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Holibobs ~ NMB Day Five


Saturday 31st August

Our last full day of summer vacation wakes us with a beautiful sunrise. We watch the beach begin to fill up with families about to celebrate the holiday weekend.The sky is blue, the sea is sparkling, the sand sugary white and the air feels warm.

Relaxing, walking, swimming, shopping, laughing, sharing, eating, smiling, caring: positive and blessed has been the theme throughout our whole adventure this summer.

We end the day with a simple dinner, overlooking a marina, where my father used to berth his yacht; sitting upstairs on the decking, watching all the boats as the sun goes down, is a perfect end to our day.

Holibobs ~ NMB Day Four


Friday 30th August

A lazy, slow, sunny, carefree day! These are the best kind. No worries, no rushing, no problems.

Some last minute shopping ~ actually thinking about bits and pieces for Christmas, future birthdays, and so, because of all our extra purchases, we end up buying a new rolling luggage bag! There goes my commitment to keep to three bags for the hold ~ just have to pay the excess fine and be done with it!!

Forgetting about packing for a while, we spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool, walking along the sand and swimming in the ocean.

That evening we meet up with an awesome group of friends, and dine outdoors, beside the waterway, listening to great music.

Holibobs ~ NMB Day Three


Thursday 29th August

Our day is almost a repeat of yesterday. We begin by watching the sun rise over the ocean, see the many beach walkers start their day with a healthy stroll along the sands: the weather again is perfect.

Shopping, pool, beach and an ocean swim are all enjoyed today.

In the early evening we go to our good friends to drop off beach chairs, umbrella and coolers, to be stored in their garage until we return next year, and then are treated to a lovely, unexpected dinner.

Holibobs ~ NMB Day Two


Wednesday 28th August

An easy start to the day with a lazy breakfast and coffee, followed by some early morning shopping.

We spend most of the afternoon down by the pool in the shade. When it becomes too hot we go for a long walk down the beach. The sea is so warm and the sand incredibly fine; this is such a perfect place to be.

We have a quick dip in the pool before showering and going out for dinner.

Holibobs ~ NMB Day One


Tuesday 27th August

Upon awakening we watch the sun rise above the ocean, turning the colours from a misty grey to a warm, glowing pink. There are a few pelicans swooping and gliding along the shoreline, hoping to catch an unsuspecting fish.

We first try to see our good friend, but are told she will not be in the Welcome Centre of South Carolina for a couple of days.

We move on to our coffee stop to catch up with another friend, but she is not there either!!

Oh well, on to an air-conditioned mall it is, retail therapy and lunch.

After the heat of the mid-day sun had dissipated somewhat, we come back to our hotel, find a couple of sunbeds beside the pool that are in the shade, and relax . . . . . A little while later we decide to walk along the beach, kicking through the surf, watching all the other beachgoers playing, swimming, surfing and having fun.

Leaving HHI ~ on to NMB


Monday 26th August

A quick early morning coffee at our favourite spot, and then it’s on the road to leave Hilton Head Island, drive North through Charleston, and onto North Myrtle Beach.

The weather stays fair for the whole of the drive, and we arrive at our destination in the late afternoon. Our room overlooks the ocean, and there are still many people down on the beach below.

A great view for our last few days on summer vacation.

Holibobs ~ HHI Day Three


Sunday 25th August

A great day that begins with our usual coffee hit, and then we head off to Harbourtown at the western end of HHI. We have fun on a tree-swing, climb to the top of the lighthouse, eat ice-cream, watch the boats and sit in the rocking-chairs.

The late afternoon finds us beneath the shade of palm trees, beside the hotel pool. We eat a relaxed dinner here, too. A fine end to a marvelous day.

Holibobs ~ HHI Day Two


Saturday 24th August

Early morning coffee is an essential start to our day! We love Java Joe’s.

A little bit of shopping and lunch follows, and then we take a walk along the beach, dipping our toes into the ocean.

Again, in the afternoon we find two sun beds, and laze beside the pool; it’s not too sunny, but quite balmy and pleasant.

A dinner for two completes a wonderful day.

Holibobs ~ HHI Day One


Friday 23rd August

A beautiful morning to wake up to; blue skies, and not too hot. We have an early stroll to our favourite coffee place, sit outside and watch the world go by.

The afternoon is spent chilling by the pool, along with a quick swim; it really is quite a superb place to be!

For our evening meal we go out altogether as a family, and are greeted by a large green frog, wearing a red and white bobble hat ~ the Frosty Frog is a fun place to eat!

Holibobs ~ Leaving Florida


Thursday 22nd August

Well, we’ve spent an awesome three weeks in Florida; the weather has been truly fantastic, we’ve been relaxing in the Keys, and having fun in the theme parks, but now it’s come to an end!

A long drive North through Florida, Georgia and into South Carolina to our next stopping off point at Hilton Head Island. We drive through amazing thunderstorms with almost zero visibility due to the relentless rain, with lightning bolts forking down from the purple-black clouds.

Hilton Head is sunny as we drive down Pope Avenue to our beachfront hotel.