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Your smile does brighten


Monday 30th April


Beyond the white clouds

Over the blue horizon

Beneath the sunbeams

Your smile does brighten

A cool, blustery day

With a wind-whipped swell

Where sea-dipping gulls

On the edge do dwell


Love you sweetheart

Precious Angel son


Towards Clodgy, choppy seas

Bright, but bitter

Few on the sand in the cold wind

Low tide in the harbour

Quiet time


Sunday 29th April


Such a peaceful, quiet time

Thinking about my Angel

So much to reflect upon

To your memory I’ll stay faithful


Always and forever

Moon and back

Son and Angel


Porthmeor with a cold North Easterly wind

Not many venturing into the sea

Choppy harbour

Warmer in the corner

Too rough for the pleasure boats



Saturday 28th April


Sometimes our paths in life

Take us to places

We never dreamt we’d go

Unexpected spaces

Not on our travel list

No time to pack suitcases

A long, lonely road

With no smiling faces

Grief is carried forever

But mem’ries leave traces

That soften the blows

Within Angel embraces


Love you poppet

Darling Angel son


Angel voice


Friday 27th April


I thought I heard your angel voice

Come whispering over the ocean


Rolling in on the blue-green swell

Filled with much love and emotion


Remembering your cheeky words

Bringing such smiles of devotion


It is my heart that strains to listen

As the waves break in slow motion


Love you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


A grey afternoon in St. Ives

Waves breaking on the slipway

I was caught out, and got wet!

Back home again


Thursday 26th April


Safely back home again

After two weeks away

The weather’s not so good

But be that as it may

We’ve had such a good time

With your brother each day

Adventures, exploring

We would have liked to stay

But he goes back to work

So ends our holiday

Always thinking of you

Upon the clouds you lay

My darling Angel son

A sparkling, sunshine ray



Driving home

The countryside looks so green

Your flowers still going strong

Frankie Angel Bear was waiting for me when I arrived home (made by Cubbies Guardian Angel Bears)

Leisurely Lisbon


Wednesday 25th April


Leisurely Lisbon

Morning meanderings

Capital coffee

Wistful wanderings

Managing Metro

Twisty turnings

Summer sunshine

Required returnings

Hastening home

Weather worsening


And home you come with us

My darling Angel son


Lisbon Metro art

Black and white caricatures on the Metro walls

Figures from modern Portugal’s history

River Tagus and the Vasco de Gama bridge

The sun man, outside the Vasco de Gama Centre

Location of the Eurovision Song Contest, next month

Feira Internacional de Lisboa ~ the Expo centre

Looking towards the Vasco de Gama Centre

Park of Nations

Fountain at Alameda dos Oceanos

The two of us

Looking through to Oriente station from Vasco de Gama

Leafy shadows at Alameda dos Oceanos

Outside the Expo Centre

Fabulous mosaic art at the Metro

The Metro from Aeropuerto to Oriente

On our way


Tuesday 24th April


On our way to Portugal

Almost three hours on the coach

Driving through the countryside

Towards Lisbon we approach


Rows of vines, olive and cork trees

Pepper the verdant, rolling hills

They’re as far as the eye can see

Also marble quarries and windmills


Ten days in Spain comes to an end

Wonderful, relaxing break

Being looked after by our son

So many memories to make


Thinking of you sweetie

Love you forever

Missing you always

Forgotten never



Breakfast by the river

Bridge of Palms over the Guadiana River

The palms

Luke off to work

Graffiti in Evora, Portugal…. Liberdade

Viaduct as we approach Lisbon

Old gnarly tree

Final, full day


Monday 23rd April


Our final, full day

In Badajoz, Spain

Such a super time

We’ll be back again


Luke teaching today

But time for some beers

When lessons are over

Everyone says “Cheers”


Frank was always near

When we’re on holiday

Having fun together

In his own sweet way


Love and miss you poppet

Sweetheart Angel son

Never far from my thoughts

Now forever young



Blue skies and decorative ceramics

Tiled seating

Fountains and bandstand in San Francisco Square

Tiled depiction of an old bull fight

More narrow streets

Campo Maior


Sunday 22nd April


Searching for a coffee

In the warm morning rain

Slow and quiet, early start

Shops closed on Sunday in Spain


Then off to Portugal

A barbecue by the lake

Sun comes out, temperature climbs

The food and beer, just great


Such a pleasant afternoon

With cow bells gently tinkling

Honking geese, a crested lark warbles

The waves lapping and glistening


You would have enjoyed the barbecue, cooked by your brother…… pork skewers, sausages and chorizo, eaten with bread and olives.

Missing you sweetheart

Love you so much

To the moon and back

And a little bit more


Morning coffee

A quiet establishment

The lake, with grey skies when we arrived, at Campo Maior

Boulders and poppies

Growing anywhere

Enjoying lunch

Luke tending to his barbecue

Big, smooth boulders everywhere

Cows and bullocks on the opposite bank



Saturday 21st April


Most unusual

Today it rained

Beneath awnings

Safely contained


A family lunch

So much to eat

All sorts to drink

Desserts so sweet


Hours and hours

At the table

Trying to speak

Spanish so capable


Wish you were with us

Love you forever

Forget you never

Always together

Darling Angel son


Raining in the square

Reflections on the pavement

Tiled diorama