Unexpected Appointment


Friday 11th October

Yesterday I had a phone call from the hospital in Plymouth, to tell me that my first plastic surgeon wanted to see me today, for an appointment in Truro.

I had a very worrying night’s sleep, thinking all sorts of crazy thoughts, not least of which was that my Monday’s scan results had come through extra quick……

I was however, very reassured by the visit. Firstly, the consultant wanted to know that everything was moving quickly, in the right direction for me. He had been in receipt of a number of emails from different healthcare professionals concerning me. He was worried that I was having too many appointments with different people at different hospitals, and sometimes receiving conflicting advice. He said as far as he is concerned I am under the medical care of his colleague in Exeter, and anyone else who wants to stick their nose in can “p*ss off”. He is great ~ a ‘top bloke’. He said he is a traditionalist, and fears that Cornwall can get precious about its patients. All he wants is the best, quickest outcome for me, and that is to have the groin dissection in a couple of weeks, carried out in Exeter.

Secondly, he was concerned that I should have another CT Scan; when I told him I had had that done on Monday, he went to check for the results on the system ~ ALL CLEAR!

I have not walked away from an appointment feeling so relieved!

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