Colourful flags fluttering


Saturday 11th May


Colourful flags fluttering

Blue skies and the sun shining

Children with sandcastles digging

Tasty barbecue food cooking

Beers, gin and sangria pouring

Waffles, pancakes, churros baking

Yachts catching the wind sailing

Those pesky seagulls swooping

The Food and Drink Festival appetising


You would have enjoyed sampling

The tasty treats they were offering


Beloved Angel son


Colourful flags fluttering

A crowded Porthminster Beach

Quieter at the waters edge

A seagull on the lookout for food

Tents, marquees, stalls all offering a variety of foods and drinks

Pretty colours everywhere

Families enjoying a great day out

Bouncy castles for the youngsters

Sitting, taking in the views

Very well attended

A gentle angel


Thursday 9th May


A gentle angel took your hand

Off you went to different land

Up there where the stars shine bright

And with those wings you took flight

I love you sweetie with all my heart

Dreaming of you, we’re never apart

Thirty years full of memories

But tomorrow holds no guarantees


Precious Angel son


Sunny, but cold in the harbour

Too chilly in the sea today

Looking towards Man’s Head



Tuesday 7th May


Jumping from cloud to cloud

Catching and throwing stars

Dancing around the moon

Rocketing off to Mars


Having fun in heaven

No time for hurt or pain

Playing with the Angels

Alive and whole again


This is what I hope for

My darling Angel son

Soaring high above us

You’re now forever young



An empty beach this afternoon

Still chilly and grey

Great impression


Monday 6th May


The grin and cheeky laughter

That smile, that expression

With those you came into contact

You left a great impression


My darling Angel son

Love you forever and a day

Thinking of you always

Safe in heaven you’ll stay



Fluffy clouds above Porthmeor Beach

Darker grey over the harbour

Low tide