Cobbled streets


Wednesday 18th July


The cobbled streets of old

Filled with stories to be told

Many tireless footsteps trod

With many shoes to be shod

Down the lane, or up the hill

Hanging baskets, standing still

Quiet moment of reflection

Sunny view of perfection

You’d go walking here and there

Lost in a world, without care

Happy days and innocence

But life has lost its permanence


Missing my boy

Darling Angel son


Sunny harbour

Bunkers Hill



Tuesday 17th July


Said goodbye to younger son

Flying back to Portugal and Spain

One week has passed so quickly

But so lovely to see him again


He came along to see you

Standing quietly, reminiscing

Did you know that he was there?

Looking back and wishing


We really do miss you so much

My dearest, darling Angel son

Sleep tight, fly high, shine bright

At peace, now forever young



Waiting at Newquay Airport to board

Saying goodbye

On the plane to Faro, a last wave

Creating memories without you


Sunday 15th July


Creating memories without you

But bringing you along, all the same

I know you’re not physically here

But it does help to soften the pain


So I’m talking to, and about you

Letting you know what’s going on

I just have to keep remembering

Because I really don’t want you gone


Left with a lifetime of speculation

Wondering how you’d develop

Who you’d be, and what you’d do

With so much love enveloped


And yet, I can only imagine

Just who you would have been

So you’ll exist in my heart forever

The perfect angel, at peace, serene


My sweetheart

Angel son


Towards the Island

Surf school is busy

Family football fun

Only a thought away


Saturday 14th July


Only a thought away

Just a whisper

A memory



And there you are

Back to life

Right here



My beloved Angel son

Within my heart

So special



It makes me smile

Thoughts of you

Precious gift




The harbour

Blue skies, day after day

A shaded bench in Trewyn Gardens



Friday 13th July


I do wish you were here

And I could see your face

Hear your voice and laughter

Hold you in a tight embrace


You’d come out for dinner

With brother, aunt and niece

So much giggling together

The fun would never cease


Missing you so much

Darling Angel son


Nan and your brother xxx

Triple chocolate martini

Coco coco cocktail

The harbour, just before sunset

The view walking home after dinner

Late last night


Wednesday 11th July


It was late last night

At twenty past ten

Knocking on the door

Just look who’s here, then


Your brother, from Spain

Flown in to Newquay

A great big surprise

We’d have to agree


A weekend wedding

Of an old school mate

A week spent with us

Is going to be great


I think you’d be cross

Turning up like that

Not letting us know

No message or chat


You’d grumble and groan

Although secretly

You’d be having fun

Enjoy his company


Just wish you were here

Brothers together

Making memories

Happy forever


Love you sweetie

Precious Angel son


Your brother having a drink with us this afternoon

Darkening clouds, but still muggy warm

Seagulls having a rest

Feel our love


Monday 9th July


A precious life is missing

From our world gone forever

Now you’re resting with angels

And we will forget you never


You always were so full of fun

A cheeky word, a grinning smile

You had so many adventures

Whilst on earth for a short while


Now your soul’s at heavenly peace

As you look down from above

When we look to the skies for you

Here’s hoping you can feel our love


My darling Angel son


Porthmeor looking like the Caribbean

So busy in the harbour