I know you’re safe and sound


Sunday 28th August

My darling Angel son

Been thinking of you today

Always on my mind

And forever in my heart.


The memories will never fade

Such a big personality

Full of fun and mischief

Always keeping us on our toes.


So, nighty night sweetheart

Lay your head upon the clouds

Way up there in heaven

I know you’re safe and sound.


Love you forever


Grey and misty today

Staying strong


Saturday 27th August

Staying strong is what I do

Staying strong is what you see

But deep down, behind the mask

The pain is slowly consuming me.


Holding onto the good is what I do

Holding onto the good is what you see

With so many wonderful memories

My precious Angel is now flying free.


Never falling apart is what I do

Never falling apart is what you see

Even though my heart is broken

I know in heaven you’re pain-free.


Love you forever sweetheart

Even though we’re far apart.

Missing you like crazy

Precious Angel baby.


Busy harbour this afternoon

I love you


Friday 26th August

I love you like I love you.


Loved you yesterday, love you still

Always have, always will.

I love you today, tomorrow, forever.


I love you to the moon and back,

Around the planets and all the stars.


I just love you, plain and simple.


I love you, Angel son.

High tide in the harbour this morning

Harbour Town


Thursday 25th August

In past times, towards the end of August, we would normally be on our way back north from Florida, stopping off at Hilton Head Island. 

On this day, three years ago we spent the afternoon at Harbourtown; you, me and Dad. We played on the tree swing, sat in rocking chairs, climbed to the top of the lighthouse, ate ice cream, wandered through the shops and looked at all the boats in the marina.

The tree swing ~ a relaxing place in the shade

The top of the lighthouse has fabulous views

Flags and rocking chairs; reading among the gnarly trees

Would that we were all sitting on those chairs, right now, enjoying our ice creams. That would be just perfect.

If I close my eyes

You’re there with us

Smiling, chatting, laughing

Asking for money to buy another book

Walking, exploring, content

You’re there with us

If I close my eyes.


Love you forever, my Angel.

Sweetheart, precious son.


I’ll never stop missing you


Wednesday 24th August

I’ll never stop missing you

The pain will last forever

Sometimes close to the surface

Sometimes buried wherever.


Wish I could see your smiling face

Without closing my eyes and dreaming

Wish I could hear your happy voice

Without loading a video for screening.


So, I’ll never stop missing you

I’ll never stop loving you

And I’ll never, ever forget

Everything we’ve been through.


My dearest, darling Angel son.



Just for a little moment


Tuesday 23rd August

Just for a little moment

I thought you were still here

Wandering across the beach

That you would just appear.


Just for a little moment

I thought I heard your laugh

But all I can do is smile

As I look at your photograph.


Just for a little moment

I thought I felt your touch

With arms wrapped around

Saying “I love you so much”.


Just for a little moment

I felt your presence close by

And I know you’re telling me

“I’m with you, please don’t cry”.


Missing you, my Angel.


Very busy beach again

Windy City


Monday 22nd August

In 2004 we made a detour from our usual holiday on the east coast of America. My brother and his wife had a fabulous apartment on Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, and we decided to spend a week in the windy city exploring a very different holiday destination.

Shopping, eating, drinking, museums, the L, parks, beaches, bridges, air shows: Chicago was amazing, and we had a busy, fun-filled week.

You on my brother’s yacht during the Air and Water Show

22.8.2004 Sliding along like a seal (with brown arms and a white body)

I remember  we drove up to Gurnee, and spent the day at Six Flags Great America; you both enjoyed the large wooden rollercoaster called American Eagle, and the insanely twisting Vertical Velocity.

You and your brother exiting yet another thrilling rollercoaster ride

We also spent time at Oak Street Beach, people watching and relaxing, having a snack and a welcome cold drink.

You and I, having a cold drink at a beach café

We did have fun, didn’t we? Experiencing so many different excursions and adventures. You were both so lucky, and we were lucky enough too, to be able to share good times with you.

We tried hard to show you the world, meet new people, eat different foods, look at modern architecture, observe unfamiliar scenery, to place you amongst a different culture: all to expand your education and knowledge. And to have fun all the while.

And we did have fun, didn’t we?

And now, so, so many wonderful memories to look back upon. How I wish it were not so, that you were still here, able to keep on holidaying with us.

We miss you so much my darling.

Love you forever my precious Angel son.


Low tide at the beach this afternoon

Fun for Frank


Sunday 21st August

Three years ago we visited Universal Studios and Frank enjoyed the new Simpson’s carousel ride: “Kang & Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl”. 

Not his usual white-knuckle, scary, adrenaline-rushing ride, but something a little different, a bit of childish fun; a new experience for him.

The ride had actually only been showcased ten days previously, so Frank was one of the first to try it out. 

He had a lot of fun, and it was wonderful to see him having such a good time. 

We also had short queues for the old favourites of ‘Men in Black’ and ‘Revenge of the Mummy’ rides too. 

‘Men in Black ~ Alien Attack’ never fails to bring out the competitiveness in us, as we shoot as many space creatures as possible

‘The Revenge of the Mummy’ ride, full of exciting special effects, twists and turns, and fast-paced action


In the theme park of heaven

Are you riding rollercoasters?

Laughing, smiling with delight

Up there, sparkling in the night.

Missing you, my fun-loving son

Now you’ll be forever young.


Precious Angel


I’ll keep remembering


Saturday 20th August

I love you, and I’m missing you

Wish you were here right now.

I can’t stop thinking about you

I’ll keep remembering, I vow.

Saying your name, my heart smiles

I’m full of pain, but still standing.

Keeping you alive in my heart

With memories of you; enchanting.


My sweetheart Angel baby


Summer grey

I love you both


Friday 19th August


One in heaven

One on earth

My two sons.


One is there

One is here

My two boys.


One an Angel

One alive

My children.


One with wings

One still breathing

My two lads.


One a memory

One still making memories

My young men. 


I love you both

Always have

Always will.



Lamorna; Spring 1990; your brother, me and you

Spring 1990; Newquay Zoo; you, me and your brother