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Love you both


Sunday 30th April

Last night we collected you brother from the local airport: he flew in from Portugal, to stay with us for a week, and to attend a school pal’s wedding. It will be good to have him around for a while.

Wish it was as easy to collect you from heaven, so that you could spend time with all of us; all of us together again.

I wish. I hope. I dream.

And so it is with every breath I take in, with each heartbeat, for as long as I am alive, you will never be forgotten.

My two boys. One on earth. One in heaven.

Love you both, to the moon and back.


Blue skies, but a chilly wind

Boats in the harbour

You’re now in heaven


Saturday 29th April

Remembering​ times

Of love and laughter

You’re now in heaven

We’ll follow after.


An Angel set free

From those mortal chains

You’re now in heaven

But your soul remains.


You meant so much

To many people

You’re now in heaven

Living the sequel.


Love you forever

Missing you always

Treasured Angel son


Big, billowing clouds over the surfing beach

Harbour at low tide


You don’t see


Friday 28th April

My darling little Angel boy

A child who brought us so much joy

Missing you more than words can say

My heart loves you more each day

As you fly high, a star so bright

Lighting up the dark sky at night

I think about the memories

Adventures and discoveries

On the outside I seem carefree

But inside my head, you don’t see.


Love you to the moon and back

Round the houses and all the world.


Harbour at low tide this afternoon

Each evening



Thursday 27th April


Each evening I say ‘Goodnight’

To your happy, smiling face

The photograph next to me

Full of memories I embrace.


Each evening I dream of you

Rememb’ring all the good times

With so much fun and laughter

To heaven my Angel climbs. 


Each evening I halt the tears

But in the dark, none can see

I do try so very hard

To wish you were here with me.


Loved you then

Love you still

Always have

Always will.


Sweetheart Angel son.


7 7 7


Wednesday 26th April

It’s been seven hundred

And seventy seven days

Since I’ve heard your voice

Or seen your smiling gaze.


We miss you every day

Our darling Angel son

Love you more and more

Now you’re forever young.


Seven, seven, seven

Days you’ve been in heaven.



Pretty, but chilly in the harbour this afternoon



Tuesday 25th April

And so our Spanish/Portuguese holiday comes to an end. Waiting in the airport, where it 24°C outside, blue sky, and most pleasant, I check on the temperature at home ~ it is hailing, with a real feel temperature of 2°C. Oh. My. Goodness.

Don’t think you’d like the sudden drop in temperature my darling ~ far too chilly, compared to what we’re used to.

Safely home, sweetheart.

Love you always.

Precious Angel son.


A public holiday in Portugal today, with many shops shut

A few people out and about

A quiet cobbled street

In need of exterior painting, but pretty nonetheless

A final cold beer with Frankie Angel Bear, before heading off

Strange white sculptures just before the airport, all looking skyward




Monday 24th April


Between morning coffee and afternoon coffee we wandered and mooched, meandered and strolled, traipsed and sauntered and roamed the fabulous cobbled streets of Faro.

Our first stop was the Igreja do Carmo, a great example of the Algarve’s artistic heritage: woodcarvings, paintings and sculptures adorn the interior of the church. Then outside there is the Chapel of Bones built in the early 1800’s, where the bones and skulls adorning the walls and ceiling were taken from the adjoining cemetery.

I’m not sure of your thoughts on the chapel, my darling……. would you have found it too ghoulish, or would you have been quietly fascinated by the strange interior, and likened the place to Skeletor’s abode?? You did so like HeMan battling Skeletor for the power of GraySkull’s castle. I’m not really sure what you would have made of it at all. Wish you were here to talk to, and tell me.

Love you my Angel

Precious son


Morning coffee

Afternoon cappuccino and pastries

The Church Of The Venerável Ordem Terceira de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Fabulous altar

Inside the Chapel of Bones

Utterly fascinating, but scary at the same time

A strange mannequin looking over one of the shopping streets

Café street life

The sun’s going down

Sunset over the low tide marshes

A day in Portimão


Sunday 23rd April

We spent time after breakfast walking to the end of the pier to reach the lighthouse. It seems that many other people also do the same as part of their daily exercise.

Much of the town was cordoned off close to the marina, as the powerboat races were to be taking place. Having managed to find an elusive parking spot, we made our way to the River Arade and sat on the water’s edge with a great view of the F1 powerboats as they competed in the UIM F1 Campeonato Do Mundo, Grande Prémio de Portugal.

Later on, our son drove us to the train station where we caught the train to Faro, and he drove back to his home in Badajoz. 

It has been wonderful spending time with him and his girlfriend, traveling to many new places, eating some terrific food, and helping him to celebrate his thirtieth birthday.

How I wish you were here with us too. I think you would have had a blast.

Missing you poppet.

Treasured Angel son.


The view with breakfast

Interesting tile work

The long walk to the lighthouse

Dad and your brother

The lighthouse

Praia de Rocha

View from the top of the steps

Fortaleza de Santa Catarina

Dad in a doorway

Some of the F1 powerboats

Such a noisy craft, but exciting

Back to Portugal


Saturday 22nd April

We left Badajoz early this morning, and our son drove us three and a half hours south to Portimão in Portugal ~ the aim being to watch the F1 powerboat races. However, as it was far too windy, this afternoon’s qualifiers were cancelled. Never mind, we may get the chance tomorrow.

We walked along the main road, and then down onto the boardwalk of the beach, finding a decent looking restaurant, we stopped for a beer and something to eat.

Many volleyball matches were taking place in front of us, and people were jogging up and down, or off to the sea with their surfboards.

Later on we drove to Alvor, walked across wooden boardwalks to the ocean, found an outdoor bar to watch the sunset, then a tremendous fish restaurant for dinner, eating al fresco.

As always, thinking of you my darling

Beloved Angel son



Inside the old city walls of Beja

The fortification at the top of Beja

I think we went the wrong way down a one way street ~ we were tut-tutted at by a nun 🤔

Castelo do Arade

The beach at Portimão

My salad lunch

Son’s salad lunch

A monster in the sky

Fabulous aloe

Overlooking the beach at Portimão

Boardwalk to the beach at Alvor

Rippling sand


Younger son

Dad and I

The three of us

A cold beer

We like Super Bock

A pretty sunset

The sun about to disappear

Your brother looking pensive

Dad looking grumpy

Last day in Badajoz


Friday 21st April

Our last day in Badajoz was spent with our son and his girlfriend ~ shopping at the Corte Inglés, walking along the river, a lunch in a great restaurant in Portugal, and then drinks in the park.

Wishing, wishing so much you were here.

Jon Bon Jovi came on the car radio ~ “It’s my life”, and it reminded me so much of you.

Love you so much

Thinking of you always

Precious Angel son


Campo Mejor

Your brother

A lookout turret for archers

A walk beside the river

An avenue of gum trees

Gum tree trunk colours

A spiky thistle

Gum trees along the river bank

A view of the old walled city

The old city

And you joined us for drinks