Another day of quiet


Thursday 19th March


Another day of quiet

Social distancing

Parking at Marazion

Watching the sea rippling

A few groups of people

Walking, but not mingling

Becoming serious now

Tourist industry, crippling

But those holidaymakers

Should hold from visiting

Our one main hospital

Over-stretched, resources dwindling


Thinking of you

Missing you

Remembering you

Loving you

Precious Angel son


St Ives, through the trees and drizzle this morning

St Michael’s Mount

A few groups of people meandering along the sands at Long Rock

Porthmeor Beach

Very quiet this afternoon

Forever looking up


Sunday 15th March


Forever looking up

At the beauty of the sky

Watching the billowing clouds

Changing shape, scudding by

Thinking: Are you peaking down?

From your tranquil place up high


Wishing and hoping

My sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


Godrevy Lighthouse

Gwithian sands

Beautiful skyscape

St. Ives in the far distance

The lighthouse marks one end of the Stones reef

The tide coming in quickly over the rocks

High, fluffy clouds

Just looking out to sea


Saturday 14th March


Just looking out to sea

Watching all the goings on

Reflecting over times past

Realisation that you’re gone


Remembering you with love

My Angel in heaven above

Sweet darling son

Forever young


Wind and kite surfers at Mount’s Bay

A trio of horses cantering along the sand

We sat in the car, self-isolating, with a flask of coffee and snacks 😊

Watching the many marine sports

Marveling at their prowess

Waking up in the morning


Friday 13th March


Waking up in the morning

The day after the night before

The cold, harsh reality

You won’t be here any more


Broken hearts, suspended lives

And every morning’s the same

No more of your cheeky laughter

Left with a lifetime of silent pain


But amongst the many pages

Of your journey upon this earth

So many beautiful memories

A treasure of priceless worth


Love you forever

My darling Angel son


Five years ago


Thursday 12th March


On that Thursday

Five years ago

You breathed your last

We miss you so


We weren’t ready

To see you fly

Those wings you grew

Without goodbye


That you’re not here

It doesn’t become

Any easier

Still shocked and numb


Has it really been

Five long years?

So much time

So many tears


And no matter how long

As memories replay

It will always feel

Like yesterday


Love and miss you Frank

Darling Angel son

Sending kisses to you

Now forever young


Frankie Angel Bear and Pink Frankie Bear, looking out over Mount’s Bay

St Michael’s Mount

Blue skies over Porthmeor Beach

Cold and breezy, with a rough sea over the Reef

Keeping busy


Tuesday 10th March


Keeping busy

Finding things to do

Keeping occupied

But still think of you


Diverting panic

Immersed in pastimes new

Absorbed in routines

I’ll always think of you


Always persevering

Distracted by skies so blue

Trying relaxation

I’ll forever think of you


My darling Angel son