Heartbreaking news


Friday 28th November

Our son had been vomiting for most of last week, so my husband took him to the GP this morning. They were then sent to the local hospital for a CT scan. When I finished school at lunchtime, I went there to meet them.

Arriving at the front entrance, to be told by my husband that our son has a large tumour in his brain was just heartbreaking.

The director of the hospital showed me the image from the scan, and it is quite substantial 4.5 by 6.5cm.

Having waited for the saline drip to finish, both my husband and I drive to our major hospital. A medical emergency.

We make our way to triage, and wait to be assessed. Lots of questions, form filling, and medical checks are carried out.

We are then taken up to the Medical Admissions Unit; a noisy and very busy ward. CT and MRI scans will be scheduled for tomorrow morning, and we will have to wait for the results before we know what is next. It could be oncology and chemotherapy here. Or it could be the neurological unit in Plymouth.

Our son has had iv saline, paracetamol, and a high dose of steroids (dexamethasone). He is on his second saline drip. As we wait for the iv antibiotics to be sorted, he says his head is feeling better.

The vomiting and headaches have obviously been due to the tumour in his brain. Poor, poor chap.

I stay overnight at my son’s bedside, sitting upright in a most uncomfortable hospital chair.

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