Saturday 24th June


Boats in the harbour

All rocking gently

Sunshine reflections

Twinkling a’plenty


Competitors run

Then swim to shore

Annual Biathlon

Takes a hour or more


Twenty years ago

Your brother took part

A surf life saver

Super strong and smart


You would like to watch

The swimmers return

And joining in with

The applause they’d earn


Wish you’d been here this evening sweetie

Missing you

Love you


Late evening sunshine

Swimmers must negotiate all the boats to reach the slip

Harbour panorama

Groups of swimmers entering the harbour



Friday 23rd June


Wispy clouds stretch across the sky

Ethereal qualities floating by

Seemingly apart from the real world

White cirrus, though transient curled


My darling little Angel

Flying beyond the clouds

Up there in the beautiful blue

I’m always, always missing you.


Your beautiful yellow sunflower

A big blue sky

Waves of clouds overhead
Man’s Head

Big clouds looming over the harbour

Harbour panorama



Thursday 22nd June


Sending sparkles to light the dark

Imparting love to keep you warm

Blowing many kisses to heaven

With Angels to calm the storm


Missing you sweetie

As always

Precious Angel son


Sunflowers growing for you

You wanted to grow the ‘biggest sunflower in the world”

They remind me so much of you

High tide in the harbour

Cooler today

Not as many people on the beach

I close my eyes


Wednesday 21st June


When the heat haze rolls in

Or sea mist covers the land

I close my eyes, think of you

As if I’m holding your hand.

When the clouds clear the sky

And the day’s heat is gone

I close my eyes, think of you

Those memories linger on.

When the stars twinkle bright

And the moon’s in full glow

I close my eyes, think of you

Kisses to heaven I blow.


Love you forever

Beloved Angel son


Heat haze/sea mist enveloping the Island this afternoon

A fog bank on the horizon

Light and love


Tuesday 20th June


Your light and love

Will always shine

Deep in my heart

Angel of mine.


Miss you sweetheart

Love you forever

Darling Angel son


Hot and hazy at the beach

Holidaymakers enjoying the sunshine

Harbour at high tide ~ not much beach left

Quite surprised


Monday 19th June


Was quite surprised today

When we went to visit Nan

Sitting up at the table

Smiling, as only she can.

Still in a bit of pain

But up, and out of her bed

Enjoying curry and rice

I helped her as she fed.

Wish you were here to see

Your Nan’s recuperation

With cuddles and kisses

You’d show your adoration.


Missing you like crazy

My darling Angel baby


Another beautiful day 

Hazy clouds above the harbour

Missing you on this sunny day


Sunday 18th June


Missing you on this sunny day

Pack a picnic, go out and play.

Down to the beach, toes in the sand

Running​ to the sea, hand in hand.

Fizzy drinks and eating ice cream

Wearing hats, applying sunscreen.

Finding shade and reading a book

With smiling eyes, a knowing look.

My little beach baby Angel

Dancing over waves, so graceful.


Love you sweetheart


Panorama of Porthmeor Beach

Such a beautiful blue sky day

Warm and sunny in the harbour too

Falmouth and a Nan update


Saturday 17th June


Such a wonderful morning to wake up to: sunrise about five o’clock, and the blackbird singing away merrily.

We had decided to go to Falmouth super early to grab a parking space, in order to meet up with Dad’s sister and husband, who were performing in Europe’s largest Sea Shanty Festival.

As it was, we arrived just before eight thirty, to an almost empty car park. Oh well, we were able to have a morning wander, with the streets quiet, shops not yet open, and the sea sparkling in the sunshine. We did though find a great place for coffee and toast, with big, comfy, leather sofas. You would have chosen breakfast pancakes from the menu, then happily wandered off to browse the book shops, meeting up later. This would have been a great time of day for you: no crowds or noise.

Following breakfast, we walked the length of the high street, along the pier, then back again, before the morning parade began, led by Betty Stogs. Not sure what you would have made of him.

Having met up with Dad’s sister and her husband, we watched some of the performers as they​ marched through the square, then browsed the various marquees, and spent a quiet lunch on their boat that was moored in the marina.

Later, we rejoined the crowds and listened to groups of sea shanty singers. The Wareham Whalers, The Longest Johns, Bamaluz Bootleggers, The Oggy Men, The Barnacle Bouys were a few of the many, many performers today: some sang in pubs, some in the street, inside shops or on outside stages. (The festival lasts for three days, from late morning through to the evening, but I’m not sure you could experience every single form of entertainment on offer ~ twenty four venues with over sixty singing groups).

Having spent almost eight hours in the brilliant sunshine in the town, it was time to leave the partying revellers still going strong. We drove to the hospital to check on your Nan following her hip operation yesterday. You would be pleased to know she is fine, a bit groggy, but certainly feeling less pain than before. The operation went well, and she had a comfortable night. Nan is in a bright and sunny ward, next to a window, overlooking gardens; all the patients are ‘Old Dearies’, as you would call little old ladies. 

You were with us all day sweetie, I know you were. 

But we do so miss your actual presence, your voice, your laughter, the things you’d say and do, your quirkiness and unpredictability.

We just miss you. So, so much.

Blowing kisses to heaven.


Dearie, dearie me


Friday 16th June


Nan was taken into hospital last night just after 7pm following a fall in her room at the care home.

After spending six hours in A and E she arrived on the Trauma Ward at 2am, having been diagnosed with an intertrochanteric neck of femur fracture: she had broken her hip.

We visited her this afternoon, and she was ok, a bit confused, and at first refused to acknowledge that she needed an operation to fix her hip. She just wanted to go home, and go to bed. After much talk and reassurance, she has come round to the fact that the procedure will be necessary to remove the incessant pain.

She has two wonderful doctors looking after her: an orthopedic consultant and a geriatrician. I feel very confident with her care.

She was fourth on the theatre list, had already been hooked up to a saline drip, given intravenous paracetamol, and had been administered a nerve block in preparation. 

We stayed for about three hours; comforting, holding hands, and talking. She was scared, but then who wouldn’t be?

As of seven o’clock this evening, she has had the operation, been through recovery, and is on her way back to the ward. I was told to ring back at eight for an update. Half an hour to wait……

So my darling, that has been our day. I think you would have given Nan a gentle hug and a big kiss. You did spend a lot of time together, reading stories, playing board games or cards. You loved your Nan, and she loved you.

And I love you too. So very much.

And I miss you, more than words can say.

Treasured Angel son.