Monthly Archives: July 2021

Far too brief

Saturday 31st July 

Two weeks was far too brief
Time passed so very quickly
But seeing Luke again
Was great to have him with me

Love you both so much
My precious sons
A stop for lunch
At a large shopping centre
Near Faro Airport
Saying goodbyes
Really don’t want to leave
Much rather stay
Love you Luke and Ana xxx

Leave and go

Friday 30th July 

PCR tests done and dusted
Ready for our flight tomorrow
Such a wonderful holiday
Really don't want to leave and go

Thinking of you sweetheart
Treasured Angel son

Close to the edge

Thursday 29th July 

Super high cliffs
Close to the edge
Spectacular vews
From a rocky ledge

A drive to Alvor
A fantastic beach
With caves and coves
Some difficult to reach

Sending love to you
Darling Angel son
A dried out fig tree
Like matchsticks
Against blue skies
Looking down
A long way down
Coloured ridges on the sea bed
We are up very high
And it’s so very hot
Derelict buildings
Metalwork sculptures along Alvor marina
Anchored in the marina
Sitting in the shade
Luke and Ana
Another sculpture
Reclining mermaid
Doggy paddle
Walking the hot cobbles of Alvor
Lots of touristy shops
Quite hilly too
And back to the marina
To drive to the beach ~ Praia dos Três Irmãos
Towering rock formations and caves at low tide
Secluded coves
Luke takes us on an expedition across the beach, through tunnels and archways
A different view around every twist and turn
Quite popular
Precarious rocks
Tunnel view
Parasols for shade
The sea wasn’t too cold
Lots of people playing bat and ball
And enjoying the waves
Narrow tunnel
Leaving the beach
Sparkly seas

Secret Beach

Wednesday 28th July 

Secret Beach
Our destination
Quiet and picturesque
A perfect location
Onto Potato Beach
For a small libation
With many people
On vacation

Forever and always
My darling Angel son
Praia do Pinhão
The original steps have been closed off due to erosion
A peek through the rocks
Secret Beach accessed through a tunnel at low tide
Almost to ourselves
Tunnels and caves
Sandstone rocks
Baía dos Segredos ~ Bay of Secrets
An archway built into the rock
Access to another beach through the tunnels
Parasol shade
Blue skies
Blue seas
Sandstone rock
A kayak tour
Welcome shade
Various watercraft
A busy channel
Agave Americana growing in the rock
Bat and ball kids again
Time to leave as the tide is advancing
So very hot
Praia da Batata ~ Potato Beach

Boat trip

Tuesday 27th July 

We went on a boat trip today
Seeing the sights around the bay
Into the grottos and caves
Riding on the crest of waves
Different viewpoint seen from the sea
Inaccesible beaches, tourist free

Love you poppet
Beloved Angel son
The marina
Towards the open sea

Golden brown

Monday 26th July 

First we explored grottos and caves
With so many steps to climb down
Beautiful rock formations
Different strata of golden brown
Then onto a long, wide beach
Fringed by high cliffs all around

Always thinking of you
Treasured Angel son
Praia do Camilo
A tiny sandy beach, accessed by very steep steps
Looking towards Dona Ana beach, where we were yesterday
Luke and Ana
All of us
Ponta de Piedade
A great archway
Camilo beach
Cactus with a Mickey Mouse top
And a heart shape below
Cathedral arch
Ponta de Piedade grotto
It’s a long way down
Such clear water
Luke and Ana
Beautiful colours
Crystal clear
Makes you want to jump in
Luke and Ana again
Boats come and go
Now it’s the long hike up
So many steps
And some more
They’re nearly at the top
Another archway
Now we’re on the beach, Praia de Porto Mós
Luke and I go for a long walk
Amazing cliffs
Luke is dwarfed
Not much beach left
We’ve come a long way
Eroded rocks, high cliffs
A pretty walk
Think we’ve come as far as we can go

A stripey awning

Sunday 25th July 

Sitting on the beach
Shaded beneath
A stripey awning
From early morning

Thinking of you sweetie
Precious Angel son
Our beach today
Two loungers and an awning
All socially distanced
Sandstone rock next to us
Praia de Dona Ana, Lagos
Lots of steps to walk down, but definitely worth it
So warm all day
We stayed cool
High tide when we left
Still very busy


Saturday 24th July 

After travelling yesterday
We had a much quieter day
Strolling around the old town
Lagos, a busy place to stay

Forever and always
Moon and back
Treasured Angel son
Early morning
Walking down through the old town
Praça Louis de Camões
So many street restaurants and bars
Sculpture in the main square of Dom Sebastiao
Super cold beer… An icy slushie
Shiny cobbled streets
We sat beneath the shade for lunch
On the go again
Graffiti tiles
Very clever
Bougainvillea growing across the street
Church of Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Lagos
Medieval Castelo de Lagos
17th century fortress complex
Looking towards the marina
Ornate balconies and tiling
Black and white street graffiti
Seems like a great character
The marina bridge
Busy all day with various watercraft
Not a lot of space left
A jetski tour returning
Sitting in the shade with a cold drink
An interesting bicycle
Fabulous green tiles

Amazing views

Friday 23rd July 

Leaving Milfontes to travel south
Through Odeceixe, Bispo and Sagres
Stopping at the western most point
Amazing views, everyone says

Love you sweetheart
Beloved Angel son
Our first stop, Praia da Zambujeira
Blue seas
Great waves
Rocky cliffs
Bodyboarder heaven
Capela de Nossa Senhora do Mar
Overlooking the beach
All of us
Gary and I
Driving along, we came across a huge bison at Carvalhal
And an ostrich
Some zebra
Almost as tall as Luke
The windmill at Odeceixe, built around 1898
Narrow roads and steep hills
Windy up here
A large millstone
Great views from here
Praia de Odeceixe
Along the coast of Aljezur
Near Praia da Zimbreirinha
Sitting below the Farol do Cabo de São Vicente
A scenic, rocky cape
São Vicente
Strange sea creatures
In the sculpture garden
The Cape is the southwesternmost point in mainland Europe
Praia da Mareta
At Sagres
A cold Sagres in hot Sagres
No breeze at all
The beach at Burgau
Clear waters

South of the river

Thursday 22nd July 

Another day on the beach
This time south of the river
A gentle breeze from the ocean
Where the waves were so much bigger

Thinking of you as always
Moon and back
Precious Angel son
Walking to breakfast
Very warm this morning
Perfect blue skies
Looking towards Vila Nova de Milfontes
Bridge over the Río Mira
Luke and Ana
Looking good…..
Anchored yachts
Praia das Furnas
A pretty corner
Beer on the beach
Shaded from the sun
A perfect spot
Shore break
Be careful
Bat and ball again
Sparkly seas