Gently slumbering


Wednesday 16th September


No preparation

Left wondering

So unexpected

Now suffering

So many questions

Need answering

Many, many memories

So comforting

The life you left

Now honouring

In your heaven

Gently slumbering


Sweetie pie

Soaring high

Off you fly

In the sky


Darling Angel son


Another foggy, misty day

Mist and fog


Tuesday 15th September


Mist and fog

Like my brain

Waiting for it

To clear again


Love you sweetheart

Treasured Angel son



Angel’s trumpets, seen walking down Porthmeor Hill

So misty today

The Island and Chapel have disappeared from view

Hardy holidaymaker making sure to enjoy the beach

A dull afternoon in the harbour

Feels like summer


Saturday 12th September


Feels like summer

With clear blue skies

Children playing

The seagull cries

Queues for ice-cream

Fish with french fries

The self drive boats

Will not capsize

Shops selling gifts

To tantalise

The souvenirs

They advertise

Buckets and spades

All beach supplies

Memories made

Oh how time flies


Thinking of you

My darling Angel son




This afternoon, St. Ives harbour

High tide this morning

Warm and sunny on Porthmeor Beach

Much quieter now

Still many in the sea, having fun

Lifeguards keeping a watchful eye on the swimmers

The harbour was busy this afternoon

A gorgeous day



Friday 11th September


Losing sense of time

Spinning on a dime

What is it, that’s mine?

Am I out of line?

A maelstrom of grime

Obstacles to climb

Tangled, knotted twine

Contorting the spine

Wet, stinking slime

Wreaking heinous crime

Drowning in dense brine

Letting out a whine

A nightmare sublime

Perfect pantomime


Thinking of you sweetie

Beloved Angel son


The essence of your loss


Tuesday 8th September


The essence of your loss

Is all around, everywhere

Nothing is as it was

But you left memories to share


Missing you poppet

Darling Angel son


Porthmeor Beach this afternoon

Such a warm September day

The lifeguards are still on duty

Low tide in the harbour

Kitty’s Corner