constantly, my boy

My world belongs to you.


I miss you a lot today, young man

Even though you walk beside me.


And I will miss you, my son

Today, tomorrow, and every day.


My Precious Angel


Tuesday 14th February


To my precious Angel

In heaven above

On this day

I’m sending my love

Happy heavenly Valentine’s.


Beloved Angel son

Love you so very much

Missing you every day


We’re leaning against the railings, looking across the harbour



Monday 13th February

My precious Angel in the clouds

Sending so much love to you

Pieces of my heart remain broken

But memories try to act like glue

Holding pieces tightly together 

Making sure we’ll win through.


Moon and back

Beyond the stars

Forever and always

Beloved Angel son.


So final


Sunday 12th February


We didn’t know it was going to happen

No warnings.

We didn’t watch you deteriorate

So unexpected.

You didn’t ever complain at all

No signs.

We weren’t ready to let you go

Just heartbreaking.

We didn’t plan for this

So final.


Love you forever and always

Darling Angel son




Saturday 11th February

Every single morning I wish

I wish things had been different

That you didn’t have to leave so soon.


Every evening I miss you

“Night mum”, is heard no more

But I know you’ll be in my dreams.


Everyday I find myself looking for you

So, wherever you may be

Know that I am right there, with you.


Love you to the moon and back

Darling Angel son


Dear and sweet 


Friday 10th February

My precious son, dear and sweet

Dancing now with Angel feet

Flying high with feathered wings

With a voice that heavenly sings

Painting with colours all aglow

Filling skies with a bright rainbow

On fluffy clouds you lay your head

Wish you were here with me instead.


Love you

Miss you