Lighten up


Monday 12th February


Lighten up

I’m trying

Relax a bit

I’m sighing

Chill out

I’m lying

Take it easy

I’m crying


Miss you sweetheart

Moon and back

Beyond the stars

Treasured Angel son


Looking down on the town this morning

Porthmeor Beach this afternoon

Half term holidaymakers strolling along the sand

Late afternoon in the harbour

A broken heart


Sunday 11th February


A broken heart still beats

I know that to be true

Even though mine is crushed

And fractured into two

It continues with the rhythm

Beating for me and you


Love you sweetie

Precious Angel son


Walking down Porthmeor Hill to the beach

Fluffy clouds and blue skies

The harbour bathed in sunshine

Wintery showers on the horizon



Saturday 10th February


I often wonder

A little too much

On who you’d become

The lives you’d touch

With your exuberance

And love and such


And yet I ponder

All the “What if’s”

“Why” and “Maybe’s”

The lifestyle shifts

Plans to grow older

Still so many gifts


I cannot but

Imagine and think

If things didn’t end

In the swiftest blink

That left me hanging

Pushed to the brink


Where would we be?

That’s just something

I can only dream

And out of nothing

I’ll picture you

My sweet pumpkin


Beloved Angel son


Same view as yesterday, but so grey today

Each day without you


Friday 9th February


Each day without you

Is harder than yesterday

But not as difficult

As it’ll be tomorrow


Every single morning

I know you’re not waking up

And each afternoon I know

You won’t be coming through the door


As nighttime approaches

There’ll be no one to kiss

But in my dreams

Is where I’ll find you


And in my heart

Is where your heart beats too

Nothing will erase

The memories of you


Precious Angel son


A beautiful blue sky morning

My sweet Angel in the rain


Thursday 8th February


My sweet Angel in the rain

It’s pouring down again

Trying hard to explain

Whilst my tears, I contain

And a smile I must sustain

That I’m not really sane

But I’ll try not to complain

Although heartbroken with pain

Walking down the muddy lane

To the flowers I maintain

For my Angel in the rain



Cornish mizzle, but some good surf

Dearest aim


Wednesday 7th February


You will never be forgotten

I’ll keep speaking your name

You will always be loved

As our hearts beat the same

You will forever be missed

Since an angel you became

Your memories will be saved

For that will be my dearest aim


Precious Angel son


Man’s Head at low tide

Grey and cold

Some days


Tuesday 6th February


Some days I’m fine

Some days I’m not

Within a few seconds

I’ve lost the plot


For everyone else

Life might go on

But I’m left standing

Alone and withdrawn


Trying to smile

I wear a mask

Sometimes not easy

Before you ask


Love you so much

My darling boy

Made my heart beat

With a wealth of joy


Now all I have

Are memories of you

Precious and priceless

Devoted and true


Missing my Angel


A light dusting of snow across the fields

Just above freezing, with a biting wind

A ding…..


Monday 5th February


Missing you sweetie

I give my love completely

Here on this earth, so briefly

Safe in my heart, absolutely


This evening we attended The Cornwall Lecture, presented by Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock MBE, the fabulously enthusiastic astronomer and new host of the Sky at Night.

She described how she achieved her ‘crazy dream’ of working in the space industry….. starting with her childhood favourite television programme of Star Trek and being inspired by The Clangers. (I immediately thought of you then, and smiled. Especially when a super large image of the crew of the Starship Enterprise was projected behind her speaker’s podium. You loved all those space series, and collected numerous video box sets). Uhura was Dr Maggie’s favourite, and she showed us an image she treasures of herself, her daughter, and the actress. Lieutenant Uhura was one of your favourites too.

The lecture “Innovation ~ The Big Picture”, described an amazing opportunity for Cornwall to have its own Spaceport at Newquay, with the capability of launching satellites and housing enormous space telescopes.

In her talk, Dr Maggie explained how she enjoys visiting schools and sharing her love of space with students. It will be these young people who may go on to enjoy space travel, colonisation of the moon, and beyond. Her phrase “The desire to aspire” was used throughout; an opportunity to do different things; think differently; where aspiration is the ripple that leads on to the stuff of dreams.

In 2001 I visited Cape Canaveral in Florida with a group of maths and science schoolteachers from Cornwall, to study with a group of space educators and space scientists based at the Kennedy Space Centre. We had an amazing ten days of collaboration, sharing ideas for lessons, visiting the launch complex and meeting NASA astronauts.

In 2007, myself and another teacher took sixteen students to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. An awesome opportunity for these youngsters to ‘train’ as an astronaut, to experience ‘zero gravity’ whilst scuba diving, or to operate the Canadarm whilst on a simulated shuttle mission.

I do believe it is the duty of a teacher to fire up a spark in young students, to show opportunities available, to excite their imagination and inspire the seeking of knowledge. To give them the ‘Wow Factor’. Back then, I don’t think the curriculum was as prescriptive as it is now, as well as budgets being much tighter. (I’m not sure that we could do the same as we did then, nowadays.)

Following on from my visits to America with the school, I was fortunate to gain funding to help create a series of lessons using video conferencing to work with the National Space Centre in Leicester. Students were given space-related tasks and challenges by Mission Commanders, working in teams, against the clock. Exciting times using educational technology.

One of my students went on to work at the Large Hadron Collider in Cern, another is a teacher of A level science, another works with an MEP in Brussels, one is an Olympic athlete, others live and work in Australia, Chile, the Maldives, France, Canada and America. So many have achieved their dreams and are taking their knowledge on to new generations.

I hope I have inspired and motivated some of my students to seek out their fullest potential, and as Steve Jobs once said: “To put a ding in the universe”.


Thinking of you

My little Starman




Sunday 4th February


Even though I feel alone

You are always by my side

I know you’re walking with me

You will always be my guide

The love you placed within my heart

Makes me think of you with pride


Love you forever

My Angel son

Forget you never

My Angel father


My father Hank. Today would have been his birthday. Pancreatic cancer took him in 2009

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