Operation One


Thursday 2nd May.

OK, so the day looms; overnight bag packed (just incase), phone plus charger, trusty Kindle, all ready to go. I’ve had nothing to eat since yesterday dinner time, not even a cup of tea this morning!

Soon after arriving at the hospital, we go for form filling, blood pressure and MRSA swabs. I have a name tag bracelet and a great big black arrow pointing to the offending blob; as if it needs an arrow!

Going into theatre is a breeze, anaesthesia takes over, and when I come round I don’t realise it’s all over.

Water, cups of tea and a ham salad sandwich are brought to me. Wonderful, wonderful after-care.

I finally hobbled out mid-afternoon, no pain, no ill effects. We stopped briefly for a cappuccino, and drove back home, whereupon I went straight to bed, feeling a bit groggy.

I was told to keep my leg elevated for at least 48 hours. Sleeping with my leg outside of the duvet is a little tricky, but I managed it.

On my discharge notes it said I’d had an excision of a lesion dorsum, left foot with dressing. Recommend rest and elevation and off duties.

In the first 24 hours I mustn’t cook, use electrical equipment or tools, not to drink alcohol nor to sign any legal documents, ie cheques. Any of the above may endanger you or others!

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