Happy birthday darling boy 


Thursday 18th January 


Happy birthday darling boy

Wish I could tell you face to face 

But that can now never be 

Since you flew to that heavenly place


Three birthdays spent without us

Since an angel you became

Up there, beyond the clouds 

Our lives are now just not the same 


So many memories left behind 

So much fun, love and laughter

You filled our house with so much joy

Now there’s silence forever after 


Today you would be thirty three 

With many plans yet to fulfill 

You had so much to live for 

Now everything seems to stand still


So, many happy returns dear Frank 

I hold you safely within my heart

That is where you’re going to stay

Making sure we are never apart 



A Care Bear for cuddles xxx



Tuesday 16th January 


Hidden behind my smile is pain

Beneath the laughter is sorrow again

Sunshine’s warm, but I feel the rain 

Think I’m normal, verging on insane


You’re in heaven, but here I remain 

The grief I feel I can’t explain 

This is me, walking new terrain

Multiple emotions to entertain


Missing you sweetheart 

Loving you forever 

Precious Angel son 


Teasels and pampas grass

Blustery winds today

Trees in the cemetery

No matter what 


Monday 15th January 


No matter what

Memories can’t be changed

No matter what 

Memories can’t be replaced 

No matter what 

Memories will be treasured

No matter what 

Memories will be protected 


Love you forever 

To the moon and back 

Beyond the stars 

Around the world 


Catching waves 


Sunday 14th January 


Watching surfers catching waves

Thoughts drifting over the ocean

Sensing you’re out there somewhere

Moving with a laconic motion

Rising and falling upon the swells

As my heart beats with devotion


Love you sweetheart 

Beloved Angel son 


Porthmeor Beach surfers this afternoon

A little late afternoon sun

A good swell



Friday 12th January 


I want it to be ok

But it never will be

I want things to be how they were

But that won’t happen 

I want my boy back

Yet he’s gone


My love for you carries on endlessly 

Your memories will always be 

Such a great big part of me

Your life-story’s legacy


Love you forever 

Precious Angel son 


A grey afternoon

Choppy and breezy in the harbour



Wednesday 10th January 


Hope you’re not becoming bored

With me writing about you 

All the poems and the prose

That are dedicated to you? 


It’s my way of remembering 

Each and everything you did

My thoughts and our adventures 

Shan’t let those moments be hid


Love you forever 

My darling Angel son 

Forgotten never

Though your life is done 



Walking down the hill to the beach

A number of surfers enjoying the waves

Sparkly, hazy sun over the harbour

Red roses 2


Tuesday 9th January 


Red roses and a sky so blue

Makes me smile as I think of you

Red roses and the sky so grey

Makes me think of all you’d say


Red roses in the sparkling sun

Makes me remember you my son

Red roses twinkling with raindrops

Makes my face run with wet teardrops 


Red roses with petals folded tight

Makes me exhale with such delight

Red roses with thorns so sharp

Makes me hear sounds from a harp


To the moon and back 

Beyond the stars

Around the world 

Sweetheart Angel son