Monthly Archives: May 2020

Wall to wall sunshine


Sunday 31st May


Wall to wall sunshine

Bodies on the beach

Cooking away nicely

Sunscreen! I beseech


Vitamin D is necessary

Please don’t get me wrong

But frying like a lobster

Damage could be life long


So many burnt shoulders

Peeling, unsightly skin

D’you know what you’ve done?

What’s going on, within?


Melanoma; skin cancer

Might not happen today

But a few years down the line

It’ll be nothing to downplay


You can’t just cut it out

For it’s a sneaky beast

Lying dormant, then

Like a devil, released


Taking over your life

Biopsies, skin grafts

Scans and appointments

Normality’s in the past


Just always worrying

Asking when it will return

Scanxiety, melanoia

A real cause for concern


So slap on some sunscreen

And wear a big hat

Seek shade when it’s hot

Prevention’s where it’s at


Melanoma awareness

Throughout the month of May

But it mustn’t stop here

Care for your skin everyday


Love you forever

Beloved Angel son


A warm, sunshine afternoon


Friday 29th May


A warm, sunshine afternoon

A few more people around

Family groups on the beaches

Bodies becoming browned


Sunscreen and barbecues

Delightful smells of summer

Twiddling toes in the sand

Children’s squeals of wonder


And there you stride, silently

In your own unique world

Clutching your favourite book

Pages well thumbed and curled


I really wish it was you

That young lad so far away

Brown hair and striped t-shirt

Thought you’d come back to stay


Missing you

Beloved Angel son


High tide in the harbour this morning

The Parish Church

West End, Porthmeor Beach

Local groups on the sand

Many more at the edge of the waves

Lock down birthday


Thursday 28th May


Lock down birthday

A different one

Quiet celebration

When all’s said and done

Walk around the town

Sitting in the sun

A Thai takeaway

Pad kee mao, yum yum


Thinking of you my sweetie

Darling Angel son


No mist or fog today

Perfectly blue

A gorgeous afternoon

Socially distanced beach goers

Low tide in the harbour

Looking towards the lifeboat house and the parish church

Sitting on the slipway

Red valerian grows everywhere

The mist creeps in


Wednesday 27th May


The mist creeps in

Then crawls back out

Obscuring the land

Eerily grey about

The sun’s warmth is there

Trying to burn through

Turning the sky

A cerulean blue


Thinking of you

And missing you always

Love you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son



Mist rolls in over Man’s Head

The sea is there somewhere

A few groups on the sand

Misty harbour

But there is blue sky up above

Slowly, slowly the mist is dissipating

In the warm sunshine


Monday 25th May


In the warm sunshine

Searching the sky

Looking to the heavens

To see where you fly

So lost without you

But separation

Only temporary

Sweet celebration

Together we’ll be

Dancing without care

No anxieties

Warm wind in our hair


Love you poppet

Beloved Angel son


Bank Holiday Monday

A few groups of people on the beach, but not as crowded as it would be in normal times

Warm sunshine

Quiet in the harbour

Tractor trails in the sand from the lifeboat being hauled in

As you take flight


Sunday 24th May


A time machine

That takes me back

Far off mem’ries

Show what I lack


As time stands still

There you appear

My heart beats strong

Your presence clear


I know it’s you

Your smile is bright

Your laughter sweet

As you take flight


Remembering you

Thinking of you

Missing you

Loving you


Precious Angel son