Six years


Thursday 8th April


Time hasn’t really

Healed the pain

But this I know;

I’ll see you again


Six years ago

We laid you to rest

Visiting daily

Our love’s expressed


Time’s passed in a blur

Without you here

But those memories

Are bright and clear


Sending love to you

Darling Angel son

Hugs and kisses too

Now forever young




Frank’s HeMan sword

Beautiful sunflowers

Our sweet boy

Always by my side


Wednesday 7th April


Always by my side

Through life slowly glide


The sadness I hide

Think of you with pride


Many tears I’ve cried

Most of them have dried


Grief and pain collide

Emotions backslide


Saving you, I tried

Future life denied


Thinking of you

Missing you

Remembering you

Loving you


Precious Angel son


Man’s Head

Lifeguards now on duty on Porthmeor Beach

A chilly wind blows

Enjoying the waves

Calmer in the harbour

High tide this afternoon

Easter Sunday


Sunday 4th April


Easter Sunday stroll

Sitting in the sun

Sea looks tropical

Fun for everyone


Thinking of you

As I always do

Treasured Angel son

Now forever young



Down the hill to Porthmeor Beach

So sunny

A group of surfers having a lesson

The path to Porthgwidden Beach

Swimming without wetsuits… Brrrrr

It does look very inviting though……

Gorgeous colours

Porthgwidden Beach and the Island

A lovely afternoon

Looking towards Godrevy Lighthouse

Bamaluz Beach

Low tide in the harbour

A sunny corner

The harbour

Warm spring sunshine


Saturday 3rd April


Warm spring sunshine

Makes everyone smile

Catching the sun’s rays

Stress free for a while


Love you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


Porthmeor Beach was quite chilly in the northerly wind

The harbour was much more sheltered

Low tide

Looking towards the lifeboat house and Parish Church

Self drive boats ready for the holidaymakers in about ten days time

The first of April


Thursday 1st April

The first of April

Time for awareness

Lumps, bumps and swellings

Do not feel helpless


Testicular Cancer

Need to check your balls

Don’t be embarrassed

Heed the doctor’s calls


Teens to the thirties

Are mostly affected

Do yourself a favour

Shouldn’t be neglected


Don’t leave it too late

For it can be cured

If it’s caught early

You can rest assured


A taboo subject

Whispered quietly

Can’t happen to me

Can fill with anxiety


Grab life by the goolies

But if there’s a pain

Have your tackle checked out

Your health to maintain

Thinking of you as always

My darling Angel son


I have posted this before (2018), but thought I’d share again

Going down Porthmeor Hill to the beach

Windbreaks drying infront of the surf school

The harbour at low tide