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      • I’m so glad to hear this! You’re certainly in a lovely part of the country to enjoy the walks. We’ve just this evening had a massive storm here in NY. Extraordinary because it started and we’re up on the 49th floor so the windows start shaking when it gets really bad. Then, our phones all start making the alert siren alarms which means there’s an ‘amber warning’ and to get inside! All very exciting, but wow did those window shake! Xx

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      • Wowwzzzz, 49 floors up, with shaking windows must be quite scary. Hope you’re in for some better weather soon.
        My brother lives in Chicago, and has just bought a new apartment on the 29th floor, which I thought was tall enough… We previously visited him in his old place, 21 floors above Lake Shore Drive… fabulous views, but I’m not sure if I could live like that 😊🤔😊.
        The cocktail bar on the 94th floor of the John Hancock is probably the highest I’ve been in a building 😳
        Stay safe.
        Melanie x

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      • The 94th floor is incredibly high! Wow! I’ve never been that high … I might need to hang onto something … Today it’s sunny but pretty blustery so I confess to having a quiet day with lots of cooking and pottering about. I’d love to go to Chicago (isn’t that known as the Windy City?!) I’ve heard it’s lovely. I guess you’ll be really looking forward to seeing your brother again when all this Covid is over – won’t that be wonderful. Have a lovely rest of your day and so good to hear from you. Katie x

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      • We all loved Chicago… I was a little unsure at first, thinking it to be a landlocked inner city. But how wrong was I? Beaches, shops, museums, parks, the lake, the architecture, the food, the L, not forgetting a quick trip to Gurnee, and Six Flags.
        We have been twice, and look forward to visiting again.
        Hope all your cooking went well 😊
        Take care.

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