Remembering moments

Friday 15th October 

Remembering moments
Recalling the time
When life was simple
No mountains to climb

Love you both so much
Precious Angel sons
Looking down on the harbour this morning
Sunny Porthmeor Beach this afternoon
Harbour high tide reflections
Fluffy clouds
So still

Another rotation

Thursday 14th October 

Another rotation
Around the sun
Happy birthday Gary
Crikey mikey
Quite an old 'un
But good to know
Still having fun
Birthday wishes
From everyone

Precious sons
Love you both
Kedgeree with haddock (mine)
Double cheeseburger with fries (Gary’s)
A hungry sparrow
An inquisitive robin

We lived

Wednesday 13th October 

We lived
You departed
And even though
I'm brokenhearted
This I know
Back where we started
Together again
Our paths are charted
Beyond the stars
No longer parted

Love you both so much
My darling sons
Enjoying the sunshine on Porthmeor Beach
The harbour
Smeaton’s Pier


Tuesday 12th October 

Peace in my smile
But look carefully
Behind the eyes
Some disharmony
But I'll continue on
With some certainty
Just persevering
Quite purposely

Love you both so much
Beloved sons

My journey

Monday 11th October 

I'll have faith in my journey
I'll trust this road
I may not know the path
Though I carry a load
But I hope the way's clear
Towards a new episode
So onwards and upwards
As my pace hasn't slowed

Love you both
My precious sons
Man’s Head at West Porthmeor
Much quieter on Porthmeor Beach this afternoon
James Stevens 10 St Ives lifeboat
Low tide, and still remaining warm

Tiny steps

Sunday 10th October 

All those tiny steps
Add up
Resulting in a journey of
Many miles
Just keep on keeping on
Living life

Love you both so much
My darling sons
Porthmeor Beach Lifeguards still on duty
Bethesda Hill, looking towards the harbour beach
Fish Street flags
Sunbathing on the old pier
Low tide means you can walk across to Porthminster Beach
Smeaton’s Pier
A very warm October afternoon

It’s still forward

Friday 8th October 

It's still forward
My heart knows
That small steps
On tippy toes
Baby shuffles
Y'know how it goes
Tenacity shows
Moving through
Never oppose
Just keeping on
Sigh and suppose
Nurturing calm
Peace then flows
Soothing the storm
As sunlight glows

Love you both
Darling sons
Watching the waves
Porthmeor Beach
Enjoying the surf
Patterns in the sand