I dream of walking with you


Sunday 8th September


I dream of walking with you

Treading softly across the clouds

Gently sinking through the smoothness

As we glide effortlessly above the crowds


Blowing kisses to you

Missing you so much

Darling Angel son


Hayle estuary and the beaches of Porthkidney and Mexico Towans

Looking autumnal on Porthmeor

A super, sunny September Sunday

The Tate overlooking Porthmeor Beach

Quite a warm afternoon

Calm and clear in the harbour

With a few billowing clouds

Dinghy boats sailing


Saturday 7th September


Dinghy boats sailing

Cool winds prevailing

Cutting through swell

Glad no one fell

Colourful sails

Dodging gales


Remembering you poppet

Darling Angel son


Porthmeor swell

Lifeguards still on duty

A quiet Saturday

Catching waves

Returning early from the regatta

Self drives not being used today

Gathering at the start

Jostling for position

A few in the sunny corner

And they’re off

No longer


Wednesday 4th September


You’re no longer where we are

No longer where you were

You’re now wherever you are

We’re left with life a blur


Missing you poppet

Darling Angel son


Breezy and quiet at Porthmeor Beach

Feeling quite autumnal

Lots of space for everyone

The harbour

A few enjoying the sunshine in the corner

Looking along the Wharf

Won’t disappear


Tuesday 3rd September


Each day

You’re not here

Each sunset

You’re not near

Each dawn

Falls a tear

Each memory

Won’t disappear


Love you forever and a day

Thinking of you always

My darling Angel son


A sunny and warm harbour

Bunkers Hill, St. Ives

A few on Porthmeor Beach

Still rocky at the west end

Big blue skies

A part of me forever


Sunday 1st September


My sweet Angel treasure

The most precious ever


Our life’s endeavour

To always be together


Forgetting you, never

Waiting until whenever


The bonds won’t sever

A part of me forever


Darling Angel son


Noticeably cooler this afternoon

But still lots of visitors around the harbour

Beneath deep blue skies

Looking towards Porthminster Beach

And then


Friday 30th August


Happy smiles

Tentative laughter

Plans made

Friendly chats

Evenings out

Meeting people

Nature watching

Long walks


And then

Grief remembers


Missing you sweetheart

Beloved Angel son


Another busy afternoon on Porthmeor Beach

Fluffy white clouds overhead

Spring high tides

St. Ives harbour