Monthly Archives: October 2022

Holding hands

Monday 31st October 

Holding hands
Voices heard
Words spoken
But vision blurred

Smiles exchanged
Presence of touch
Falling tears
Loved so much

There's no control
Of how this goes
Confusion blurs
No one knows

Dementia's path
Cruel to see
A mind so lost
Still mum, to me

Love you both so much
Precious sons
Holding mum’s hand
Mum with a very fetching Hallowe’en hat

And…. We’re back home

Sunday 30th October 

And..... We're back home
Another long drive
Now darker evenings
Time to revive
A better night's sleep
Refreshed to thrive
Facing cooler days
Happiness to strive

Love you both so much
Beloved sons
Sunbeams heading skywards
Sunbeams shining downwards

An afternoon walk

Saturday 29th October 

An afternoon walk
Down to Wareham Quay
Saturday Market
Many ducks to see

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
Saturday market on the quay
River Frome
Ducks on the quay
A cloudy afternoon
Waiting to be fed bread and grain
Darkening clouds and spots of rain beginning to fall
Last night’s sunset
Golden glow
Atmospheric colours
Kisses in the sky

Oh dear

Thursday 27th October 

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dearie me
Driving to Dorset yesterday
New computer for mum-in-law
Should have been like child's play

But, guess what
We forgot?
The power cable
On our kitchen table......

Four hours door to door
Turn around, and drive some more
Back home to Cornwall
Fun and games for all

And that means, today
We head back, the same way
Another long drive
Takes a while to arrive

Computer set-up going slowly
Programs, accounts and emails
But we're getting there
Filling in all the details

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
And….. On the road again to Dorset
Round two, deja vu
The same journey, 24 hours later


Wednesday 26th October 

Driving to Dorset
To see mother-in-law
Lovely sunny day
Scenery galore
A pleasant journey
Four hours door to door

Love you both so much
Precious sons
Over the fields to Chesil Beach
Down the hill to Abbotsbury
Sparkling sea
An avenue of trees
Autumn colours

Meaningful and simple

Tuesday 25th October 

Meaningful and simple
Fulfilling yet content
Appreciated and accomplished
Creating a life well spent

But disconnect for a while
Breathe without distraction
Make the most of everything
Don't be guilty of inaction

Pay attention to the small stuff
Accepting challenges with grace
Trying to believe in yourself
Moving towards a better place

Love you both so much
My darling sons

I’m ok

Monday 24th October 

I'm ok
I'm fine
The pain
Is mine
It's hidden
No outward sign
Try to smile
Reasons to shine
All good thoughts
No dark decline
Trying so hard
Feelings entwine
Calming emotions
Soon align

Love you both so much
Beloved sons
Autumn drive
Leaf strewn back roads
Quiet afternoon
A little blue sky
A tunnel of trees

Chasing squirrels

Sunday 23rd October 

Chasing squirrels
Playing hide and seek
Autumnal vibes
Their grey fur quite sleek
Just having fun
Taking a quick peek
And off they go
Like a lightning streak

Love you both so much
Beloved sons

A morning meander

Saturday 22nd October 

A morning meander
Dodging all those showers
Wistfully wandering
Sauntering through the hours

Love you both so much
Precious sons
High tide in the harbour
Porthgwidden Beach
Looking across to the Island
Porthmeor Beach
Good swell for surfing
Three on a wave
Caught it
Quite a busy half term for the Lifeguards