And suddenly


Wednesday 13th June


And suddenly

You were gone

No longer here

At next day’s dawn


And suddenly

You were there

Up in heaven

Such pain to bear


And suddenly

Life’s rewritten

An empty space

So grief stricken


And suddenly

Precious memories

Now become

Beautiful reveries


My darling Angel son

Love you to the moon and back

Infinity and beyond


Colourful beach huts at Porthgwidden

The harbour



Monday 11th June


Wish you were here

My Angel, my dear

I think you’re near

To fill me with cheer

Walking down the pier

The sea’s crystal clear

Don’t disappear

As your wings do veer

Through clouds you steer

No need for fear

Our love’s sincere


Love you sweetheart

Darling Angel son


Sunny, calm and warm in the harbour

Not much surf on Porthmeor Beach

Blue sea, blue sky

The lighthouse on Smeaton’s Pier



Sunday 10th June


I’ll never forget you

Speaking your name

Remembering that smile

And all you became


I’ll always treasure

Everything you said

Your funny little sayings

And the joy you’d spread


Love you baby

Missing you like crazy

Precious Angel son

Now forever young



Porthmeor Beach

Harbour Beach

Islamorada, The Keys, January 1st 2007

Family History


Saturday 9th June


Met a long lost relative last night

Digging around with family history

Facebook is great for reaching out

And then adding to our life’s story


We share a great, great grandfather

Master mariner, sailing the seas

Fourteen years, penal servitude

Pirate and smuggler, if you please


Another young man, aged just nineteen

Sailed on the ill-fated Titanic

On the 15th of April, 1912

He drowned in the middle of the Atlantic


Searching genealogy records

So many more ancestors to find

Fascinating, yet time consuming

A worthy task to engage the mind


Think you would have been excited

Having a pirate in the family

That would have piqued your interest

As you wove a fairytale fantasy


I do miss you so much

Darling Angel son



Nearer my God to thee,

Nearer to thee.

Not really a Bad Pirate (North Myrtle Beach, SC)

Sailor of the high seas, (Tobago, 2002)

An ancestor of mine, who went down with the Titanic. “Nearer my God to thee. Nearer to thee.”

My great, great grandfather. Master Mariner

Smuggler, pirate, and destroyer of ships. Given fourteen years; a heavy sentence

You’re close


Friday 8th June


You’re close to me, my darling

I know, because I sense your presence

You’re with me always, sweetie

Because I acknowledge your existence

You’re there, deep within my heart

Loudly beating with a perfect silence

You will always be by my side

My Angel flying through the heavens


Love you to the moon and back


The harbour this afternoon

Grey and muggy

Two visiting bilge keel yachts

Seal Island boats


Wednesday 6th June


Watching all the goings on

Whilst sitting above the sand

Holidaymakers on the beach

Jumping waves, hand in hand


Pleasure boats go back and forth

Tourists hoping to see the seals

Perhaps some jumping dolphins

Performing to delighted squeals


We took you on one of those boats

Along with auntie and cousin

Journeying around Seal Island

We saw more than half a dozen


A happy and sunny day trip

With lots of laughter and fun

Wish we’d had more adventures

My dearest, darling Angel son


Missing you

Love you forever


Porthgwidden Beach this afternoon

One of the pleasure boats returning from Seal Island today

Closely followed by two more

One of the seals we saw, when we took you to Seal Island, about fifteen years ago

Sitting on the boat, with such a cheeky smile



Tuesday 5th June



I move forward


I continue


I still breathe


My heart beats


I’m here


I continue


I live


And I remember

And I share

And I smile

All because of you


My beloved Angel son

Fly high precious starman


Mist rolling into the harbour

This side of heaven


Monday 4th June


Living on this side of heaven

Is something I’d not thought about

Our happy family all together

No worries, no problems, no doubt


I just imagined you’d be here

Living life, and having fun

Making plans and memories

Many more holidays in the sun


But then, so unexpectedly

I have to deal with your absence

And heaven becomes a place for you

Whilst my world is filled with silence


Love you forever

Darling Angel son


A warm morning in St. Ives

High tide, little wind, no waves