You’re always near


Wednesday 7th November


Strolling, sauntering

Meandering, wandering

Exploring, rambling

Roaming, venturing


The streets and alleyways

Of Badajoz city

A coffee and cake here

A beer and olives there


And we were wondering

How you would fare

Seeking out shops

Selling books and comics


You wouldn’t get lost

You’d find your way back

Great sense of direction

Always had the knack


And you are here

Dear Frankie Angel Bear

Travelling together

You’re always near


Love you forever

Forget you never


Plaza de Minayo and the Performing Arts Theatre

Christmas themed horticulture

A sunny corner of Plaza San Francisco

Amazingly tall palm trees in Parque de Castelar

El Alma de Genio restaurant

Edificio de la Giralda

Beautiful balconies, wrought ironwork, tiles, copper vases, and the god Mercury atop the highest spire

Calle San Juan

Plaza de España

Christmas tree outside the cathedral

Plaza de Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes

Trees laden with oranges

An ice cold beer with Frankie Angel Bear in Plaza San Francisco

Sun going down, and the sky filling up with plane vapour trails

Plaza San Francisco

Gates to the Parque de Castelar

Sunset over the Guadiana River

Pretty colours in the sky

A rich and rosy glow

Hugs and kisses


Tuesday 6th November


An obscenely early alarm

For breakfast to sustain

Taxi to the coach station

Just over two hours to Spain


Row upon row of vines

Cork and olive trees too

Quite a scenic bus ride

With the sky a beautiful blue


Your brother and his girlfriend

Were waiting there to meet us

So good to see them again

Hugs and kisses, lots of fuss


You really would have liked

Travelling to new places

Different language, tasty food

Watching peoples’ faces


Although you can’t see

Everything we do

I’m sharing all of this

As if you’ve come along too


Blowing lots of kisses

My darling Angel son

Up in heaven above

You are forever young



Early morning sunrise in Lisbon

Aqueduto das Águas Livres, Lisbon

National Sanctuary of Christ the King

Cork trees

Marble Quarry at Estremoz


Large grain silo

Roman aqueduct at Elvas

Quite spectacular

Igreja de N. Senhora da Assunção (Antiga Sé de Elvas)

We stopped in the square in Elvas for a coffee

Badajoz, where Luke and Ana live



Monday 5th November


A flight across the Channel

Over the Bay of Biscay

An evening landing in Lisbon

To begin our Iberian holiday


You’ve come along too

Sweet Angel son

Travelling in my heart

Now forever young



The trees in the cemetery this morning

Travelling towards Bristol

A welcome beer at the airport

My little cupcake


Sunday 4th November


Living within the pain

Enveloping heartbreak

Awash with grief

A slow, dull ache

Pieces missing

Hands slightly shake


Nights awake

Must go on

For your sake

Trying hard

Time to take

So much love

Your smile does make


My little cupcake


Sweetheart Angel son




Saturday 3rd November


It’s different now

Not better

Just different

Not together


Hasn’t become easier

Perhaps worse

Pain never ceases

Lost in the universe


Things can’t be fixed

A broken heart

Can’t be mended

Falling apart


But your love

That lights my way

A precious gift

Fears to allay


Treasured Angel son


Quite a few surfers enjoying the waves

Grey skies over Porthmeor

Riding the wave

Clean sets rolling in

All Hallows’ Eve


Wednesday 31st October


All Hallows’ Eve

Didn’t really bother you

You weren’t much for ghosties

Or things that go “Boo”!


You’d rather be warm and cosy

Than go Trick or Treating

Carving pumpkins was okay

You did like the sweets for eating


We miss you so much

Will love you forever

Darling Angel son

We’re always together



A rainbow of colours in the sky

Beautiful clouds light up for you

Everything’s changed


Tuesday 30th October


Memories mean much to me

Adventures of our family

Growing up, we were so lucky

Travelling, happy, and carefree


Suddenly your wonderful story

Was cut short, far too quickly

A tomorrow with no guarantee

The future none could foresee


Now our life is a different reality

Numb, empty, and quite lonely

Without you, my precious sweetie

Everything’s changed, completely


Miss you my darling Angel son


Like I used to


Monday 29th October


Are you up there, looking down?

Do you know how much I miss you?

Really wish I could tell you again

Hug you so close, like I used to


Love you poppet

Darling Angel son

Forever in my heart

Never apart


Low tide, blue skies, chill wind at Porthmeor

A peek of sunshine in the harbour

Darker clouds over Hayle sands

Harbour reflections