It doesn’t matter

Friday 6th May 

It doesn't matter
How long it's been
I know you're there
But no longer seen

Love you both so much
Treasured sons
Shades of blue
A quiet Porthmeor Beach this afternoon
West Porthmeor
Man’s Head
A brisk breeze blowing
A cloudy harbour
Low tide
Towards Kitty’s Corner

Ring around the sun

Thursday 5th May 

Ring around the sun
Is rain on the way?
A solar halo
But it's warm today

Love you both so much
Precious sons
St Ives harbour this morning
Solar halo
Looking down on Porthmeor Beach
A few surfers in the waves

Looking back

Wednesday 4th May 

Looking back
Is fine with me
I won't get stuck
You're now set free
But I can hold
Your memory
All those pages
A treasury

Love you both so much
Treasured sons

Starting again

Tuesday 3rd May 

Starting again
Every morning
Breathing slowly
Face adorning
With gentle smiles
No conforming
To what must be
Little warning
When I lost you
Still, I'm calling

Love you both so much
Forever and always
Treasured sons
Walkers on the Island
Lifeguard training
Dull, and quiet on Porthmeor Beach
Man’s Head

Nine years ago

Monday 2nd May

Nine years ago today......
Thursday 2nd May 2013
Surgery on dodgy looking mole
On my left foot
On the fourth toe
Stage 3c


The mole on my toe
Just started to grow
And I did not know
It would change me so

Melanoma, Ohh!
Spreading to and fro
Lymph nodes, tallyho
Recovery, slow

No more suntan glow
Seek shade, way to go
Fight for tomorrow
Challenge this foe

Love you both so much
Always and forever
Precious sons
A Facebook memory popped up
Porthmeor Beach
Low tide in the harbour
The sea slowly creeping over the sand
It’s a bit cloudy over Hayle Towans
Little wind today
So very clear
A pretty afternoon
Sunny Bank Holiday

Melanoma Awareness Month

Sunday 1st May 

Wall to wall sunshine, bodies on the beach
Cooking away nicely, "Sunscreen!" I beseech

Vitamin D is necessary, please don't get me wrong
But frying like a lobster, damage could be life long

So many burnt shoulders, peeling, unsightly skin
D'you know what you've done? What's going on, within?

Melanoma; skin cancer, might not happen today
But a few years down the line, it'll be nothing to downplay

You can't just cut it out, for it's a sneaky beast
Lying dormant, then, like a devil, released

Taking over your life, biopsies, skin grafts
Scans and appointments, normality's in the past

Just always worrying, asking when it will return
Scanxiety, melanoia, a real cause for concern

So slap on some sunscreen, and wear a big hat
Seek shade when it's hot, prevention's where it's at

Melanoma awareness throughout the month of May
But it mustn't stop here, care for your skin everyday.

Love you both so much
My darling sons
I wrote this two years ago, but wanted to post it again as May is Melanoma Awareness Month


Saturday 30th April 

And slow down

Just don't frown

Look around

Fix the crown

Gentle sound

Plans unbound

Love you both so much
Always and forever
Precious sons


Friday 29th April 

Observing surroundings
Watchful and vigilant
Ready to steal ice creams
Unaware participant
He has his eye on you
Seemingly innocent
Swooping silently
Behaviour's insolent

Love you both so much
Precious sons
Shades of blue
Porthmeor Beach
It’s only 12°C in the water!
A small wave
The stones have appeared on the beach
The harbour this afternoon
A quiet place to sit along the Wharf
The James Stevens No 10 lifeboat
Harbour Beach and slipway
I’ve got my eye on you…


Thursday 28th April 

I'm looking for reasons
To chase away demons
Then balance, we're evens
In those changing seasons

Love you both so much
Forever and always
Treasured sons