I remember that you lived


Monday 3rd December


I remember that you lived

Every single day

Someone who can’t be forgotten

Memories here to stay


Your life had a purpose

A big part of our family

Now your star shines bright

Twinkling in the galaxy


Love you forever

My precious Starman

Ever since your

Heavenly journey began



The sky this morning, with clouds chasing across the tree tops

I do miss you


Sunday 2nd December


I’m not moving on

I’m going on

There’s a difference


Keeping it together




Falling apart

But holding on

No choice


A smile masks

What lies beneath

My grief…….


I do miss you sweetie

Especially this time of year

Precious Angel son


Drizzly, mizzly Porthmeor Beach

Swirling waves

December the first


Saturday 1st December


December the first

Advent calendar day

You’d eat them all at once

“Wasn’t me” you’d say


All chocolatey-chops

Trying hard not to laugh

“But they were all for me”

You didn’t do things by half


With a cheeky grin

Pretending innocence

“They’ve been magicked away”

Hmmmm, such a coincidence


No standing on ceremony

No niceties

You knew your own mind

You do as you’d please


Missing you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son