A crack in the clouds

Wednesday 19th January 

A crack in the clouds
Let some light through
A dancing sunbeam
That I knew was you

I saw this yesterday
The day of your birthday
A celestial ray
As if you'd come to play

Love you both so much
Precious sons
Almost as if you were shining a torch

Thirty seven

Tuesday 18th January 

Thirty seven years old
That's what you'd be today
But cancer and the angels
Took your sweet life away

The adventures yet to have
So much more to live forn
Who really, really knows
What would've been in store?

Holidays and travelling
You loved the preparation
Wanting the itinerary
For each and every vacation

Happiness and laughter
Fun and games were had by all
But so unexpectedly
You answered Heaven's call

Seven birthdays we've now missed
Sharing the good times with you
Above clouds is where you fly
Across the endless skies of blue

Sending love and hugs your way
As we think of you with love
Happiest of birthdays my darling
Hope you're partying up above

No matter how long
As memories replay
It will always seem
Like yesterday

Thinking of you daily
And loving you greatly
Missing you like crazy
My darling Angel baby


Blue Monday

Monday 17th January

Blue Monday
Blue sighs
Blue mood
Blue skies

The saddest day of the year?
I know that you're not here
But when the sky's so clear
I can feel you standing near

Love you both so much
My darling sons

Fracturing and shattering

Sunday 16th January 

Fracturing and shattering
Rebuilding and repairing
Rollercoaster of emotions
As the heart is declaring
Experiences without you
Those new memories sharing

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
Sunny St Ives this morning


Thursday 13th January 

Falling into the background
Into a whirlpool, drowned

Fading into dark shadows
Where all life gently froze

Invisibly breaking
The earth beneath, shaking

Feel like hibernating
Days of summer, waiting

But I know, there above me
All my struggles you see

You're there when I need you
Caring for all I do

Love you both so much
Treasured sons


Wednesday 12th January 

Time to look at the stars
Re-read all the memoirs
Making the moment ours
During those midnight hours

Love you both so much
Beloved sons


Monday 10th January 

The welcoming Cornish mist!
That familiar grey landscape!
We're just so very thankful
For our great Spanish escape

Love you both so much
My darling sons
The ‘Nearly there trees’
Moody skies driving home