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Early morning


Thursday 3rd August


A sunny, early morning saw us sitting by the pool before eight o’clock, sipping on coffee. Being relatively quiet at that time, we could enjoy the sounds of the fountains and waterfalls, rather than noisy children! A couple of hours later, many families and young ones began making their presence known, splashing about enjoying their surroundings.

A sultry midday, with temperatures reaching above​ 100°F, and we decided to go out in the car; exploring, shopping and finding somewhere cool for lunch. 

By the time we returned, the skies were turning a lovely dark purple, and barely five minutes after we had come through the door, the heavens opened, with monsoon like downpours. We were so fortunate.

Missing you sweetie.

Think you would like being back here very much.

Love you Angel




Tuesday 25th April

And so our Spanish/Portuguese holiday comes to an end. Waiting in the airport, where it 24°C outside, blue sky, and most pleasant, I check on the temperature at home ~ it is hailing, with a real feel temperature of 2°C. Oh. My. Goodness.

Don’t think you’d like the sudden drop in temperature my darling ~ far too chilly, compared to what we’re used to.

Safely home, sweetheart.

Love you always.

Precious Angel son.


A public holiday in Portugal today, with many shops shut

A few people out and about

A quiet cobbled street

In need of exterior painting, but pretty nonetheless

A final cold beer with Frankie Angel Bear, before heading off

Strange white sculptures just before the airport, all looking skyward




Sunday 16th April

We left Faro early this morning and drove westwards towards Albufeira. Dipping down a steep and windy road we parked above a spectacular beach called Praia do Carvalho, accessible only by an uneven set of steps, hewn into the rock, inside a tunnel.

We spent a couple of hours here, watching the waves, swimming, and being amazed by the patterns in the cliffs, the caves and passageways that had been carved into the rocks high above the sea.

We drove on to another, much more touristy beach for lunch. Many holidaymakers were wandering, eating ice creams and drinking, listening to disco music, or being transported around in a sightseeing train pulling blue and white carriages.

By late afternoon we were ready to hit the road again, and our son drove us North to his house in Spain, where we will be staying for this coming week.

It was a long day, but the beaches were superb. I’m sure you would have loved exploring the nooks and crannies of the secret tunnels. 

We do miss you my darling, as we travel to new destinations, and can only imagine how you would react to the places we go now.


Our first view of the beach

Seems to be quite popular

Starting down the steep tunnel of steps

Narrow and uneven

A cliff with steps, hand holds, passageways, arches and tunnels

Colourful layers of rock

The sea looks perfect

The entrance to a cave

Such clear water

Beautiful colours

People on the beach, and on the top of the cliff

Time to leave

The dark doorway to the steps

One last look around

Onwards and upwards

Safely back at the top

The beach at Cavoiera

Hot and sunny

Lots of space left

Boat trip



Friday 14th April

This morning we took a boat trip to the outer islands surrounding Faro. The weather was glorious, not too hot, but plenty of sunscreen was applied beforehand. Out first stop was Isla Deserta, not really a deserted island, as apparently there is one inhabitant and lots of day trippers, plus a restaurant that has been there for twenty or so years. We had a little explore over the sand and dunes, picked up a few shells and saw a starfish. Lots of bird life make their home on these islands, and we saw terns, egrets, cormorants, oystercatchers and a white spoonbill.

Another short boat ride took us to Farol Island where we stopped for some lunch, and further exploring. The Lighthouse Island. 

Upon our return to land, having been recommended by our boat captain, we tried the local firewater ~ Medronho Aguadente ~ seriously strong licor. Much more to our taste is Beirão ~ smooth and wonderfully palatable.

And of course, Frankie Angel Bear came along for the trip. Think you would have enjoyed yourself, and I’m sure the captain would have let you have a go at steering the boat, like another young chap was allowed to do.

Missing you on this holiday my darling.


Blue skies and sea

Such clear water

Starfish in the shallows

Across the dunes

Our pontoon boat

Stopping for a cold beer

Boats on the beach

Sparkling water

Enjoying a walk on the sand

Fabulous aloe

Passing the old city as we head back

Will we fit beneath the railway bridge, as we head back to the marina?

Beirão with Frankie Angel Bear

Better Together


Thursday 13th April

There was a lot less walking today! Perhaps we over did it yesterday. But anyway, we (slowly) walked around the shops, marina and market. Faro is such a great place to soak up the wonderful atmosphere and people watch.

Love you so much sweetheart.

Wish we could be together again. It certainly is better together…….


Dad’s breakfast ~ cappuccino and pastel de nata

Wonderful orange trees everywhere

Cobbled streets and cafés

You came with us for lunch, overlooking the marina. Jack Johnson and ‘Better together’ was playing over the speakers. You loved ‘Banana Pancakes’

The marina today

An orange man 😀

Large palm trees

A faint kiss in the sky (from you?)

Silly selfie time again 😎

Sun going down over the children’s carousel

Warm evening

Warm skies

Graffiti everywhere

Faro walkabout


Wednesday 12th April

What a fabulously​ sunny, blue-sky day it has been.

We left the hotel about 10:30am, and spent seven hours walking around the marina, old town and cathedral. Shaded, cobbled streets were full of interesting shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

And then back again this evening to watch the sun set, see the sky turn pink and just generally chill out, sit back and people watch.

And of course Frankie Angel Bear came too.
Love you sweetheart


Santo Amaro Church, complete with massive nest and storks

Requisite selfie

I’m in Faro

Morning cappuccino

Inside the Old Town. Orange trees and cathedral

Inside Faro cathedral

Wonderful mosaics

Amazing gilt covered carvings


The Chapel of Bones

View from the tower, at the top of the cathedral

Orange trees line the road

The bells, the bells……

More bells

Looking over Faro

Cooling in the shade

Frankie Angel Bear in the cloisters

Another entrance to the Old Town

Arches through the arch

Beautifully cobbled streets

Shaded shopping

Tiles and mosaics everywhere

Frankie Angel Bear on Dad’s shoulder

The marina