Monday 9th October


So many days are difficult

When weighed down with sorrow

Then I recall happy memories

To help me carry on tomorrow

Pulling on that cheerful mask

When I’m feeling really low

Takes quite a bit of effort

I’m sure that’s something you know

Putting one foot in front of another

To hide sadness is hard work, though

I must do it for you, my darling

I’m always looking for that rainbow


Love you my Angel

Sweetheart son


Very low tide in the harbour

Further away


Sunday 8th October


Each and every step forward

Is like a step further away 

Like I’m leaving you behind

But I tried to make you stay

I just need to turn around

All those images to replay

Wish I could run back to you

Down Memory Lane every day


Miss you my Angel

Love you to the moon and back

Way beyond the stars


Grey, but reflective day in the harbour

Wasn’t expecting that


Saturday 7th October


Well, I wasn’t expecting that……

I had my yearly dermatology appointment today ~ yes I know, I thought it strange for a clinic at the hospital to be open at the weekend, but there we go. Normally these appointments are pretty quick…… “Strip off, and let’s check your skin….All’s good, see you next year…..”

But oh no, it was “Whoops, don’t like the look of that one on your back, we’ll take it off, as a precaution, right here, right now, into theatre you must go……..”.

So I’ve had surgery: local anaesthetic, an excision, with dissolvable deep stitches, and surface stitches which will come out in ten days time.

Wasn’t expecting that…….

But it is good to be looked after, and anything suspicious, or dodgy, then the ‘alien blob’ must be cut out and sent off to be biopsied, with results taking about two weeks.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Thinking about you, poppet

Fly high my darling

Love you forever




Friday 6th October


Golden sand glistens 

Sunlight plays on the undulations 

Silver slivers twinkle 

On hidden underground crustaceans

Low tide coruscation

Making many coloured variations


Missing you daily

Thinking of you always

Loving you forever

Precious Angel son


Sparkly rivulets of water

Silver slivers twinkling in the morning sun

Whorls of sand left by the outgoing tide



Thursday 5th October


Remembering my father Hank.

4.2.1932 – 5.10.2009

“If there is another world, he lives in bliss

If not another, he made the most of this”


An RAF fighter jet pilot, sailor, skiier, swimmer, water polo player, golfer, orator, cook, writer, sommelier, painter, actor, model….

A little more about my father…..


Eight years ago today.

Pancreatic cancer.


Frank and Hank

My son     My father

Fly free




Tuesday 3rd October


Goodnight my Angel

Time to dream

Look at the stars

See how they gleam

Touch the sky

Hold a moon beam

Close your eyes

Peace reigns supreme


Night night sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


Looking towards Man’s Head

The harbour ~ people still sitting on the beach

Carry you


Monday 2nd October


I can no longer hold you in my arms

No longer hold your hand in mine

No longer hold a conversation 

But I know up there your star does shine


Yet I can carry your memories with me

Carry your love to bring a smile

Carry your heart alongside mine

I can carry you for a long, long while


My precious Angel

Sweetheart son


Far away


Sunday 1st October


Although you are so far away

I think about you every day

At night time too, you’re in my dreams

And that is just as sad as it seems

Nevermore will I see your face

Gone too​ soon to a heavenly place


Sweetheart Angel son

Now forever young


Calm, mirror-like reflections on the sea

The harbour this afternoon



Saturday 30th September


Too young

To go

Too soon


Time doesn’t help

Time doesn’t heal

Time is not a medicine


The pain is there

It might be hidden

But there’s always pain



There are no words

To describe the hurt


The heart knows no time

Your heartbeat is there

Beating with mine


Precious Angel son


Pouring with rain, but many surfers in the sea