Your memories I treasure


Sunday 7th July


Your memories I treasure

With a love beyond measure

Our lives filled with pleasure

When we were all together


Love you to the moon

My Angel in the sky

Thinking of you sweetie

As you soar so high.


Precious Angel son


Grey and muggy this afternoon

Quite still and pleasant

Two yachts in the harbour



Saturday 6th July


Cirrus clouds

Thin and wispy

Against blue skies

Curled and twisty


Painted white streaks

Hover above

Strangely suspended

Gentle waves of love


Looking skywards

Thinking of you

Smiling at nature

As I often do


Beloved Angel son


Streaks of cirrus

High above Porthmeor Beach

Painting the sky

High and dry

Love, memories and tears


Friday 5th July


I haven’t heard your voice

Nor smiled at your laughter

Eyebrows raised at your exploits

Caring for you, looking after


No, not for such a long while

It’s been over four lonely years

Our world is a much quieter place

Filled with love, memories and tears


Missing you sweetheart

Loving you always

My darling Angel son


An ebb and flow


Thursday 4th July


An ebb and flow

Of sorrow and delight

Of then and now

Why’s, if’s and hindsight


An undulation

Of agony and joy

Of bliss and despair

My Angel, my boy


A coming and going

Mixed-up emotion

Memories abound

Love and devotion


Remembering you now and always

Beloved Angel son


Lovely and sunny at Porthmeor Beach this afternoon

Not much surf today

Low tide in the harbour

Playing on the sands as the tide comes in

Looking towards the lifeboat house

What has gone


Monday 1st July


What has gone

Cannot be returned

What has departed

Cannot be recovered


Just happy in the knowledge

That memories remain forever

So very thankful

We were able to live life together


Such irreversible loss

The accompanying pain

Now resides within me

Oftentimes hidden in vain


But I do miss you now

My darling Angel son

Remembering you daily

Smiling at thoughts of my loved one





Sunday 30th June


A wonderful afternoon

To help celebrate

Your cousin’s birthday

Twenty-one is great


Remembering you as always

Loving you forever

My darling Angel son


You, me and your cousin on a fairground ride

You and your cousin in the New Forest

You and your cousin at Gwithian

This afternoon’s view

Tapas on the terrace

Your cousin and her boyfriend

Me enjoying the late afternoon sun

Fabulous tapas

Porthmeor Beach

In the sparkling sunshine

So it seems


Saturday 29th June


Blowing kisses

For sweet dreams

Watching stars

Twinkling gleams

Way up high

Soft moonbeams

All is quiet

So it seems

Yet filled with

Silent screams


Love you sweetie

Precious Angel son


After a foggy and cloudy morning, the skies began to clear

The sea was a fabulous emerald green

Warming up in the harbour

Fun on a boat trip

Harbour blues