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Renewed glow

Thursday 16th September 

Those second chances
Occur tomorrow
So just sleep well
Go with the flow
Attack the day
With renewed glow

Thinking of you both
My darling sons
Quiet at Porthmeor West
Much busier in front of the café
Enjoying the sun
Haven’t they got homes to go to? 😅
September sunshine
Enjoying harbour deckchairs
Calm in the harbour
Kitty’s Corner
Heavy clouds, but it’s still warm
A very tenacious sunflower growing between the road and the wall of a house

To the beach

Wednesday 15th September 

Take the path
To the beach
Within reach

Love you both so much
Beloved sons
Porthmeor West
A good swell for the surfers
Blue hues
To the Island
Still many people here
Enjoying the balmy weather
Kitty’s Corner is busy
High tide
All is calm
The church doorway decorated for the Flower Festival

Gentle kisses

Tuesday 14th September 

Gentle kisses
Dissolve slowly
Into the sky
Followed closely
With thoughts of you
Blown there mostly
As I stand here
Breeze upon me

Love you both so much
Precious sons
Looking down on the town this morning
High tide in the harbour

Marvel wordlessly

Monday 13th September 

Within the darkness
Just look carefully
For all the sparkles
Stars shine perfectly
Drink in the vista
Marvel wordlessly

Love you both
My precious sons
Quiet on Porthmeor Beach
Ready for a surf school group
Not many waves to catch
Low tide in the harbour
A few holidaymakers around
Self drive boats lined up

Another day

Sunday 12th September 

Another day
Just wandering
Around the town
Just pondering
Watching people
Kids hollering
Arcade's open
Cash squandering

And just stand still
So tall and straight
Look all about
And liberate
Stop for awhile
All that you have
It's not too late

Love you both
Treasured sons
Dark and gloomy
Porthmeor Beach
The harbour
The colour has been drained as the tide goes out
Grey and overcast
Barnoon Cemetery and Chapel
Looking towards Man’s Head and Clodgy

Kisses from you

Saturday 11th September 

Kisses from you
Up in the sky
I know it's you
You're flying high

So much love for you both
My darling sons
A sundog rainbow 💖
Porthmeor Beach
Soft kisses in the sky
A few swimming
Fluffy clouds
Low tide
Wide angle
Still a few holidaymakers around
The James Stevens No. 10 lifeboat, 1899, fully restored to its former glory, and returned to St Ives

Bubbles in the foam

Friday 10th September 

Bubbles in the foam
Of beach kissed waves
Sunbeams filtering through
Seaweed covered caves

White horses on crests
Of emerald green swell
Tide chasing forwards
Covering each pink shell

Albeit grey skies
A fresh, salty air
Blows in from the deep
Cloaking everywhere

Love you so much
My precious sons
Only a few surf school students on West Porthmeor Beach
Grey skies overhead
Along the Wharf
Low tide in the harbour
A humid breeze blows gently
Smeaton’s Pier

Warm September mist

Wednesday 8th September 

Rolling across the sea
The warm September mist
This veil clings to the tide
Where waves just don't exist

Love you both
Darling sons
Lifeguards still on duty
Little swell for the surf school
Misty low tide in the harbour
Heavy, grey skies
Colourful flower boxes
Still many holidaymakers about
The incoming tide fills the harbour quickly