Monthly Archives: March 2017

Guardian angel 


Friday 31st March



And all the days to come

I’ll send my love to heaven

‘Cos I’ll always be your mum.


The day before that

Ever since you gained your wings

I’ve sent my love to heaven

Where your guardian angel sings.


Miss you sweetie

Thinking of you

Blowing kisses to heaven


Were as they were


Thursday 30th March

My two wonderfully, contented boys

Way back in nineteen ninety five

Arm in arm, caring for each other

Wearing t-shirts from Tobago Dive

Such a happy and carefree time

Traveling the world, watching them thrive

Now wishing things were as they were

As one’s in heaven, and one’s alive 


Missing you sweetheart

 Beloved Angel son


Low tide and grey skies at the beach today

Sweet Starman


Wednesday 29th March

Fly high sweet Starman

On Angel wings you soar

Visit me in your dreams

I can hold you once more.


Let me know you’re there

I search for you everyday

Little signs you send me

To help me on my way.


Love you to the moon and back

Round the houses and all the stars

You are our precious, darling son

We’re left with wonderful memoirs.



Another grey and wet day

Rainy day


Tuesday 28th March

My darling rainy day Angel

Showering tears from heaven

I’m looking for sunshine and rainbows

Amidst the dark clouds of depression.


Missing you so much today.

Precious Angel son


Grey and drizzly in the harbour

Dark clouds bringing rain

Beautiful blue


Monday 27th March

If I’m staring up to the sky

It’s because I’m dreaming of you

Above the clouds you fly on high

Far above in the beautiful blue.


Love you to the moon and back

Sweetheart Angel son


New coats of paint on the decking; readying for Easter

Mother’s Day


Sunday 26th March

It’s Mother’s Day my darling

And you should be here to share

Going out for lunch and long walks

And showing that you care.


Little gifts or a pretty card

Sure you’ve hidden them somewhere

A sweet smile, your hand held in mine

A mother’s love is beyond compare.


Missing you today as always

Up in heaven I know you’re there

Dancing around on moonbeans 

And flying with wings through the air.


Beloved Angel son


Two years ago, Mother’s Day fell on the Sunday after you had gained your Angel wings. You’d already bought me a card and had arranged for flowers to be delivered; such a sweet child. I miss you so much my darling xxxxxx

Upon a cloud


Saturday 25th March

A warm and sunshiney day

The sky, bright blue not grey

Thinking of you, how you’d play

Jumping over waves and spray

Running along the sandy bay

A carefree castaway

Laughing with lots to say

Wish you were able to stay

With wings you flew away

Leaving me in disarray

As upon a cloud you lay.


Sweetheart Angel son


A sunny day at the beach

Angel divine


Friday 24th March

I wish you were still here

I’d hold your hand in mine

We’d walk along the beach

Leave footprints in a line

Towards the breaking waves

Splashing in the sunshine

My precious darling son

Treasured Angel divine.



Grey and gloomy harbour

Safely I’ll keep 


Wednesday 22nd March

I miss you so much 

But I’ll see you when I fall asleep

I think of you so much

And I’m trying hard not to weep

I speak of you so much

Our emotions run strong and deep

I love you so much

All those memories safely I’ll keep.


Treasured Angel son


Porthmeor Beach this afternoon

Quite still in the harbour